Sunday, August 29, 2004


I'm back! So how would you...?

I'm back! After about a month of absence, i'm back!
Yeah! The lame king is back!
and the lame king is feeling more stressed, thus he is lamer now!

I'm lame,
no cut hair so i got mane.

Apple is so cool,
and so is cotton wool

Yeah... thats as much poetic sense i have.

Watever, i'm feeling lame...

Anyway, to be more serious now, i lost my 14bucks Twelfth Night book! Its totally stupid! Waste of my fucking money! 14bucks is alot. Who the fuck stole it. I'm going to fuck your arse real tight!

Okok... those who know me personally would know that i'm not this kind of person. But i'm now damned fucking pissed...

Anyway, looking on the brighter side of my dark life, i'm pondering and debating with myself whether or not to buy GBA tv tuner. It allows GBA to act as a portable TV, and the price is only a fraction of that of the cheapest portable TV is saw at causeway point, which also contains a much smaller screen than a GBA. Going to check out Lot1 tml and see if they have TV tuner for sale.

Actually, i don't watch TV much, but i want to my GBA to distract me from using my computer, which is ultra laggy, wasting alot of time which could have been spent on revision for O levels.

Because of my sucky english, i also downloaded some ebooks into my GBA to read. Both my GBA and my Creative MuVo Slim 256MB Mp3 player will be my sole source of entertainment until the stupid O levels are over. After that, i'll get a laptop and game until late into the night. I'll also restart my software team, creating a program called NetZilla. its smth like IRC, but it is much more userfriendly and it works very similar to MSN messenger. Hope it is a hit! I had enough of the domination of MS products. However, theres an irony here. The NetZilla will be coded in VB6, which is an MS programming language.

Anyway, gdbye for now. I'm waiting for my MP3 player to be fully charge before i start doing my stupid HW, which has already piled so high that i though it is a wall!

Don't understand what i'm toking about? Nvm... I don't know either.

So long, and thanks for all the fishes( This sentence is dedicated to my Lit teacher, who looked like a goldfish)

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