Monday, December 31, 1990


The Wicked (Wei Kiat) Life - Changing Log

Hosting sponsored by Jun Kwang (16/3/06)
The Wicked was created for a few of my friends to play (18/3/06)
Appearance of The Wicked on wikipedia (20/3/06)
Appearance of The Wicked on (20/3/06)
Appearance of The Wicked on (22/3/06)
Approached by The Straits Times In! Reporter. Interviewed over the phone (27/3/06)
The Wicked digged by a user (31/3/06)
Approached by Kenneth Loy for cooperation in starting a website (5/4/06)
Got another sponsor, Pkchukiss to host a mirror for The Wicked due to high traffic (8/4/06)
The Wicked appeared in Straits Times In! (10/4/06)
Contacted by Beck for donation details (16/4/06)
First user donation of USD10 by Vincent Ong. (17/4/06)
Contacted by Alexandria Mcknight for donation details (18/4/06)Adsense earnings of USD270 swallowed by Google on the suspicion of invalid ad clicks (18/4/06)
Approached by Nicholas Chan, director of iFoundries with job offer (19/4/06)
Approached by The Straits Times Digital Life Reporter. Requested for meeting up for interview. I opted for phone interview instead. (21/4/06)
Contacted Paddy Tan of and for adspace deal and guidance (21/4/06)
Confirmed donation details with Becky (22/4/06)
Details of iFoundries provided by Nicholas Chan (22/4/06)
Sugestions and request by Paddy Tan to call him (22/4/06)
Arranged for talk over the phone with Paddy at 11am on 23/4. (22/4/06)
Treated to dinner by Jun Kwang, hosting sponsor of The Wicked Mirror2 to discuss about cooperation and direction (23/4/06)
Phone talk with Mr Paddy Tan, co-owner of, Europe Connect and Petbak. Arranged for a meeting after school next friday. Details cannot be disclosed here. (23/4/06)
Donations of US20 from Beth Kennedy (3/5/06)
Approached by SPH for ads placement on The Wicked (3/5/06)
Photo Taking of Tay Wei Kiat by Straits Times Digital Life Reporter (5/5/06)
The Wicked (and Wei Kiat) appeared in a full page article in Digital Life (9/5/06)
Approached by Jennifer Lewis, Cross Media Editor,ST Editorial/STOMP for doing a variation of The Wicked for Stomp (16/5/6)
Received $670 check for ads placement for SPH (26/5/06)
Finalised, signed agreement and submited my freelance work (6/6/6)
Approached by Gary Wong, VAS, Consumer Marketing, MobileOne Ltd (M1) for possible implementation of SMS-Based The Wicked

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