Saturday, December 31, 2005




School's reopening soon.

Real soon.

Very soon.

Extremely soon.

My homework not done yet.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


Organising my music collection

School is about to start soon, and now its time for me to organise my large music collection dating back to those songs that i've gotten in my secondary school days.

Infact, i have absolutely no idea how to begin organising it, so i thought that i'll just begin anyway. My music collection span from techno to baroque, from J-pop to apecalla with the likes of Crazy Frog and Hamster Dance. To make the matter worst, my music files are scattered all over, from Original CDs to the harddrive on my desktop and on my laptop. There are hell lot of duplication. Sigh

After much consideration, i decided to only store the most recent songs that i am listening to on my laptop, while dumping the rest onto my 80GB drive on my desktop. So here i am, transfering songs to and fro my laptop and desktop. To speed up the transfer, i opted for a lan cable, instead of using the sluggish wireless connection. While looking through the collection in my desktop, i also stumbled across several old but nice songs, such as those from crazy frog, Kan Wo 72 Pian from Jolin and Dang Ni from Cyndi. So i'll be transfering them to my MD soon. I'll also be getting more MDs tommorrow since i'm quickly running out of them. I currently own 4 1GB Hi-MD and 5 regular 74Minutes MDs that can be formated into HI-MD mode, giving it a total memory of 280MB. Cool isn't it. The best thing about all this is that MD uses a Sony audio format, known as Atrac3plus. And at 64kbps (half the file size of regular MP3 files), it sounded better, if not similar to that of an mp3 file twice its size. Consequently, my 280MD HI-MD would seem like 560MB, while my 1GB HI-MD would seem like 2GB. Thats really something isn't it. And to top it off, a 280MB (or 560MB if you prefer) costs only around 2bucks, while the 1GB (or 2GB) HI-MD costs only 12 dollars. Cool isn't it? To top it off, a HI-MD player, with its ultra high quality recording and optical line in (an optical line in transfers audio signal digitally from other audio devices, using fiber optical cables, and i happen to have a Sony discman that can do that) costs only around 300 dollars. Of course, if you prefer more fancy designs and features, there are higher end models available. The key is this: No matter which unit you bought, you can enjoy unlimited storage space! This is unlike conventional mp3 players where you pay more for more space.

Ok enough about advertising. Am currently transfering song from a DRM protected CD. When i insert that CD into my laptop, i can only play its song via a special audio player residing on the CD. Other than the files for the Audio Player, there is absolutely nothing else on the CD. So how do i rip the CD? Impossible. But with Sony Hi-MD, anything is possible. I just place the CD into my discman, and hook up the optical cable with my Hi-MD player. Hit play on the discman, and record on the Hi-MD. Its done. All track marks and CD-TEXT are transfered over automatically. So much for CD copy protection!

After i'm done with transfering, i'll get on with my *sigh* GP homework.


Dreaming ahead into the future


These are stuffs i would really, really, really like to get hold off. Dreaming about it all day long. Would some kind better-off visitor to my site fulfill my dream by buying one of these for me? Thank you!

Sony MZDH10

A HI-MD player with a colour screen!

Wait, there's more to it. This player sports a 1.3MP camera!

iAudio x5

A ultra stylo HDD MP3 Player with video playback, photo viewing and ebook reading feature!

I'm no mugger. I hate muggers. But i still want to score full As for my Alevels.

May my dear be with me for many many many many many many more years ahead.

Quality of Life



2005 is the year when I:

Got a girlfriend
Bought a Hi-MD player
Became an audiophile
Destroyed 3 mouses
Bought my first audio technica can
Bought my first nike shoe
Bought my first more than 60 bucks earphone
Learnt C++ programming
Wrote Notepad.NET
Wrote Qict
Wrote Xtreme Attendance Manager
Became Vice President of cXtreme
Topped class in Computing for 1 term
Started hating creative
Started hating iPod
Blogged more seriously at most time
Experienced a fall in blog viewership at the beginning of the year
Wrote alot of love poems
Got my first laptop
Completed at least 4 FPS games
Learnt to program in VB.NET 2005
Went to 2 chalets consecutively
Gave poh wei a guai lan birthday present
Particpated in Adsense programme to earn revenue through my site
Got into AJC and hated it and regretted it
Had fun programming and controlling electronic scoreboard for Inter-JC Chinese Current Affair Quiz 2005
Participated in my first IT related competition and screwed it up
Became more and more rebellious
Got my first handphone camera
Came up with 2 different site design
Design a simple girlish blog for my girlfriend
Stopped smsing amanda all the time
Became very interested in politics
Learn how to prepare Campell soup
Slacked the entire year and still get A for computing and B for physic
Had the worst maths result ever in my life and decided to drop Fmaths
Started posting stuffs critising organisations
Stopped posting stuffs critising organisations
Became incredibly anti-mugger
First time not discrimiated by anyone in my class
Like everyone in my class except for 1 or 2
Got a trohpy for Best CCA Ideas 2005

I'll addon to this list if i can recall more...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005



Poh Wei
Yeah, thanks buddy for coming to my house to accompany during my second day of Home Alone. Really thanks alot. I'll be damn bored otherwise

Love in Maple Land


Grand Dinner

Went to my favourite grandma's house for dinner yesterday evening.
Here are some photos of my beloved grandma.

My quite cousins were also there running about, exhibiting all qualitys of being noisly little cousins.


Alone at home

ZZZZ. Missed my family.

This is the shortest post ever!

Monday, December 26, 2005


Home Alone

Tommorrow my family will be leaving for genting. When i first hear about the trip, i intend to go, but thunking about what a lazy bump i was, i suspected that i will need these few days to START doing my homework. I was correct. Luckily i did not join them for the trip.

Although it would be fun to go genting, Genting Highland is one place that does not live up to its name. At the amusement park, its rides are old and not well maintained. Just look at the Monorail!!! While at it, take a look at sights on the ground. You will see abandoned ride cars being thrown all over the park. The roller coasters there are not exciting (yes, i've been on all of them) and the queuing time is outrageous. Have any of you seen those Theme Parks in the western countries? Those are the real theme parks. Genting Highlands Theme Park looks and feels like a storeroom for old second hand theme park rides.

Since theme park rides occupy a large amount of space, the management decided to invest on building more casinos. Casinos take up little space and bring in alot of profit.

Food prices there are outrageous. Only idiots eat there. But then again, if you don't eat their overpriced food, how can you survive? The only good thing there should be the movies pricing. Its very cheap. Again, thats cheap when compared to the ridicous price in singapore. If you go to other places in Malaysia, movies are even cheaper.

Sick and tired of the queues, the rides, the food and looking at casinos blooming all over the mountain, i've decided to not go for the trip. So here i am, blogging now.

For the next 3 days i shall enjoy my own experience of "Home Alone". I won't worry about being bored. The homeworks are more than enough to keep me occupied.

So are the games.


Get a life. Drop the mug

certain people are Fantastically anti-mUggers. muggers totally have no life, and their life, or rather, laCK of life, revolves around hUgging books all day long, absorbing data, not inforMation, just like internet spiders that are sent oUt to comb the net by search enGines. what they proccessed are merely nosensical data, not useful information. What a wonderful way of Going about wasting thEiR Stupid time?

when HUMAN experience and UNDERSTANDing are combined with data, it is then possible to turn plain data into meaningful INFORMATION. even coMpUters are acquiring the ability to do that, with microsoft and many other companies working on such a thinG. yet, mugGers, having a much morE complex and poweRful muScle, the very orgAn that made humans humans, aRe unable to make much usE of it aT all. the lOgical reasoning parT of their brAin is Left to waste. the passion, pLeasure seeking part is neglected and put to one side. onlY the remembering and recalling partS of The brain are pUt into use. shame on them. a blank cd-r that costs less than twenty cents can do all that, with much better reliability and storage capability. muggers are nothing but Pityful nosense. and hence It is our Duty to make full uSe of our skills and talents tHat were acquIred by living life our own way, using our creaTive brain cells rather than those that act as a cd-rw, to make fun of them in all ways possible.

mark MY WORD. this IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. ONE DAY, MUGGERS WILL see an END to their cd-rw ways. let us begin our revolution.

(Images in this entry were digitally created by Zombie)

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Happy holidays

From Postsecrets,, a very popular online dictionary site, has this to say: Holiday is a leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure.

Well, if that is true, why then do we have to do homework during holidays? Would the adjective, "Holiday Homework" make any sense then? The first word implies taking time away from work, while the word, "Homework" implies that you are stuck at home doing work.

So taking these 2 words together, "Holiday Homework" can be defined as a leisure time away from work devoted to being stuck at home doing work for rest and pleasure.

It doesn't make much sense, does it? Yet how many of us students are so used to the term "Holiday Homework" that we don't even give a damn about what it actually means other than the teacher is being naughty and want to keep you busy during the holidays. Our brain just accept it. We are indeed a bunch of bloody no-brainers.

The word, "Homework" is another master piece. Home is a place where one lives; a residence. People often say things like "Home sweet home", or "There is no place like home." Indeed. The home is a place to socialise with your beloved family, watch your favourite cartoon, read funny little books or dirty glossy magazines, play with the computer, play with your hair, jump up and down, sing like a frog, etc. The list goes on. There is simply no limit to human's imagination and capability of the kinds of things that can be done at home. Yet, work suggests a physical or mental duty that a person has to accomplish. Hence, "Homework" means to stay at home, a place where you are free to do anything you want, to do the work i (the teacher) asked you to do.

In both cases, freedom of the individual is scarified. Yet, we accept the term "Homework" and "Holiday Homework" without much difficulty. Our brain may be less logical than we thought. Prehaps, if one day true AI is to become a reality, a system crash would occur on that AI system everytime "Homework" or "Holiday Homework" was mentioned infront of it.

Perhaps, there is nothing wrong with the society where Holidays are meant being stuck at home doing work, while homework means existing at a place where you are free to do anything in order to do tasks assigned by a naughty teacher. Maybe, its just that the dictionary got it all wrong. Either way, reality is reality and we have no choice but to accept it. To go against the flow of the society is to land onself in a precarious position where nobody accepts you. By trying to be free, one may even end up being even more not free. Upholding of personal freedom is a difficulty balancing act. The most sound advice that any sane mind would give to any other sane mind is to "Go with the flow". Yet, by following what others are doing, freedom is given up too.

So when will anyone ever be really "free"? I think that will be when the dictionary definition change.

When will Holiday be exciting? When the dictionary definition change to include "homework" as part of holiday. Then people will accept it and not feel unhappy about having homework as part of their holiday.

When will people stop dreading "homework"? When the definition of home states that it is prefectly alright to be doing work while in it. Then people will accept it and feel that work is part of the being at "home" experience.

Happy holidays.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


New site feature again!

Click on the small icon which i circled over there, and a chatroom powered by AJChat, a free on-the-fly instant web messaging developed by my friend Ming Han will appear automatically at the right side of my website. Do take a look and chat there! Forget tagboards!


AJC new website

New website layout for AJC can be previewed here. Do take a look and feedback!

Friday, December 23, 2005



Today i have nothing better to do. Frowning on my homework and leaving till the last possible moment to do my homework unwillingly. So i took out one of the gift from my gf. Its a small small jigsaw puzzle which she unleashed her love and creativity on.

Below are some photos taken while i was piecing it together and then destroying it again.

Yeah, and i happened to take a look at my least favourite table.

My favourite table is the one which my Hi-MD, gameboy, laptop, speakers and gundam were placed on. The photo you've just witness is the one i dreaded looking at everyday.

Thursday, December 22, 2005



Physic Homework Completion: 90%
GP Homework Completion: 0%
Maths Homework Completion: 0%
Computing Homework Completion: 65%


Sibei sian!

Well, shouldn't have blog today, except to tell everyone i'm having a sibei sian day.

Physic Homework Completion: 56%
GP Homework Completion: 0%
Maths Homework Completion: 0%
Computing Homework Completion: 65%

Physic hw just seems to drag on and on while i know nothing about maths to do maths homework.

Btw, Zombie made this interesting pic.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Chicken Pox

Wah lao eh, today damn shock tio. My ah bu's friend's children kana the chicken pox. People say "chicken little", "chicken little", but that little children's chicken pox big problem. He have to go hospital with breathing problem. Like got chicken pox then too happy until cannot breath. Sibei dulan.

So my ah bu also scare scare, want me and my ah mei go clinic take vaccine. Wah lao the price killer man. The vaccine so small so little liquid. If take to drink no even one mouthfull, only about one teaspoon like that, can cost 80 dollars! Somemore must take 2 times, because i too lao ah pek, if young children 12 years old or lower than can take one enough. Then lidat total cost 160bucks, somemore vaccine failure rate is 5%, meaning got 100 people stupid stupid go take, than still got 5 people take already still anyhow pox. Not worth it sia. But my ah bu very rich la, so force me and my ah mei take. So now i take liao lor.

At first my ah mei take i see her expression heart inside very scare, becos she like want to cry lidat. Secondary 1 like primary 1. No guts one. Last time i primary school already fight with people in school. Where got scare injection? School time injection is to act man comfort crying girls one. I see my ah mei scare scare, i also scare scare, becos long time never got people use needle poke me. But then my turn take. Haha. Sibei song. Sit there stone stone, injection over liao still donno. No feeling one leh! Aiya.. my ah mei scared me.

Today i also get new glasses. Not the drink kind. Is the can wear kind. Very nice no have frame, so won't have dirty stuffs growing on the spectacle between the frame and lens. But sibei fragile. I think more fragile than ipod Nano. Remove specs must use both hand, cannot fight, PE, sleep while wearing. No freedom! Freedom in society already quite limited. Now my glasses also want to come and kao bei me. Haiz. But never mind, my glasses quite solid. Use already can see clear clear. So ok lor. Nevermind la. But still can be mahfun. Now have to bring one spare glasses to school use. Becos got PE lesson must change. Can the school please do me a favour by taking away the PE lesson? Sure cannot one. They say PE is very good. Can let us rest our brain and work our body to become fit. Becos i fat so i very jialet. very hard to turn the "a" in fat to the "i" in fit. Thats why i like computer. Can delete away "a" then type again can liao. No need go PE so mahfun.


New website feature

A list of latest blog entries of all the blogs on this website is now displayed on the welcome page of this website.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Latest Gundam Look


Christmas Special

Today Si Hui come my house and i surprised her with my christmas present for her, a DIY soft toy dog where you have to stuff the polyester into the soft toy yourself. So we spent some time "fattening" up the doggy. It looked quite cute when it was done.

After lunch, we started painting on my Gundam which she bought for me for my christmas present. =D Most of the markers are provided by Poh Wei's bro. Thank him very much!

Here are some photos of our christmas present.

Before painting

After painting


Never Offend the Bus Driver (100% Suanage version)

I took bus number 700 with bus license plate TIBS471G at around 11pm at a bus stop opposite Far East Plaza along orchard road. I noticed that the driver's name wasn't displayed on the "Servicing with pride" holder, and he certainly wasn't. He had wasted pretty much of everybody's time, maybe with the prefect exception of himself on that long-drawn bus journey. So here i am, wasting my time once again, but this time to write this feedback to bring this matter to your attention.

The bus was pretty packed when i boarded in, to the extent that i paid 45cents to stand on the door steps. After the door closed, the bus driver shouted rudely to a man beside me who happened to be in the way of the side mirror. The man tried to answer politely that he could not move as there was no space to do so and that the bus driver should at least make his demand more politely. For some unknown reasons that I was unable to comprehend, this man's response soon escalated into an arguement which caused two malay teenagers to curse the bus driver before alighting at the next stop to board the next bus. This was just the beginning.

The driver chosed to express his anger on the expressway by travelling an extremely slow speed. Being curious by nature, i took a peep at the large speedometer. It was reading an amazing speed of 30kmph. Being a dull and slow journey as it was, i spent most of the time observing his speed. He hovered considerably long at 30kmpb, before gradually increasing to 40kmph. My spirit lifted as the needle on the speedometer climbed to 50kmph, but my heart soon sank as it soon crawled back to 40kmph and stayed that way through the rest of the journey. Several fellow passengers came to realise this, and one or two remarked loudly that the bus must be low on fuel. I took a look at the fuel gauge and proved that their hypothesis was not true. One of them even told me and my friend to "enjoy the ride" when she finally alighted.

Although i sympathized with the driver because the mild abuse he got from some of the passengers earlier on, that does not warrant him the right to waste everybodies' time by driving at such incredible speed on the expressway. He should not take it out on the passengers this way. Many of us were just innocent passengers who did nothing to contribute to his anger. The conduct of this particular driver should be reviewed so that one day he may finally be able to face the world by puting his name on the "Servicing with pride" holder.

I would appreciate it if you could look into the matter promply and am looking forward for your reply. Thank you.


Never Offend the Bus Driver

I took bus number 700 with bus license plate TIBS471G at around 11pm at a bus stop opposite Far East Plaza along orchard road. I am unable to provide the driver's name as he did not place his name at the "Servicing with pride" holder on the bus. Indeed, he was not servicing with pride and had made our journey an unhappy one. When i say "our", i refer to most of the passengers on the bus at that time who were aware of what was going on.

The bus was extremely packed when i boarded it. After the door closed, the bus driver shouted rudely to a man beside me that he was blocking the driver's view of the side mirror and asked him to move back. However, that man had no place to move to as the bus was too packed. The man tried to reply calmly by saying that he is unable to move back and that the bus driver should at least speak more politely. For some reason, this led on a further arguement between the driver and that man. This is just the beginning.

After stopping several times along the way because the bus driver was unable to see the side mirror, two malay punks rudely asked the driver to open the door, which he did. Then the two punks pushed past me and exited the bus, while shouting some vulgarities. At this point of time, i was quite impressed that the bus driver took it calmly and did not response ungentlemanly. However, he soon proves me wrong.

Along the expressway, he drove at an amazing speed of 30kmph most of the time. I know this because i was near the driver seat and could see the speedometer. After sometime, he improved and drove at around 40kmph. Thats about as fast as he could go. Several fellow passengers around me became quite annoyed and remarked loudly wondering if the bus was low on fuel. This was not the case as i took a look at the fuel guage as well. This only meant that the driver was purposely driving at a snail's pace for the entire stretch of expressway before coming to Bukit Panjang. Judging from the variety of expressions on the bus, i can infer that many passengers were getting impatient and angry. A malay lady near me even told me and my friend to "enjoy the ride" before she got off.

Although i sympathized with the driver because the mild abuse he got from some of the passengers earlier on, that does not warrant him the right to purposely drive the bus at such a slow pace and waste the entire bus load of passengers' precious time. I'm pretty sure some other passengers will be emailing about this as well, as i spotted some of them recording down the bus license plate number. I hope that serious action could be taken on the bus driver. The driver's mood should not delay and waste the time of passengers on the bus.

I look forward to a desirable reply from SMRT BUSES soon.

Monday, December 19, 2005


ABC Junior College

Located in the heart of Eng Ma Kio, ABC Junior College has come a long way since her establishment in 1984. The college is just a 3-minute dash from Yu Cha Keng MRT station and is well-served by a network of buses because there is a bus stop infront of the school.. Today, AJC has positioned herself as the leading neighbourhood college, simply because there are no other colleges to compete with in this neigbourhood. It has made its way up the ladder and became the most Low Class premier school in Singapore. She has consistently been ranked sixth among the other junior colleges in Singapore, based on the academic performance in the Singapore-Cambridge A-Level Examination. Despite its above average ranking, nothing else about the school ever reaches the average mark.

AJC has a staff strength of about 20 non-teaching staff and over 100 teachers, with 70% of them holding Honours degrees and perhaps one or two of them with Masters degrees. The remaining 30% are just here for the money. We have 10 Heads of Department in charge of our various non-existent faculties and courses. Our teachers are committed to the college vision and are enthusiastic about their own relaxation. What they are not enthusiastic about is the student's learning process and welfare. Our staff constantly upgrade themselves through in-service courses and seminars, although the use of such courses is in doubt. It only serves to let the teachers take a few weeks off from their teaching career. A staff seminar is held annually, during which staff members are put through problem-solving situations to develop analytical thinking and teamwork. Neverthless, we still face the same problem of non-existent school spirit each year.

Our school emphrasises on Self-Directed Learning and we firmly believe that its the student's duty to do their own learning. Hence we have reached the milestone of the Educational Era and given a whole new meaning to the word "Teachers". Our teachers exist in order to coach our students to study on their own without the help of the teachers. Ultimately, we may decide to further this developement by getting rid of all the teachers as well. This method of teaching is the breakthrough of the twenty-first century.

Our student enrolment is drawn from among the top 10-15% of the bottom 10-15% secondary schools. The unique aspect of our student population is that it comprises students from diverse social and financial backgrounds, regardless of their previous affiliation to school and religion. Given the location of our college, a large proportion of students come from neighbourhood schools in the region, namely Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Yishun and Hougang. Hence their background aren't really diverse and we are only trying to kid you in the first sentence of this paragraph.

We will take you on a journey in life that you will forever remember. At the end of this journey, you will be able to reduce the need for computer harddrives and physical books by having all the information in your head. You will also be able to supplement Singapore's economy by buying anti-depression drugs which will greatly harm your sexual capabilities, which ultimately lead to AJC having the pregancy rate of 0%. Finally, you will learn to be independent learners, as our teachers will patiently and repeatedly ignore your needs and problems so that you will be able to solve them yourself.

Join AJC now. You will never live to regret it.



I've decided that if any particular day was extremely boring and routine, there will be nothing to blog about for that particular day. Using this, i've also decided that my life during the holiday isn't boring. However, i lack a sense of accomplishment that is so important for a person like me who lives on creating stuffs to enjoy the snse of accomplishment when it is done.

I've also decided that i'll no longer be making programming as part of my hobby, as it is too draining and taxing on my brain power to offer any well deserved rest. Instead i may go into Plastic Model Assembly, an expensive hobby which i always wanted to go into but was put off by the high cost involved buying both the kit and equipments. So for now, i'll start small.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


My "new" old table

My pentium one comp was dead, so i'm taking over its computer table to put my laptop on. And since the table hasn't been dusted for as long as i can remember, i've one hell of time cleaning it up. And now, its all set.

Take a look at the photo below. Now i have one table for hobby+slacking and another table for mugging. What a nice layout.


The downhill slide

Life has been pretty much downhill nowadays, and my attention is too when its currently 12.33am in the morning and most of my brain cells are yawning away for their well deserved sleep. My typing speed is pretty much reduced, and so is my accuracy of typing and also my tendency to make sense. It will be pretty good if i can record voices from my subconcious brain while my fingers are tapping away on this keyboard, while my brain are desperately trying to either regain more control of my body or convince the other currently active cells to sleep.

Everyday i felt as though something BIG is coming. But that something is a bad something as well. School's re-opening. I can't help thinking how much joy, freedom and late nights i'll be giving up just because of my moral obligations as being an obedient student who listen to what the MOE tells me to do. Yada-yada-yada. All that stuffs are converging in a tight string in my head right now. Study this; study that, these are the points you have to score in order to be able to go to.... Life is as exciting as it gets. It seems like i'm living in a virtual world, and the programmer is some pysco who resets the world every week, so i'll follow through every single week the same way as i did for the previous week, while time is puting more hairs on my face. Only holiday disrupts the orderly time table of the lifeless life and i'm definitely unhappy about it coming to an end so soon. Yes i know its still 2 weeks away, but 2 weeks is a really short time. But still, i must humji abit to prevent people from misunderstanding me and sueing me. Even my subconcious mind tells me to play safe in this world where people enjoys backstabbing each other. A student can backstab a teacher by posting negative remarks on his blog, while the same teacher can stab that student right in his butt by complaining like some small spoilt brat. Still, education is a must and without MOE, i won't be able to type this. Prehaps those who are against MOE should be grateful because MOE gives them enough education to understand what the real world is like out there. That proves to bring about a weird irony. If MOE don't do anything, Singapore's in jeopary with all kinds of dumbass. But if MOE teach too much, students will be crawling all over their nerves. I pity them. Wow, my subconcious mind didn't know how to do paragraphing.

Lets talk about another matter that is close to our heart. Love. Yes, most or prehaps everyone who knows me knows about the existence of my girlfriend. It has been 9 months now, although i don't feel like i've had a girlfriend for 9 months. At times, i seems to grow a little bit impatient about having a girlfriend, while at other times, i can't live by myself alone. Being in love is such an unique experience. Everybody should give it a try. The problem is defining the definition between love and lust. Many people says that love should be a clean one, without lust and pervertic stuffs like that. But if that's the case why would husband and wifes do those things behind closed doors? Why are you born? Love CANNOT be pure and clean. Without human's strongest form of desire being placed on each other, love will not work out. I don't think that clean and pure kind is love. Its only "Like". How can a couple be strongly in love with each other, without a catalyst to strenghten it? Don't get me wrong. I'm not implying that people should love for sex. I'm saying that sex or sexually related acts are parts and parcel of having a strong relationship with your spouse. Such acts strenghten the love. However, you are interested in a girl or guy because he or she is exceptionally beautiful or muscular and would look good in bed, it will NEVER EVER WORK OUT. Sex drive is one of the strongest desire in a human being. Its like fire. Either you control it, or it control you. You can build strong lasting relationships by using such acts as supplement, but you can't build a long lasting relationship based on lust for that person alone. Love is quite complicated isn't it? On the contrary, lust is pretty simple. If you don't already have someone whom you love and someone who love you dearly and whom you wish to spend the rest of your life with, please be responsible and throw lust out of the window. Delete it from your brain. Reformat it if you want. I won't care.

Responsibilty is a very important thing. In the spiderman movie, spiderman's uncle was quoted as saying "With great powers, come great responsiblities." I know how fako and junkie hero movies are, but this quote makes quite alot of sense. Having power means being more superior than others. Hence, their welfare and well-being is directly or indirectly in your hand as you can exert more influence on normal people because of your "power". If you do things without thinking of the consequences, someone is going to get it when something goes wrong. And most of the time that someone is YOU.

Lets go for a tour in cyberland. In the world of hacking, and cracking and all those underground stuffs, black and white is hard to distinguish. Talented hackers and crackers can be hired by top security firms to prevent other hackers from hacking. Its about how they use their "powers". More interestingly, most IT Security guys working for companies run stimulated hacking attacks on their own systm to test its security. Underground hackers does the same thing, but they don't get a paycheck, and are on the wrong side of the law. Its really about how responbilily the powers are used.

Ya, by the way i'm suddenly in the mood to write weird quotes with many repeatition of the same words in the same sentence. Although some uneducated muggers who speaks english so well, with respect to other ajcians felt that what i'm writing is nonsense, but there is equal chance that his nosense labeling of my so-called nosense is nosense. Anyway, i've written a new quote. Take a look at it at the poems and quotes page. To save you the trouble, i've it written down here.

The more you understand, the more you discover there is to understand.

This will get abit tricky. Let me explain
The more you understand, the more you discover there is to understand, and the more you discover there is to understand, you discover that in fact there is even more there is to understand.... so on and on.

To make it clearer, think of the time when you are in primary school, studying maths. You think what you've learn is pretty much there is to it, isn't it. You would be thinking, "maths couldn't possibly be harder than this, can it?" But it can. In secondary school, you suddenly discover there is more to understand about maths. As you move on the JC, to university, the more you know about a particular thing, the more you know about the things that you should understand. And once you understand these things you should understand, you discover there is more to it. It is ever expanding.

If you understand, you'll be stuck in a prefectly crafted infinte loop. If you don't understand, just take it that i'm bullshiting.

Often, i feel that life around me is an infinite loop. As i mentioned earlier, every week seems the same, looping until the end of each year, where a new set of looping weeks begin again. Until the day i die, having done my best for humanity, finally retire for my well-deserves rest, returning all parts of me back to the nature.

I often wonder what is the meaning of life. Billions others before me, and also those after me, will be pondering this question. The fact that i'l never be able to answer this question is already taken for granted. People have been around for such a long time, yet a satisfactory answer has not yet been found. What then, are my odds of finding it? So for now, i'll just take life as birth, aging with changing chemical makeups in my brain to record my memories, shift my emotions, reproducing, and finally giving up everything i've achieved on the day i die. But what then, is the use of working so hard when all your efforts are ultimately in vain? Hence i only seek a fruitful life of fun, joy and laughter. Thats enough for me to die happily, on the day i die.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


A post about not posting

Was going to post about how similar computer virus is to terrorist, and how similar anti virus softwares is to police force; terrorist and virus find loopholes to attack, while antivirus softwares and police force plug these holes only after the attack. Both police force and antivirus softwares cannot work well to prevent new kind of terrorist/virus attacks.

Was going to post about Lao Lee's Son's essay in the Special Edition of newsweek, about the many many good things about singaporeans.

Was going to post about how China and India are countries that is going to shape the world because they have cheap workers.

But in the end too lazy to post about anything so i'm posting about what i am not posting about.

(Haven't played with using many same words to mean different things in a sentence for quite a while)

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Which should i buy?

Which which which?


RIP, Anderson JC


The Adventure of Silver Sweetheart Strike Gundam

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Flag Day

Today i also donno what i do, donno who convince me go and sign up for doing the flag day. My many days in chinese high also never hear of flag day or do flag day before. Chinese high do flag day is desperate people with no CIP. I currently got class position as IT rep and CCA position as Vice President. Not enough service meh? But i still come cause seems like very fun and i never do flag day before. Everytime got people ask me donate i dau them one. So today let people get their turn to dau me. I not bad hor?

So today i eat finish my

and I get my

and ask people to donate. Lilly is super clever one. She brought this

and then can put money into her bag in case nobody donate also won't lao kui.

I think i too lazy blog shan't say too much, except got two interesting experience. A lao tai tai walk by, then my dear ask her donate, she don't want donate. Then she take out her money walk one big round come find me and donate me. Haha. I ugly ugly also can be si nai sha shou. LOL! Then got an old man donate to me, i give him the sticker, he donno what the sticker for, then i tell him is to indicate that he donate to me already. Then he laugh and laugh. His laughter super cute one. I think more cute than those baby laughter. Then he walk pass lilly that time he point to his sticker and say "zhuo ji hao, zhuo ji hao" and smile and laugh again. Cute old man!

Today i also realized something very important. I shall list down the ways that people avoid donating money to you.
1)Smile at you and walk away
2)Smile at you + shake head and walk away
3)Smile at you + nod head and walk away
4)Turn their head 180 degrees from you
5)Pretend to window shop at a shop nearby
6)Become totally blind for a few seconds
7)Stare at the coin bag you are holding
8)Take out their wallet in front of you, and use it to buy something from a shop nearby
9)Suddenly handphone provides them tonnes of entertainment
10)Act blur and lower their IQ by 100%

According to a mental survey done by my mind, i also discover that male adults have higher tendencies of donating to girls, while old people have higher tendency of donating than anyone else at all. I shall respect and be kind to all old people from now on! They help build our singapore until now nice nice, and then they still contribute to the nice nice singapore they built! What have we done to deserve their kindness? Old people are very solid man!

Last time i see one old woman at orchard, like out to con people lidat. She ask me if i can spare her 2dollars have her meal. Her hand like got stroke, cannot use properly. Then i see her so pityfully me and si hui gave her 1 dollar each. Then she cannot take her money using her hand, must ask us put in the pocket. I think she liar because orchard food not cost 2dollar. And also her hand lidat how to eat? I think either she really lie to us cheat money or she abandoned by her children that day and hungry need money buy food. So i see her so poor thing give her money. I don't think she greedy con man. Old people near the end of their life liao. They greedy kope money also can use awhile only. Then must go heaven report liao. Thats why i don't mind giving her a small sum even though i think she lie. What if she really need the money? 2 dollar so little nevermind one la.


Silver Sweetheart Strike Gundam

Today my dear bought for me a strike gundam 1/144 scale modeling kit. Its a very cheap model, but its the thought that count. I love it fantastically. Upon reaching home, i immediately ripped open the plastic wrapper and open the box to get a peek at its content. Being a cheap low-end model, the difficulty of assembling it is insignifcant. The only setback is that there are various patches where the model needs to be painted in order to look like the actual Strike Gundam, as the plastic did not come in all the colours. The direct consequence of this is that the model looked rather plain and dull right out of the box. I'll have to use some markers to colour certain parts.

Can throw away. Plastic leftover.

The parts

My tamiya paint. Metallic silver.

The parts i'm going to paint

"Broken" arms and limps

The coloured components that i'm not going to paint.

Injured the area btw my thumb and the nail while prying something open. Its bleeding.

Incomplete torso
White is still too boring a colour for me, as almost the entire body is white in colour. So i decided to spray paint it all silver. I'm not good at spray painting. This is the second time i'm doing it.

The legs drying...

Was painting it at my corridor, and it was extremely windy, so the slippers offered their help.

And so, the completed model. Do note that it may look plain because there are still many parts to colour on by using special markers.

The full model, under bright light

Bo liao pose in poor lighting

Slacky pose under poor light

Shiny legs!

Thank you my dear for my christmas present!

Since its from my dear and since its the only strike gundam to be silver in colour, i shall call it,

Silver Sweetheart Strike Gundam!

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