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More on Sex


This guy really puts it across very clearly.


In the biography of someone who commented on my blog entry.

Once I realized that I wasn't supposed to be like everyone else, I started to enjoy life.


ST Forums

Recently there have been quite a number of parents and teenagers writing in to straits times to complain that their precious beloved little kiddies do not get enough sleep. In today's paper, there was even a parent complaining that his or her kiddie sleep at 8.30pm but has no time for breakfast in the morning the next day. It seems that i'm always ahead of trend, knowing about the evil of NKF even before people start kao bei-ing about it, and more recently pointing out in ST that sexuality workshops have serious problems. Followers of my blog should refer to my previous blog entry on
where i already pointed out how sleep deprived Singaporeans are. Students are no exception. But the debate going on in the forum pages seems immersely stupid.

Let me first point out some common misconceptions about sleep before i carry on.

1) A minimum of 8 hours of sleep per day is nosense. This is because
-Most Singaporeans don't sleep that much anyway
-Research has determined that the amount of sleep can be determined by your age.
eg. A new born child sleep practically 24hours, while an old man of 70 only
requires 4~6 hours of sleep.

And let us now look how much sleep i get throughout the entire stage of my life currently.

Primary School (Morning Session): Sleep at 9.30, wake at 6.
Secondary School (Sec 1&2): Sleep at 9, wake at 5.
Secondary School (Sec 3&4): Sleep at 10~11, wake at 5
JC: Sleep at 10~1, wake at 5.20.

And i still get to eat my breakfast. So i don't see why some kiddie out there can sleep at 8.30pm and not wake up in time for breakfast the next day. I am seriously suspicious as to whether that kiddie is in actual fact a pig or a human. Yes, and i do not habit of taking afternoon naps, incase you are asking.

Yes indeed, those taking public transport may have to wake up much earlier. Despite the fact that everyone seems to claim that Singapore has a very efficient public transportation system, i seriously doubt anyone who said so actually took public transport themselves. Do you know that the Bukit Panjang LRT takes a full 20minutes to travel from the station near my house (Fajar) to Chua Chu Kang LRT station? It used to be much faster with buses, but the opening of the BP LRT saw the phasing out of buses that follows appromixmately the same route as that of the LRT. So now i'm stuck with taking this ultra slow transport that take 20 minutes to travel just a short distance with no other option left. If the bloody LRT aren't that slow and buses still in operation, i will be able to wake up at 5.40 everyday and reach school at 7am everyday and still get my breakfast.

Finally, the last letter from readers regarding the same topic on ST is entitled "Want child to do well? Let him get enough sleep." Well. I believe this is true. See for yourself.

My sleeping times
Primary School (Morning Session): Sleep at 9.30, wake at 6.
Secondary School (Sec 1&2): Sleep at 9, wake at 5.
Secondary School (Sec 3&4): Sleep at 10~11, wake at 5
JC: Sleep at 10~1, wake at 5.20.

My results
Primary Sch PSLE: 269
Secondary School: 5pts
JC: (Unknown)

There is an obvious negative value-addedness here. Nxt time you are on an mrt on your way to work or school, just take a look around and see how many people are sleeping. Same applies to school bus. I ever saw one NYGH girl fall off her sleep on the bus because she was deep in sleep. It was a hilarious sight.


Hawker Centre Vendors...

When i ordered my food at the beehoon stall, i was told that due to the fact that today is a public holiday, the food costs 1bucks more than usual. No such notice was displayed at any where at the stall. I just walk off, and opted for a MacDonald's instead.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


SPH - The greedy hearts

In order to gain revenue and fill up their space in the newspaper, The Straits Times today took quotation from my blog WITHOUT my prior permission and published it in today's Sunday Times together with my full name. Much more serious than the morality of the Sexuality Workshop, the morality of SPH reporters is in question.

The full article is here. Click to enlarge.

Btw, more links to take a look.

Friday, January 27, 2006


HCI Adventure

Today instead of taking the slow and unsteady LRT train to CCK MRT to board the train to go to AJC, a alighted at BPP LRT and together with Poh wei, my buddy, boarded the bus to Chinese High, my alma mater.

Until now i still couldn't believe how, i even sneaked into the flag raising and stand together with poh wei's class at the terraces. His form teacher did not even ask who am i.

I also visited HCI's Chinese New Year Sale, Sch Lib and CHS teachers. I must say that AJC totally sucks. We still have to attend lessons, and then attend a 2 hours "concert" with 2000++ people packed into a tiny little hall. Everyone's knees were basically touching teach other, and your feet touching the butt of the person in front. Strangely, the enrollment kept increasing each year and the school kept wondering why there is no school spirit.

In HCI, as long as your attendance is taken, you are free to roam. You can go to CHS to see their concert, or go hci to see their's, or even roam around the school or visit the carnival at the front of the school. The carnival was so packed and exciting with lots of people walking around chatting and eating. Totally unlike AJC's family day last year. Everyone get to wear their home clothes, so there are girls wearing tank tops, tube tops, mini-skirts.. etc around, making your nose bleed. There are also a few nerdy guy who would certainly look much better if they return to wearing their uniform.

Later on we went to SIM's Namly Cafe for lunch. Yes, the entire Singapore Insitute of Management is located inside CHS campus itself. Just imagine how big CHS is. You will have to take a bus to go from SIM to HCI General Office. Yes. Its that big!

For those guys who attended AJC's celebration and enjoyed it, you are a bloody no life hermit.

Look at how big the hall is and how spaced out the students are. In AJC u can't even see the floor at all.

New year carnival. Everyone turned up without the need to mark attendance. Everyone having fun. A constant hmm of chatting and laughing can be heard. Contrast that to AJC. MUD.

New year carnival. A closer shot.

Food at Singapore Insitute of Management Namly Cafe located WITHIN Chinese High Campus.


Why AJC Sucks (Part 1)

Let us compare the PE T-Shirt of HCI and AJC

Style, cool, brand.

Mud, dull, stupid.

Tune in for another episode of Why AJC Sucks.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Pursuing the truth...

Anyway, my gp teacher did bring this up in class. She said we shld not judge the whole sex tok base on just the facilitator, and she did show signs of aggreeing that the man facilitator is dogmatic.

It seems that the sch choose this sex tok cos some teachers went for it outside sch and found it useful. And the sch seemed aware its a religious organisation but was told not allow to tok about it in the course.

Maybe thats why the sch wun allow them to make an intro of their organisation during the tok.

From Cygig, SPUG forum. Prehaps thats why we aren't told its a catholic organisation. But failure to do so has far reaching consequences. However, if this is true, we may have critised the wrong organisation. Instead, the school should take the blame. Hmm..

However, the basic truth still remained that certain facts had been distorted or misquoted in the talk. This is still a confusing matter.

This also brings in an interesting question. Should such religious based sex talk be continued in main stream government schools? I would love to see a poll about this somewhere.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Sex Talk No Talk Sense

Original Story

Yesterday i attended a sexuality talk that was reported in the press. However, despite the bright and oh-so-wonderful feeling in people that teenagers are finally getting the proper kind of education and advise on issues regarding sex, I, Tay Wei Kiat, speaking as someone who experienced the 4 hour long talk first hand, would like to point out that the talk was filled with so much misinformation that the only effect it achieved was to brainwash everyone with advises that has no firm scientific backing.

I shall now attempt to dismantle their preaching shred by shred until nothing remains but the plain hard truth.

The speaker mentioned that Pornography can be found in the house of almost every criminals. Pornography promote violent acts and thoughts. Hearing this, i would kindly add on that since toilets can be found in those criminal's house as well, why aren't everyone who owns or visited a toilet a criminal as well. Toilets, you can find in almost everyone's house. Same goes for pronograhy, whether a person admits it or not.

"Condoms are not safe. According to research conducted, it has a 85% success rate." It never sieze to amuse me that to date, i am still stuck with only one sibling. However, the 85% figure is true. By "Condoms are not safe", he was refering to safety from STD, not pregnacy. However, he did not clarify this and refered to this 85% statistic when talking about condom's role in preventing pregnacy.

Each time, he says, a male can "shoot out" 500 millions sperm, and it only takes one to fertilise the egg. However, for a sperm to fertilize an egg (ovum), the sperm must penetrate the mucus at the opening to the cervix and travel through it into the uterus and up the fallopian tube. It takes more than 2 hours of constant sprinting by the sperms to even get close to the fallopian tube. By 2 hours , only less than a hundred sperms would be remaining. In most cases no sperms survived long enough to reach the egg. He failed to mentioned all that, making it seems like every sex will result in pregnacy.

He even showed us a diagram taken out of context from John Hopkins Unversity's population report. It shows the size of a sperm with respect to viruses that can cause STD, arguing that a condom can even fail to stop a sperm, why not viruses. He even continue to add that the pores of a condom are much bigger than that of those viruses and hence condom is totally useless. This, i found, contradicts the government's message of sex safe using condoms despite the fact that the speaker is paid by government's money. Further more, from reliable internet source,

Latex condoms, which are the least expensive, most accessible type of condoms at the moment, are designed so as not to allow transmission of the HIV virus, or any virus for that matter. The HIV virus is larger than the pores in condoms.

Lambskin condoms, on the other hand, are made from sheep intestines, and are now advertised as a contraceptive, but not as effective against STD transmission.

That guy is doing nothing but playing on our imperfect knowlegde of the different kinds of condoms and their properties. He was actually refering to lambskin condoms, although lambskins condoms are rare in Singapore. By instilling fear in us by falsly acrediting a 85% success rate in preventing pregnacy when the figure was refering to STD, and also spreading misinformation about condoms, he successfully discredited the usefulness of condoms, without which condoms would not exist in the first place.

"Masturbation is bad. By making yourself as an object to obtain pleasure, you are actually abusing youself, by treating yourself as an object." Since he is go all-knowing and smart, does he know that just last year the medical community has got ultra-sound scans showing unborn child stroking their genitals when they are still in their mother's womb? They would stroke continuously for some time, stop, and then begin this cycle again at a later time. What's more, this is not a unqiue case. They are reports of this observation all over the world. If masturbation is self abuse and bad, why are we born with the ability and instinct to masturbate? If i want to get religous, WHY ARE WE CREATED BY GOD WITH THE INSTINCT TO MASTURBATE IN MIND? That guy is doing nothing but condemming a will of god.

Masturbation has medical benefits, pretending prostate cancers, among a number of other things. Just google for "the benefits of masturbation" and you will find them. Masturbation allows human to satisfy their primitive need for sex when law and morale forbids. Now he is labeling all those who masturbates as self abuse. Well, lets all stop abusing ourselves and starting raping people then. Isn't that what he wants?

All in all, although certain parts of the talks, such as the video of corpses of aborted babies, the talk was filled with so much misinformation that i noticed i've just wasted another 5 hours of my life (1 more hour so that channel news asia can get that 5 second shot of AJC you see in the tv).

Further Readings
1) Masturbation has health benefits:

2) Websites that mentioned babies masturbating in children's womb:

Extracts from those sites:
"S elf-exploration and masturbation is common among children and in fact begins in the womb. For example, there have been reports by physicians of the ability to visualize by ultrasound male infants in the uterus touching themselves. [1]"

"Most children play with their sex organs from early life on. Even before we are born, inside the womb, we can hold and suck our penis or vagina. Babies have been observed to get all hot and sexy and have orgasms."

"Actually, we have seen sonograms of babies masturbating in the womb. So no, masturbation is no proof of molestation."

3) I still don't see how IVF which is meant to provide hope for infertile couples to create new life is actually not pro-creation.

4) Quoted facts about condoms:

Electron microscopy of condom latex has shown that there
are NO pores (sources include The Latex Condom: Recent Advances, Future
Directions. Family Health International, 1998, pg 9, book distributed by WHO as
part of the Male Latex Condom Manual.

Furthermore, latex condoms are
double dipped. I'm sure you will agree that the water molecule is smaller than
the HIV virus.
HIV virus = 0.1 microns (ie: 0.1 x10^-6 = 0.0000001
Water molecule = 0.2 nanomicrons (ie: 0.2 x 10^-9 = 0.0000000002

so this too is a blatant mistruth.

5) Some discussion regarding Celebrate Life workshop

6) Condom 85%

7) Some debates going on


It is NOT the catholic believes that pissed me off. I'm a free thinker, However, by presenting catholic believes as if they are cold hard facts in order to deceive, confuse or force the religous believes on those who listen to them is wrong. The talk did not state that those are catholic believes. If the talk had done so, we would have taken it with an open heart and just let the speakers say whatever they want. However, they did not clearly state the source of their opinions and instead attempt to spread their believes to everyone attending the workshop by asking EVERYONE, regardless of their individual believes or religion, to write down things like "I must condemn masturbation and IVF", among many others. This is probably why people are making such a big fuss about such stuffs now.

Follow up

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Bought Koss PortaPro

Koss PortaPro. I finally bought it.

It rocks.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Birthday Boy

Today is my birthday and i only got a Dr Grip Pilot Shaker Pencil from my dear. Nobody else gave me a present, yet. Poh wei was hinting that he has something for me, but i still haven't claim it from him yet. Overall today is pretty boring which is a direct contrast to the kind of life i'm living. I guess i can't have fun 24/7.



How right it is to claim credit for what you have not done by pretending to be working closely with those who did alot.

Only in darkness can one do that, and the one who did that is really dark.


A point

The train left a station specially designed for it and continued on its never ending cycle of wearing out its wheels by running at high speed. It sped past sceneries without bothering to give its occupants so much as a look at it, making its crystal clear windows redundant and something not to peer out off. Any attempt to peer out of it will only make anyone stupid enough to do it even more dizzy.

Instead, be wiser. The same scenery rush past you twice everyday, once towards you and once away from you. There is no point watching it as it pant and wheeze past, while you sit there comfortably listening to your iPod, which you have recently purchase due to its popularity by being the most wanted product in the market and also its easy availability in the second hand market. In fact everything is so peaceful around you that you hardly notice that you are the one moving, not the trees and the buildings. Of course, the pretty girl sitting opposite you is worth a look, but it won't be much help if you are also a girl. Anyway, you started to get uninterested in anything, and you yawned.

A particular effect happened. Since yawning is contagious, the person sitting or standing next to you yawn as well, causing the person sitting or standing next to the person sitting or standing next to you yawn as well. Congratulations! You have successfully triggered a "yawning" wave down the length of the mrt train. Feeling a pang of guilt in triggering this chain effect, you begin to take a closer look at those around you. Most have thick eye bags, many with eyes that are living tributes to the bamboo eating animals that World Wildlife Foundation is trying very hard to save, no realizing that they had missed out those who are on a Singapore MRT. Most of those people around you also appear to be sleeping, unless they are dreaming. Closed eyes, shaggy eyes, red eyes, sad eyes, depressed eyes, all kinds of eyes around you. Certainly much more than the variety of fish in a supermarket. You begin to wonder if a nation where everyone on an MRT train look overworked and sleepy is a healthy one. Then your brain wonder off into dreamland where you connect up with those on the same train as you, exploring fantasy worlds and whispering unknown secrets in your sleep.

You awoke with a jolt. Not again. That irritating lady over the speakers had just woke you. Time to alight and get on to school, where fun and enjoyment which are strictly reserved for everyone other than the students starts. Any thought about the ills of the society and how to improve it got buried under a list of maths homework to be done and physics test to study for. Your life is rendered completely meaningless. But fret not. As you look around you, you discovered that you have something in common with the sleepy heads and muggers around you. You slowly become one of them.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I want


A collection of thoughts

Observing the fact that my fellow buddy poh wei has infact been dutifully recording his complex thoughts in english all this while, i suddenly felt a pang of guilt. While urging him to blog by posting various comment on his blog, i have at the same time neglected my own blog by not discussing seriously (or rather, wickedishly) about the world around me, but rather making do with short sentences, quotes from others and photographs that simply does not allow me to practise my english skills, which seems to be declining even as i write this. Grammar has always failed to impress upon me all these years, with its dull and lenghtly definition in Dictionary.com:

+The study of how words and their component parts combine to form sentences. The study of structural relationships in language or in a language, sometimes including pronunciation, meaning, and linguistic history.
+ The system of inflections, syntax, and word formation of a language. The system of rules implicit in a language, viewed as a mechanism for generating all sentences possible in that language.
+ A normative or prescriptive set of rules setting forth the current standard of usage for pedagogical or reference purposes. Writing or speech judged with regard to such a set of rules.
+ A book containing the morphologic, syntactic, and semantic rules for a specific language.
+ The basic principles of an area of knowledge: the grammar of music. A book dealing with such principles.[Middle English gramere, from Old French gramaire, alteration of Latin grammatica, from Greek grammatik, from feminine of grammatikos, of letters, from gramma, grammat-, letter. See gerbh- in Indo-European Roots.]

Granted, one needs grammar to make sense, but i just couldn't understand why were the bunch of people who came up with english so caught up with the concept of time that it has to be present in almost every single sentence of the english language? Past tense? Present tense? All of these make me very tense. And personally i won't even care much about the difference between "make", "makes" and "made" if not for the requirement of the cambridge examinations. Undoubtly my way cannot last and isn't the right way but lets just allow me to preserve my own individually. Of course i'm screwing up my essays with my inability to make good with grammar, but as long as i can record my thoughts down properly for those who cares to understand to understand, and for me to find out what i was doing with my life 10 years down the road, i find my current standard of english suffice.

I have always wondered if i should switch over to the chinese language as a mean of recording my thoughts, but the answer has always been a firm no. For one, the effort in typing chinese words out would hinder my flow of thought, leaving me with nothing but perhaps only one sentence or less in each entry. Secondly, i find that the english language has this weird elegance not found in chinese, although i totally disgraced the english language with my inability to pronunce and do grammar.

Perhaps i should draw out my thoughts in a picture, since many had claimed a picture is worth a thousand words. However, how the hell do you draw out thoughts in a mind as complicated and at the same time as dim-witted as mine? I'm too dim-witted to have any idea how this can be done, so for now i shall conclude that i shall continue disgracing the english language, whether you like it or not.

Alpha list
I've finally come to term with being on the alpha list, although this is only term1. On a more serious note, i was wondering if being suddenly thrusted with the pride and requirements of being in the alpha list is a good thing for me. I'm one of those pathetic kinds who can become proud and slacken off when praised. Also, the fact that my result of A,B,O can push me to the top 30% of Anderson Junior College has shown shown me the stupid and hopeless muggers can be. Although Thomas Edison once said that success is 1% intelligence and 99% hardwork. But if you don't work hard intelligently the only thing you will get is a screwed up miserable little life.

Being in the alpha list open up some opportunities for me, such as being able to work on the AJ-Pi maths magazine and setting up of a Student Learning Team that attempts to improve the school. However, why do i keep getting this feeling that the teachers were infact trying to make use of our talents and passion to do their work. Everyday cXtreme's teacher-in-charge Mr Hong receives requests from various teachers asking cXtreme to do stuffs like update student records and prepare powerpoint presentation for them. Politely, Mr Hong turns it all down. The teachers are doing nothing but making use of students.

Self-Directed Learning
In line with the "Teach less, learn more" slogan that MOE has recently adapted in place of the long forgotten and silently abandoned "Thinking schools, learning nation" that had disappeared into the dark abyss over the years, ABC Junior College has embraced the idea of SDL with so much enthusiasm that everything the teachers refused to teach was classified as SDL. My previous experiences with the concept of SDL were good ones, but ABC Junior College just has to come along and screw that novel idea up completely. SDL were conducted in CHS, but teachers would still go through homework of SDL topics and clarify any of your doubts, schools like RGS allocated one whole week where student stay at home and do their own learning at home through online resources given by the school. ABC Junior College has none of this. When asked anything about "Power Series", our latest SDL topic, teachers would say that this is SDL and we are suppose to find out the answer to the question we post to the teacher ourselves. Teacher's didn't even go through the tutorial, and tutorial for the next topic was due on the eve of the Power Series test. Is this just an innocent SDL being conducted, or iresponsibility on the teachers' part? What a wonderful way to mess up the students, and turning holistic education into holy shit education, directly destroying MOE's attempt to help and nuture students.

While schools like RJC have time table that ends early everyday so that students can go home and study at their own pace, we were forced to do SDL with practically no time to do so. The GP department asks us to read newspapers everyday, but properly reading a newspaper would take around an hour, and that lenght of time is a luxury we couldn't afford. Basically the school just took up most of day and the amount of rubbish we had to do will take us well into the night. Everyday we have to attend school until in the evening, leaving us with only 2~5 hours to do work before we sleep a miserable 5~7 hours and wake up to go to school again the next day. 2~5 hours is highly insufficent properly read newspaper, do homework for 3 subjects and study for a test in the next day if any. Our new prinicpal had stressed that education is about the student, the school and teachers exist because of students, but the welfare of students, in my opinion, is rather neglected. Especially in ABC Junior College where virtually anyone i asked regreted coming to.

To those in alpha list in my class, please cooperate with in to form the Student Learning Team so that we can improve AJC.

What happens when milk turn sour? You puke at it and throw it away. The same can happen to love as well. We just have to dump it and move on it life. But the process of love turning sour can can be reversible at times, and this is what i have managed to achieve for now. Lets pray hard that the preservatives lasts. It is impossible to comprehend how lonely being single can be when you are in love.

The last time i remember being stress was when i was studying for the Sec4 prelim in CHS. I was desperately trying to turn myself from a 20++ pointer to a 10> pointer within 2 months. No doubt, i succeed my a narrow margin, but its a process i would rather not repeat. But no, stress is coming up again now. Not only about academic work, but relationship and cca as well. My girlfriend has a very low threshold of stress and wouldgo crazy if stressed, while most of the time stress is something i am immune to. So i'll try my best to make her happy for now. I have a feeling that stress is just waiting around the corner ready to jump on me if i make any wrong move.

Although this is a terrible year, i'll make myself enjoy it while it last, for next year will be nightmare. Yeah and by the way, my birthday is coming up next week. So if you have any spare cash in your wallet, do not hesitate to get me a present. Thank you in advance.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Alpha Programme

Hm.. let me try blogging in si hui's style.

Wee hehe.. ALPHA List
I got into alpha list!
I very pro,
you very sow,
i so smart
and you so mud.

Wee hehehe.. I got into Alpha list=D

Then today my super stupid dear mess up my glasses. Urgh.

Thats all folk. Just reached home and too tired to blog.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


CCA Carnival

Today's CCA carnival we encountered several problems. Shan't go into them, but lets not be discouraged. Darren, our VP of human resources, has this to say.

Dear All,

Many thanks to the dedicated people who ran the show and the efforts must be commended despite the unfavourable review. After reading through what was in the report, I must say that improvements must be made especially the issue about gaming policy, though that may be a bold statement for one who was not present at the carnival. The issue of gaming has always been a thorn in our side given strict yet poorly defined school guidelines on the subject, so perhaps we can get much more clarification for this matter. Other than that i guess the other glitches aren't really that serious and can be corrected with sufficient and effective planning. It is in fact a beneficial thing for us that things have gone bad even if that might sound twisted. We have ample lessons to draw from this carnival and there is enough time to rectify them. Perhaps for subsequent club meetings, we can stay behind for a little while to spend constructive time (30 effective minutes) in planning our publicity strategy and drafting of manpower. The alleged part of the council screwing up some of our plans, well, i guess we have to work around it. Take heart everyone, for this is but the first intake when not much is yet set in stone, so let us work together for the second intake and produce better results for our club. Once again, kudos to the club members who put in great effort for the carnival.



Miracle day.

Mr Kho handed me a piece of paper.

Dear Tay Wei Kiat of 2/05

JC2 Alpha Programme

Based on your performance in the Promotional Examination 2005, you are selected to be in the JC2 Alpha Programme.

Your are required to attend a short but important meeting on.....

What the! Me? An ultra super duper slacker getting into alpha list? Pure miracle! I failed 2 subjects last year, although i did get an A for computing and B for physics. But that surely won't warrant me getting into alpha list. What is happening? Did i hack into the school system in my sleep? Unlikely. My first thought was to quit Alpha list, but after some careful considerations and advise from poh wei i decided to just bear with it.

Me? Full time slacker! Alpha list!!?? No wonder poh wei says alpha list in AJC may be a remedial club.. Haha

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Damn sian ah

I v sian.
Haven't do hw..
I so slack.
v sad.
now cca meeting.
tml carnival.
thur power series test.
donno how to do it.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Wall of Love

Door! The almightly wall!
Barricading thy soul's hall,
only with the keystone thou emotion unravels,
like river shall engulf my all.

The all powerful keystone,
with light of guidance it quietly shines,
from the flame of passion in my head,
I'm but your only true one.

Thought, or rather, dreamt of the first stanza while sleeping on mrt. The second stanza was written after i woke up and recorded the first stanza down. Weird. Subconcious VS concious.

Emotional barrier VS Love.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Force Impulse Gundam Gallery

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Funky Classmates: Gordon


Force Impulse Gundam Posture For The Day: Kill the ant.


Gundam Anime

My very own gundam anime!
Download it here.

Use the included slideshow.exe and press the "auto" button to view.



Firstly, some pictures of my gundam!

Secondly, to Zombie who has a merciful heart, sorry for not turning up yesterday. I already made in very clear to zombie, vinoth and shankar that i was not coming. If i had know that Vinoth wasn't around, i would be around to open the door for you guys. I even called Mr Hong about it on Thurs.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Force Impulse Gundam

Progress. Another arm completed. Today's time table contain a freaking 3.5hrs of break. I guess there is no need to do hw at home. Do all in school can le. Finished Phy capacitance tutorial from sketch today without reading through the lecture notes first. I ponned the lecture on this topic held last year.

Discovered i have grown shorter by 2mm, yet the teacher refuse to round it up. Instead, he truncated the decimal point (when measured in cm) and recorded 169cm. PE teachers can be very good computing students.

Jun Zhe's bro, an ultra rebellious and intelligent kid in RI who flunk every subject and spoke so well in critising RI's through train program during an internal debate that all the students applauded him but he unfortunately lost because of teacher's intervention which however led to the prinicpal announcing a change in RI's Through Train policies during flag raising the next day didn't do his homework at all during the holidays and instead wrote an "essay" to slap into his teachers' face regarding the definition of "holiday" and work", a more extreme version of what i wrote previously and declaring that "Holiday homework" is an oxymoron and hence such a term cannot exist and left the teachers stunted in the face.

And i managed to write one full sentence on him whether you understand it or not.

One hell of an amazing guy.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Force Impulse Gundam

Has been building a 1/100 force impulse gundam since school reopen. Here are my progress.


A random poll

Doing a random poll in school today, asking the question "Do you regretted coming to AJC", i can't seen to get any answer other than "yes".

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Thoughts and feelings

Today when i strolled to ABC Junior college from the mrt station, witnessing many innocent and naive first new intakers who will be spending the first 3 month of their Junior College life in ABC Junior College, I can't help but sympathiese with them while looking at their hopeful faces, yet secretly, i longed for one of them to walk up to me, to talk to me, so that i can unleash all the displeasure and discontent i have painstakingly endured in my stay in AJC. Deep down in my heart, i long for their sympathy.

Few teachers in ABC junior college are nothing short of a rotten egg. When you first look at them during your first 3 month's stay, they smiled like angels upon you. Their prefect, flawless exterior cracks 3 months later, when you find yourself stuck in a hellish nightmare of rotten teachers. Their smiles disappeared, replaced with senseless droning and wrongful instructions often leading to confused students and poor quality of work. For example, a certain old lady who teaches GP in AJC who looks like she is going to retire soon is fond of giving wrong instructions and reissuing them when everyone had carried out her instructions. Stimultaneously, she was often seen to mistake a electronic calculator for a overhead project remote control.

Being a teacher in ABC junior college is not joke. The teachers get to slack as much as possible, through the strong emphrasis on SDL which in my opinion benefited the teachers more than the students. During Holiday workshops, teachers are treated to lavish and delicious mouth watering catered buffet food, while students are left to rot at home mugging. It is a wise choice on the student's part to give up their reliance on their teachers, hence fulfilling the school's aim of having independent learners. However, the students went too far when school spirit was killed and students became mindless A-level drones. AJC's school blog is named Muggers United. A fiting name for the blog of a junior college where students unite spiritually through their senseless mugging.

Facilities in AJC is one of the worst. While other JC enjoys air conditioned fully functional gym while we enjoyed a gym with only a threadmill, and equipments which such rusty hand grips that we need to wear gloves in order to use them. Extra care has to go into working out in the gym. Not for our own safety of course, but that of the equipments that may fall into pieces any minute. Getting feedbacks from various students that our smallish canteen is indeed too small, the school decided to extend the canteen, by building a shelter and some tables and sits directly outside the toilets. Using this extended canteen, we place our life on constant anxiety as rain drops fall through the sheltered canteen and the screws on the chairs drop off every moment. Yet, this is still a luxury compared to the regular canteen, where more bird droppings fill tables and chairs, than students and their belonging. The school's library has a long record of not having anyone borrow everything from it, partly due to the long line of muggers that presides the school population, but also the lack of books worth reading in the library. It can be safe to say that any primary school's library is much better equipped than that of AJC's. Library, a powerful place where knowlege and wisdom is shared, offers none of such things, and your laptop cannot be brought into it.

Poor time table planning has always plagued the entire AJC student population. With long days and irregularly spaced out breaks, one has to have a strong stomach in order to survive. You can enjoy a day with breaks scattered equally througout the day, or a day with your break and lunch with only 1hr in between. Of course, nothing beats having a break at 8.45am and having nothing to eat till school dismisses at 2.30pm. Recently, in order to cater for the interest for the students, the school shorten all periods to half an hour, instead of 45minutes. This is a great news, if not for the fact that all lessons now occupies at least 2period slots, making lessons to be one hour. In fact, students cheering over the shorten time table will be interested to discover that our breaks has shortened from 45min to half an hour, the only single period "lesson" we have in a day.

Having said that much, tommorrow is another school day, and it will soon me time to drag myself into hell again. Nothing beats placing myself into a challenging environment and learning how to adapt to it. Thats what the new prinicipal said today. So i can only guess that life will be much more interesting and challenging from now on.

I can't wait.


I walked through the gates of hell

-My girlfriend arrived pretty late to school today, depriving us of our morning chat
-discovered we didn't share the same lecture and tutorial for maths, which is supposed to happen
-timetable totally screwed up, little common breaks and periods, days she dimiss late i dismiss early, and vice versa
-each period shorten to 30min instead of 45min, but each lesson now occupies 2 periods,the only exception being our breaks. Some breaks happy happy 2 period, some guai lan guai lan become 1 period.
-Some days have 4 consective free periods, before having PE at 4.15pm
-The max different in dismissal time between me and my dear is a whooping 3hr.
-The inconsistent break will cause alot of people to come down with stomach disorder
-PE on the first day of school
-Almost lost school uniform
-went for hair cut, the person totally screw it up and i look like a jerk
-had a row with my dear
-got laugh at by my father who never laugh for my hairstyle.


Monday, January 02, 2006


What was i thinking?

Recently for some yet and unknown reason, i felt like double or even triple posting things that i've already posted on my blog, for example, writing about christmas and new year from another angle. Which, fortunately i didn't get around into doing because it would no doubt bore the hell out of my few fellow readers. Anyway, if you don't mind, let me get around to do my random rantings, which unfortunately you have no choice to mind or not, as i'm the owner of this blog, not you.

Recently my dad has finally gotten around to doing some serious actions in order to save up for buying a car, to get around Singapore much easier without relying on the stupidly of public transport which mainly relies on stupid bus drivers like the one me and poh wei encountered a few days back.

The date on my laptop reads 1/2/2006, yet i don't feel as if i've grown since the big countdown. The monotony of life still goes on, as long as my heart continues to pump. The more i think about, the more i realise that the older i grow, the lesser freedom i'll enjoy.

Soon i'll also be in the 2 years of what i would like to call "the lost ages", as i could do virtually nothing with my life during the 2 years in NS. Perhaps, it may not be that bad. Someone managed to find time to set up and run his own company whilst in NS. Then again, such cases are far and between.

In order to find safe harbour to keep my soul alive and not turn into a lifeless zombie when school reopens, i've been participating actively in a minidisc forum recently. It is where my interest lays now. Minidisc may seem to be outdated stuffs for those around who uses Mp3 players, but its weird charm which i now find has made the format last more than a decade ago, when it first came out as a tape replacement. Now, the ever-evolving MD has become portable audio player that works similar to an MP3 player, a camera and a removeable portable device to keep up with the times. An MD that can store 80min of music in the past can store more than 10hrs of music now. I admire the Zi Qiang Bu Xi spirits of the Minidiscs.

Sorry for the lack of flow and chunky feel to this entry. I feel like blogging, yet my brain was not in the blogging mode. Too sian.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


I'm Brown

Tay, your true color is Brown!

You're brown, a credible, stable color that's reminiscent of fine wood, rich leather, and wistful melancholy. Most likely, you're a logical, practical person ruled more by your head than your heart. With your inquisitive mind and insatiable curiosity, you're probably a great problem solver. And you always gather all of the facts before coming to a timely, informed decision. Easily intrigued, you're constantly finding new ways to challenge your mind, whether it's by reading the newspaper, playing a trivia game, or composing a piece of music. Brown is an impartial, neutral color, which means you tend to see the difference between fact and opinion easily and are open to many points of view. Trustworthy and steady, you really are a brown at heart.




there concludes my life as a year one student in anderson junior college, which in my opinion, is the worst jc in existence. the way students mug brainlessly there, the way teachers lavish on good food during their yearly self-improvement workshop while students had to endure rusty and shaky retort stands that can't even work well enough for an accurate physics experiment that is so crucial for our learning and a totally run down and non-air conditioned gym (unlike other jcs) that i first thought was a storeroom for old gym equipments. For example, there are only 2 threadmills in the gym, and the last time i checked, one of it is spoilt.

also concluded is the year where i can slack to my heart's content without worrying too much about my academic performance, which i totally heck care about. This is rather unbecoming of someone who scored 269 for PSLE and went into The Chinese High School. But hate it or love it, this is the way i live. There is no point studying too much when only less than 5~10% of the knowledge gained through the educational system will ever be used in our adulthood. Yes, high educational wastage might be a problem, but without teaching students such a wide field of academic subjects, how will they discover their talents? So i don't really mind the wastage problem, and it shouldn't really be a problem. I just find it annoying to study so much physics and fmaths when i'm bound to forget what i learnt when i went into NS. So i just studied enough to get by. Since this year, 2006 is a more crucial year for all of us melancholic people, i suspect i'll just study abit harder.

I used to enjoy programming as a hobby, as it provides an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when i see that from a totally blank developement workspace, i can create a feature packed application in just a few weeks. Although the debugging process was hell, the satisfaction from knowing that i've just fixed another bug is fasinating. Sadly, in this new year, programming seems more and more "inconvient" for me as i could no longer afford to spend much time on it. There is just too much work and too little time. Its an irony of education. Education is preventing myself from educating myself about things i really need to be educated about. Sigh.

With programming strictly reserved for school work and not for personal hobby, i just had to find a new hobby. And i found it through assembling gundam model kits. I had always wanted to buy some serious model assembly kits of stuffs like cars and ships ever since i played with Tamiya Mini 4-wheel when i was much younger. However, the hefty price always put me off. Yet for some reason, when poh wei's bro told me his friend was going to japan and he could get a gundam assembly kit for 30bucks less than what it cost in Singapore, i jumped at the chance. When it finally arrived, it will be my birthday present to myself.

2004 saw the purchase of my Creative MuVo Slim 256mb mp3 player, which i, along with many others who bought it, regretted totally. Within weeks after the purchase, its price dropped from 336bucks to 279, and then further to 219 when the founder of Creative declared a seemingly non-existence mp3 player war on Apple. How can it be a war, when Apple didn't even react?

The beginning of 2005 saw the purchase of a Hi-MD player, for a sky high 549bucks. People often show off their iPod because they are among those few who could afford it. Well, i bought a little known device that cost way more than a useless iPod which very few people know about, because of the charm of the MD format, the high sound quality it offers, and an escape from the vanity of the human race in buying a plain looking mp3 player that sounded more like a radio. True, at times i felt like i had made a wrong choice in purchasing the Hi-MD player, but its sound quality never ceased to amaze me everytime i plug it in. I also bought a sony in-ear phone for 80 bucks, which sounded more like a 2.1 subwoofer system rather than just a earphone. Its bass is so nice that i thought i am listening to those big tower speakers. It is that good. The only problem with it was a build issue which caused the rubber cable to sort of melt after a few months of usage. Although i'm sure i won't be buying this earphone again, it sound quality is still the best i've heard so far. I also own an Audio Technica Clip-on phone. Audio Technica was a manufacturer for professional audio devices, but had recently invaded the consumer market with its family of extremely clear earphones with weak bass. Even the design of Creative's current earphone is copied from Audio Technica. Better still, do a search for Creative's and Audio-Technica's logo on the net. You will discover that the letter "A" in Creative's logo looks extremely similar to Audio-Technica's logo. Creative is indeed anything but creative. Although my audio technica phone does not sound as "dynamic" as that of sony's, the clarity of the music makes me feel an audio equivant of looking through a prefectly flawless glass. The only setback with this is that i have to use extremely high quality music, or it will sound sucky on my earphone. ha. I've seen some guy using an audio phile headphone (those extremely big type which is suppose to produce very accurate sound) on a lowy mp3 player. I was laughing secretly in my heart, wondering how much artifacts (distortion in the music brought about by compression) he was hearing. Artifacts exists as long as you are not listening to your Audio CD. Formats like mp3, ogg, wma and atrac3plus contains lots of artifacts and i've train my ear to hear them. While most people are happy with a bitrate of 128kbps, i need at least 256kbps or 352kbps before i'll stop noticing the artifacts and start enjoying the audio. Yes, my ears are that sensitive. Of course, that is only true when using sensitive equipments. Using an iPod and its signature white earbuds, artifacts won't really be heard. This is because the earbuds and iPod are unable to produce sound accurately. Is this a good thing? No. Not being able to produce sound accurately means you are listening to more junk than how the song really sound like. Much as i hated creative, creative players sounds alot better than any model of iPod.

I also got my first real girlfriend this year, and hope that this relationship not only lasted into the 2006, but also last till the day when I've fulfilled my purpose in life and gladfully accept the return to mother nature, with molecules on my body recycled by nature's working to be put into much better use.

Poh wei gave me an idea yesterday. Perhaps i should write down a set of new year resolution which i would stick to for the rest of this year? On a second thought, no. Partly because i was too lazy to do so, and partly because i've yet to experience a year which i going to be drastically different from the previous (no more senseless studying, gianatic workload and stuffs) and hence i really don't consider 2006 a new year. It's just a slight change in the seris of number i write in the top right hand corner of my worksheets. Since its not a new year, why is there a need for a new year's resolution?

A lack of new year resolution may leave me without a guide on how to surive this nasty year, but i've always have had a something that i've always followed in my life.

Be happy. Enjoy life. While it last.


New Hi-MD blanks

Looking at how beautiful MD blanks can be, i bought a new one today. Its a Hi-MD Blue Special Edition Europe version. I intend to go to Daiso at IMM soon to hunt down a few MDs which totally wowed me with its design soon.

Anyway, lets take a look at the pics.

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