Saturday, May 28, 2005



I just made a new visual basic 6 program today... long time no code in VB6..

This new program is called Qict. It allows you to check the meaning of any word. If you spell the word wrongly, it gives u suggested spellings of that word. It uses the online database of, hence you don't have to download an entire dictionary to use it. Its ony 169kb when zipped.

Support me! Download it here!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Silvery Threads In The Silence Of The Night

In the cold cold silence of the night,
hidden in the enclosed privacy of a box,
miles from where he was born,
the two Os consummated.

The soft pink tender fleshs,
that for the first time found each other,
finally carried passion and love,
with eyes closed in longing indulgence.

When meeting ends,
silver threads still hung,
determined to keep the two together,
for as long as they sky hangs above them.

Monday, May 23, 2005




iHPC Quest
Haiz.. My programming in C++ sucks.. nth much i can help them.. but at least we made some progress...

went gai gai wif my dear gf... so fun... then later watch CO concert... then later bring her home... because it is very late liao... then i reach home damn late.. because she live in serangoon and i live in bukit panjang... but its worth it because she is my dear gf...

Damn busy lah! No time to do hw at all! No time to shit, no time to cut hair, no time to cut fingernails, no time to read novels, no time to blog, no time to play games, no time to do stuffs that i want to do!

This sucks.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


60 Signs you've been in Singapore too long

1. You know that "cum" means something completely different from what you originally thought.

2. You've lost your sense of irony, sarcasm, and cynicism.

3. You don't know what's lame and what isn't anymore.

4. You think there's nothing wrong with putting chili sauce on everything you eat.

5. You wait for instructions from people in authority before doing anything. Always.

6. You join queues without knowing or caring what the queue is for.

7. You know what "queue" means!!

8. You can type an SMS on your phone as quickly as you would if you had a regular keyboard.

9. Your idea of a good night out consists of having dinner at a hawker centre, drinking beer, and then going to another hawker centre and eating again.

10. You've lost your ability to criticize people in higher positions than you, even if they're wrong.

11. You would buy a $20 product you don't need if it's on sale for $10 just to save the money.

12. You forget to say the last consonant in words like "faCT", "aTE",etc.

13. You think it's okay to have only one meaningful choice on a ballot.

14. Every task you take on and every group you form is incomplete without a mission statement and a cheesy slogan.

15. You think that in a country where young people have little privacy, pornography is completely banned, music and movies are censored, students of the opposite sex in a dorm can't stay in the same room without open doors, and everyone works so much, that people should still want to get laid.

16. "Crossing the country" means taking the MRT to the end of the line.

17. You don't just know what "kiasu" means, you have become it!

18. You think that corn and beans are dessert foods.

19. You would cross the entire country all day to find the places that make the perfect fried noodles, or roti prata, or ice kacang, or chili crab. And none of these places would be close to each other.

20. You have a high tolerance for nagging.

21. Most or all of these acronyms make sense to you: NUS; NTU; ERP; SDU; PAP; MRT; LKY; GCT; PRC; TIBS; SBS; SMS; JB; JBJ; AMK; AYE; PIE; ECP; ISD; ISA; 5 C's; CPF; CHIJMES; SPG; CWO.

22. You use too many acronyms when you talk, or you create new ones.

23. You think that nothing makes a girl or guy more attractive than to dress exactly like hundreds of thousands of other girls and guys who all dress exactly like girls and guys in malls.

24. You think that $100,000 is a reasonable price for a Toyota Corolla and $1,000,000 is a reasonable price for a bungalow, but $5 for a plate of fried noodles is a barbarous outrage.

25. You believe that not being able to get decent roti prata outside Singapore is enough to keep the best and the brightest people from leaving.

26. You see nothing wrong with forming committees of select elite people to deliberate and study ways to stimulate creativity and spontaneity.

27. You justify every argument with the phrase "in order for us to be competitive in the 21st century".

28. You think everything should be "topped up".

29. You have a naive belief that the war against ants will somehow be won.

30. You don't think any dish of Western food is complete without baked beans.

31. You see nothing unusual about an organization of trade unions spending more time owning and operating supermarkets, drugstores, amusement parks, nightclubs, and financial services outlets than planning the next strike.

32. You believe that a lack of land is enough justification for the goverment to do what it wants.

33. You wear winter clothes indoors and summer clothes outdoors.

34. Durian and belachan no longer stink to you.

35. You like to have fun, but not too much fun, since you need to correctly gauge the amount of fun necessary to achieve the optimal result. Any more fun that that would bring shame to your family and your country.

36. Seven french fries with lunch are more than enough for you.

37. You forgot what a city organized around a grid looks like.

38. In a country where people use smart cards for public transit, you have no problem with construction workers riding in the open backs of pickup trucks.

39. You think paying $50 for a bottle of booze that costs $15 at home is a bargain.

40. You're not confused by a street naming system that locates streets like Clementi Road, Clementi Street, Clementi Crescent, Clementi Lane, Clementi Drive, Clementi Way, and Clementi Avenues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 all within walking distance of each other.

41. You think that skinny girls and guys are the most attractive of all. (How did they get so skinny in the first place?? Do you know how much oil is in nasi lemak, char kuay teow, duck rice, and your average curry??--ed.)

42. You get irritated if you don't see a sign telling you how long your wait's going to be for a bus, a train, or the expressway to take you where you want to go.

43. You're certain that Holland Village is for hippie bohemian artist types and not overpaid yuppies.

44. When you cross the border into Malaysia, you automatically and deeply fear for your life and your wallet. Especially your wallet!!

45. You think that no vegetable should ever be eaten raw for any reason. Except for cucumbers.

46. No matter what you're doing at the moment, you'd rather be shopping.

47. No matter how miserable you may be here, you thank God you're not in Indonesia.

48. You're impressed by high-rise apartment buildings with actual lobbies instead of bare exposed pillars on the ground floor.

49. You don't have a problem with four different direct payment systems spread out over seven different cards in your wallet.

50. You forgot what chewing gum tastes like.

51. You say "handphone", not "cellphone" And you think there's no such thing as a handphone that's too thin.

52. You're not bothered by the fact that government cares whether you know how to use a toilet or urinal correctly. (People squatting on toilet bowls? What the...???--ed.)

53. You're sure that the best way to change social behaviour is through consistent and comprehensive government-sponsored campaigns that permeate as many aspects of daily life as possible. And when they don't work, you never speak of them again.

54. You think chicken floss, corn, mayonnaise, and tandoori spices are proper pizza toppings.

55. You agree that what the government thinks of your personal habits and lifestyle should determine whether you get a condo and how much you pay for it.

56. You've become a fan of either Arsenal, Man. U., or Liverpool when you barely knew what soccer was before you came to Singapore. And you don't care that none of these teams are Singaporean!

57. You think a bus is incomplete without a TV.

58. You accept that expressways here are cleaner than toilets rather than the other way around.

59. You know why this list needs the following disclaimer:
"This list is intended only as an amusing, light-hearted, and exaggerated look at life in Singapore and is not meant to be taken seriously. There is no intention on the part of the author of this list to make any untrue, misleading, or defamatory statements concerning any person in particular, nor to make any statement intended to cause offense. If any such offense has been caused, the author apologizes and retracts the offending statement. In any event, the author's NOT WORTH SUING, so don't trouble yourself."

60. You understand everything on this list!!

-adapted from



That was probably just a week in my life which i dont want to pen down on, just monotonous and hectic. Just not me. But when i choose to do so, it will probably be of an offensive, accusative and even an angry tone.

Perhaps i m finally beginning to feel the heat now, the pace of HC life, if i havent yet. Besides school, there are harmonica practices on Tue, Wed and Fri. The Tuesday practice lasted until near 8pm, and by then i was too tired and demoralised to eat dinner with my frenz. Then there was this GPP crap, which i ended up doing most of the work. Not out of the expected, since the most nonsensical aspect of PW is that you cant get to choose your teammates. You're condemned to working with a group for a year, with a style, a mentality, that not really suits yours. Not that i know of many ppl in our class whose style suits mine. Ended up spending my Wed and Thurs night rushing it, at the expense of many things, including my PI and my sleep.

Then there was friday. A struggle, should i say. Besides crap fmaths and physics lecture, we have this horrendous PW period, when, to my anger, i found out that we need Mr Koh's approval of our GPP, which should be sought a few days ago. Well, initially i thought so too. But then somehow it just happened that we havent completed our GPP until Friday morning and i dont want to start pointing fingers. It's irritating, if our group continues to function like this. Seriously. I have been enjoying and take pride in all my projects in CHS and i dont want to let this change my perception of project.

Went to Toa Payoh to watch basketball finals, partly because one of my friend is playing. Our girls cruised through the match, thrashing VJC 65-32. Our boys put on a good fight, but was edged out 73-65. It was a disappointing but a much more exhilerating game as compared to the girls, and it could have gone our way, if not for the poor finishing. I didnt want to bother my friend after his defeat, and that turned out to be a correct decision. He was so upset that he smashed his runner-up trophy and threw it into the dustbin.

I was hoping Basketball end late so that i dont have to go back for harmonica practice. But it never materiaized. I mean, u cant skip if you were told specifically to GO BACK TO PRACTICE if basketball ends before 5.30pm, and there is a concert soon. Fortunately, i was excused eventually to watch the play "Cash on Delivery". Well...she looks rather angry but too bad.

Well...."Cash on Delivery" is probably one of the best comedy on-stage performance i have seen, not that i've seen a lot of them though. Great way to laugh and relieve stress.

Bored of recounting my week. Hols are here but somehow i aint looking foward to it. Yah. Sad case for me.

Thursday, May 19, 2005



(no change, doing Parametric later so that can return my gf her tutorial tml)
Really too busy le.. not that i'm slacking. Leave my house everyday when the sky is dark and reach home when the sky is dark also. Damn tiring. How to do hw lidat?


Was running for President all along.. but ended up becoming a VP.
Vinoth - 6votes
Darren Tay - 9votes
Tay Wei Kiat - 14votes

its amazing y Vinoth became the president, while darren tay and me get to be come VPs. Its damn freaking weird isn't it? Hm... I scored well in the speech and popularity section, losing out to the rest in the interview. Vinoth had a ultra successful interview which looked as if he was well prepared for it. The interview is a surprised interview! For god's sake! Isn't it kinda suspicious?

Anyway... I'm now the new Vice President of cXtreme.


Damn freaking busy... and little work was done. Donno wat to say. Might not make it for the competition. In deep shit... I want to get first prize to go tokyo or second or third prize where u get a PSP!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Well...i never said i have a problem...everything's under control, right? I m not stressed...juz a bit off myself then.

Monday, May 16, 2005


To Poh Wei..

(finished PI. The rest UNCHANGED)

To Poh Wei
Relax lah.. i noe it can be damn fucked up to live in life that you do not want to lead. But each person sooner or later has to encounter such stuff.. All you have to do is bear wif it and get over with it. NS will be a time where i shall hypnotise myself for 2 years. I do not want it, but is there a choice? My level of fitness sucks and no doubt will burn in hell there. Anyway.. you have already successfully endured 5mnths, just endure longer lah.. isn't this the mentality u often hav when jogging for long distances? Run so far liao.. the fatigue can't get worst.. just continue running..
This can be apply in life as well..

If things can worst, there is always this blog, beautifully designed with iPod - like elegance so that you can shouting vuglarites through it, me whom you can talk to on the phone for very long time(haven't done that since TCHS days) and YY who only recently has picked up the wonderful art of powerful english in the form of vuglarities. Vuglarities sounds crude. My gf hates it. But i find it useful to relieve stress..

Worst comes to worst, borrow my copy of Counter Strike Condition Zero wif super intelligent AI bots and enjoy turning yourself into a virtual killing machine. Such senseless violent is like a miracle drug to my stress.

Currently, i'm also adopting a more cultured manner of stress relieving. I did so by watching one piece animes. Animes are funny, short and helps u laugh. Prehaps you can get my incomplete collection of One Piece cartoons from me... or you can get Naruto from some of yr classmates. Both r good animes and can really be funny.

If you can't get CLT then forget it lah.. consider it their lost. You can take that time off to enjoy life... Enjoy life away from HC. Enjoy life by living it your way...

That's smth i find impossible for me to do now.. I have too many involvements... running for cXtreme president, iHPC quest which takes a hell lot of time, gf which is even more impt and takes up even more time, and lots of unfinishable tutorials, and PW. I'm so busy nowadays that i nv have time to sit down in the living room and watch some tv wif my family... to such an extend that my mother had an arugement wif me abt not caring abt family cos nv tok to them much... Well.. this is life. We/I just have to get on wif it.

"A beautiful rainbow appears in the wake of a thunderstorm" - weikiat

Ok now i'm going to watch my One Piece Episode 44. Haven't watched any for some time. Hope i understood yr problem correctly.

Stay cool and funky,
Wei Kiat



It's me blogging again. And this time i really feel like blogging...damnit. Feeling rather melancholic now, a sense of helplessness. Not exactly to the extreme, juz a tinge...a tiny weeny bit. And for no particular reason...juz a feeling.

I'm still waiting for my CLT letter, not particularly a gd thing esp when ur frenz who signed up received it a week ago. It's deja vu, a petimistic anticipation all over again, except the last time i was in ks' shoes. Shocked i was, for i never thought i would be in the same predicament. Especially for an application which was endorsed by the Deputy Principal and my TO. Especially for an application from HC, the supposedly top school. Esp when the applying cadet comes from the CHS unit, the one which attained Gold for a solid consecutive ten years. Esp when there are only 3 applications this year. I thot accepting my application was juz a formality.

Well...not that they have any grounds to reject it, perhaps maybe for my rank and NAPFA result. Not convincing grounds to reject it either, esp for an organization which stressed that "the rank is juz a piece of cloth". Neither is NAPFA test a gd reason, esp when they have a category called "Standing Broad Jump". A pointless category, which appear to but doesnt test ur leg power at all. But afterall, it is a screwed up, hopeless what can i expect?

Dont be mistaken. I m not particularly devastated by the rejection, juz a bit fustrated since i have been saying 'no' to anything which i m interested in but fall in the hols. 19 days, perhaps it's juz a blessing in disguise? Who knows? Now i've a relatively free hols, no events watsoever. Can juz sit down and start mugging, even though tt's sth which i'll definitely refuse to do. Perhaps i will enjoy a relatively slack days since a long time. Maybe i will juz find some stuff to keep me preoccupied, like volunteer work etc. Well...I dont noe.

My mum refused to let me donate blood. It's quite dumb for 16 and 17 years old to have to ask for parental consent...seriously. Parents will most likely feign ignorant and say that blood donation will cause you to be fatigued, harmful to ur body, excessive loss of blood, blah blah blah. Something which needs no explaining, cos it's impossible to impart your biological knowledge to her "out of the world" mind. I know tt's one of the few things that she disagreed with me upon. Not tt she'll mind if i reached home at 5am, even though i dont...not yet. But blood donation is something which i wanted to do all along, something which i have commited myself upon. It was something which when i was a kid i promised myself to do. It's horrible, watching ppl dying because there's not enough blood in the bloodbank, and when u know u can do sth about it. It's someone's life. It's a matter of happiness to ppl who are around him. And there is more to it. Nvm. Forget it. I hope she understands that i have done my best to convince my mum. And i m quite sure i will donate blood as soon as i reach 18.

It's 3am now...and there's schl tmr. What the fuck i m still doing down here...typing on this blog? FUCK IT! Screw HC, i m fucking tired of it. In 3 hours time i will be fucking dragging myself out of my bed, and it will be juz a struggle to open my eyes. Then i will force myself to change into crap HC uniform, and walk to the nearest busstop. After that i will be facing the daily dilemma, whether to run or not. Damnit. I hate this fucking routine. And if not for repaying my mum for the good she has done to me, if not for preventing her from becoming too upset, i m not sure if i will be doing it. I m a filial boy, or at least trying to be, although there arent much to prove it. Not many are convinced, but it doesnt matter. Because i know i am, and she knows it too. That, to me, is enough.

It has been for years i put up with all these nonsense. This just isnt my type of life, or should i say there is an alternate lifestyle within me. So mum, if u're reading this...i hope u arent, if i break down all of a sudden...if i cant take it any longer...please, at least when reprimanding me, know that i have been trying all this while.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


A story of stories.

-iHPC Quest Research
-integration tutorial
-iHPC Quest Programming (This is hell)
-PI Draft3
-vectors tutorial
-Linear Algebra Tutorial
-Parametric eqn tutorial
-GPP (Rejected, group redo)

It is to my conclusion that homeworks never enjoy a day off.

New Quote
"My time is not mine" - weikiat

iHPC Quest Progress
To prevent any possible leak of information, i will only say that our proposal has been accepted and programming phrase should be starting anytime soon. We are working on rendering on certain type of landscape. Details will not be released because i refused to do so.

cXtreme President
It seems like there are some foul play going on in cXtreme, and a certain tall indian guy has already been secretly chosen as the president by all members of the current EXCO except for the current president. If an election is held, i doubt the exco will follow the votes. They will simply pretend to count them. It is without doubt that i currently have the most number of support. But if the EXCO and get its way wif its foulplay, little could be done.

Why should exco do such a thing? They will be gone soon! Their choice affects the rest of us, we JC1s who still have to stay in the club for a year more. IT DOES NOT CONCERN THEM AT ALL! Would u prefer a president selected by a previous irrelvannt exco who are leaving the club soon anyway, or would u rather have a president with alot of support from the members?

Unless you have something wrong wif your brains.. you should be able to make the right decision.

Technology Problems

A graphical calculator which my dad refused to let me buy.

A SAM machine that allows automated weighing and pricing of parcels. It smashed our GPP into pieces.

A drawer at the postage box for posting of parcels. It smashed our GPP into pieces.

A better picture of it. It smashed our GPP into pieces.

The Spike Story

Poh wei in spike hair!

Hm.. i wonder what brand of styling gel he's using... Haha.. no offence.

A lame story for fun.
In the beginning, a star was born. His name is James. One day, he walked into AJC and he saw . He instantly became very excited. This is totally unlike the totally muggish and boring environment of his class. His excitement proves too much for the class and in his attempt to seek more thrill, he slaughtered our Fmaths B tutor and succeeded only in getting a raised eyebrow from Rui Xiang . The rest of the class are too solumn to comment on anything. When asked for their opinion about this killing, I got only this . Saddened by his inability to make the class a more exciting place, he felt very stressed and his stomach start calling out to him. Hence, he walked over to AJC canteen and eat and eat and eat . When he left the canteen, he left behind. And that is the story of how i got my new handphone.

When out wif my dear gf to parkway parade. So fun.. Hee... Haha..

So many homework to do.. Haiz... Sob sob..

Saturday, May 14, 2005



There's really nothing much to say these days, not tt anyone will listen to them anyway. Neither do i know why i ended up typing this entry, except for the fact that i reached home relatively early today from SR and promised(well...not really) rach tt i will start blogging? Well...i dont noe, it's juz tt the feeling tt someone is scrutinising my blog and my reflections very very weird, it's juz dont feel correct. And speaking of privacy, the recent two incidents regarding the PSC and AStar shows that a blogger can be held liable for whatever he posts, making blogging less appealing. I mean, it already was unappealing in the first place. Well...wicked told me that the blog is somewhere to seek refuge in, a place where u can really pen down what u feel. I agreed with him wholeheartedly and started lashing out my fustrations on the blog until one fine day...

School life hasnt changed much since the last time i terms of relationships and the crap lectures etc, except for the fact that skipping lectures and being late for school are more of a routine now, rather than an exception. Breaking school rules are now part and parcel of life, not that i used to care, but it was bewildering to observe the state i ended up in, considering that i had high aspirations when i entered HC. Yes, a total contrast in terms of the process i planned to undertake (well, being Zhaoweish was close to what i thought i would become) to achieve my aims (esp 4As and 2Spaper Dist). I used to think that a new envt was all that was needed to revert back, but then i was still naive. Not tt i aint now.

Homework wise, well...i no longer give a damn about fact a long time ago, but recently jialing frm my senior class, and ks pointed out to me the importance of at least keeping up with my tutorials. They approached the arguments from very different perspectives, but ended up providing highly convincing reasons on why i should start mugging. I know i have the ability to, but i simply refused. Take it this way, i am a student with a poor attitude. I have totally weird paradigm about tutorials. Yes, doing tutorials are "for our own good", but we have a choice. Well...not really, as to many teachers, but they cant do anything to stop me, can they? Hence, that drive lasted me for only two days.

Wj asked me a gd qn, whether i would be able to catch up if i start now. And the bad part is i m even unsure of myself. Being the hero that i m, doing only 2 phy tutorials, not doing V1 etc, I have far too much territory to cover. Well, it never struck me, it is quite easy to notice that i m someone who lives by the day, not planning ahead of time. That's me. There isnt really much time if my 19 days are occupied. I dont noe where i m leading myself to. And i have heard of stories of last minute heroes who died tragically.

Another thing: I hate labels, i hate stereotypes. I dislike ppl calling me the next Mong Seng or watsoever...because i m myself...uniquely. And it's relatively surprising cos i find myself quite different from him. It's something that is hard to come to terms with. It's not like i dislike mong or wat, but it's just the feeling of being perceived as him, more than myself, sucks.

Neither do i like it when people start calling me things like "the slack genius" or what. No doubt i have outperformed the class in the past tests, but that doesnt mean i m intelligent or what. I do not nid ppl to tell me that i do not nid to do tutorials, cos intelligent people must also study for tests. Neither do i like people telling me about my intelligence relatively to theirs, something non-existant in the first place. In fact, there are times when i feel i m fucking dumb and dont noe what the hell to do. Damnit. It's not good for others to talk about tutorials and me being left out, because i m not in this tutorial buisness, and my comments will be met with the unequivocal but unwelcomed response "you're damn smart". I observed that yj seems to come up with most of the labels, not that i mind cos i called him a mugger in the first place...but haiz...

So tired nowz...originally wanted to write about the SR, but my eyelids are shutting. So good nite!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


A hellish day


iHPC Quest
Sucks lah... no idea wat to do...

President of CXTREME
Hopeless liao.. screw up my interview... .. next time then say abt it..

Sunday, May 08, 2005


Slacking day


Haiz.. extremely slack these 2 days... Watched alot of one piece anime.. Didn't study test much.. tonite then study ba..

Going to watch another one piece now.. Hahaha...

Saturday, May 07, 2005


A smaller homework hell

-Physic Dynamics Worksheet (started)
-Fmaths Linear algebra Tutorial (started)
-Fmaths Parametric Equations Tutorial
-Computing Sys Anaylst tutorial 2
-study for fmaths test next monday.

Had a row with parents.. not toking to them le. They also not toking to me le. Good.. nobody to disturb me now..

Friday, May 06, 2005


A day of sorrow and joy

The Sorrow
My gf did it again! Made me damn angry with her... Haiz.. If she don't stop it then i can't take it anymore.. I really hate that flirting bastard. (not her) His name start with the letter S. Last time at sports day, right in front of me stand damn fucking close wif my gf... Even closer than the distance i dare to stand from my gf in school That bastard.. its not as if he donno she's my gf.. Then end up i tag behind them like some lightbulb.. Then my gf also enjoy that bastard's company so much didn't notice he's stand so close to her.. Must me remind her. What is that fucking bastard up to. Fuck u "S" of 0805.

Then my gf also lor.. "S" really so nice to tok to meh? She say she likes to tok to him. Haiz.. fall for her flirting technique liao lah.. Sad case.

The joy
Today went to bugis with her.. Quite happy.. She very good to me leh... Love her very much... Just hope that fuck "S" don't come near her anymore. Else... I'm going to take a huge pole and wham it right up between his legs.

This is not me. Normally i don't tok/write so crudely. This entry happens to be a piece of "expression of emotions". Language used in this entry is not meant to be use for judging of Weikiat's character.

Thursday, May 05, 2005



-Physic Dynamics Worksheet (started)
-Fmaths Linear algebra Tutorial (started)
-Fmaths Parametric Equations Tutorial
-study for fmaths test next monday.

Ah... finally i'm seeing my homework list getting shorter and shorter... FINALLY!! Haha... quite happy with my progress, even though its quite slow compared to others. But please lor... I haven't been doing hw for 2 week liao... yet i am still catching up... Hahha..

Today 2.4km nafa ran 13.49min. Damn sucks... But its a GREAT improvement over my past results. My previous best timing was 15.20min... So you can see that i've made good improvement... although i still failed. Anyway... my dear promised me smth if i can run lesser than or equal to 14min... But now that i did it... she seems reluctant to give it to me.. This means that she is very insincere person... Forget it.. not that i wanted it anyway... Just that i hate to put up with people who Kuo si xin fei and not sincere to others. Forget it lah... I don't want it anymore... Totally disappointed with her..

Typing blog. Then do part of Group GP Essay... Wait for her to come online but i won't bother to tok to a disappointing person.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Today... Damn Sian

-Fmaths Inverse Trigo Function (Forget it lah)
-PI second draft 6/5
-GP group eassy 6/5
-Physic Dynamics Worksheet
-HPC Quest 2 Proposals 4/5
-Fmaths Transformation Tutorial 6/5
-Fmaths Linear Equation Tutorial

haha... computing lesson now... No teachers around cos all go for courses... Now everyone in 213. I brought them here since i'm the comp rep and Mr ang wants me to do so. But, nobody is doing the practical at all!!! XY and gang are playing Warcraft 3... damn sian... already promised myself and someone that i won't play games le... haha with the exception of Counterstrike, which i need to play in order to relief stress.. Haiz... So me so obedient tried to do the practical just now.. can't do cos teacher didn't give enuff instruction... Won't elaborate here since you guys most likely won't understand and won't read it. Anyway... today haha.. got a new "member" for cxtreme... She is LILY!!! haha... came in to slack with us play comp. The Sher Hern of course pei her do hw... Y ah? suspicious... Sher Hern always act so morally upright infront of gals while polluting guys' mind. This kind of people is highly despised by people in chinese high. Haha.. maybe because he's from RI? and all RI pple are damn hypo? Dono laz... don't care. then today no PE damn fun but si hui very busy don't want to go wif me amk walk walk.. but i also stayed back in school for a while to do PW stuff... Said she tired and lots of hw to do... Please lor... I'm suffering from damn lack of slp recently lor... Then my homework is generations behind hers lor.. And i'm damn busy with iHPC quest competition... If i can find time, why not her? Haiz.. me not angry with her lah... But really lah... Nevermind ba.. Haha today donno whats wrong with me... typed so many "..."s. Like a gal lidat... Oh no... Maybe... I'm... turning... into... a... gal!! Wah shit lah... If that happens... i have to look for a boyfriend le.. Haha..

Yesterday morning wake up at 7.00++ when i slept only at 3++. Less than four hours of sleep.. damn rocks lor.. i slacked a bit then left home at 9.05 to travel to her house. her lift lobby, to be exact. Never went there before.. had some difficulty understanding her directions (or was it because her directions were unclear? haha ... nvm lah.. me willingly to waste time and sweat on her... :) Anyway... i alighted one bus stop too late, walked back to the bus stop which i was supposed to alight, and in the process of trying to find her house, walked to the bus stop before the one i was supposed to alight. In the end, i walked back again and walked the 20++ blocks to her house. very far lor... but heck lah... haiz.. Me so good to her lor...

Then we go Bugis... went to sim lim buy hi-md and then we went to eat lunch.. The walk walk somemore and went back to amk for her to do PW. Then i went to orchard to meet my buddy from my chinese high days and tok cock the whole night. Intended to pick her up after her pw and pei her go home but she smsed me when i just bought my dinner and said she's going home liao.. Haiz.. wasted... want to see more of her more. I sian lah.. Then stone wif poh wei at orchard... i bought a present for si hui... But no choice today then can give her.. When she received it she looked very happy lor.. Love her smile... But haiz... i so sweet to her she didn't sweet to me... Haha... actually got lah.. but a little bit only... No, is a lot more... She very very very good to me... But i want more then good lah.. I greedy.

The "..."'s
Really lor... i used alot of "...". Should stop now. Intend to finish APGP hw now and see wat other hw to do.. Bye guys.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Homework Hell Update

-Fmaths Curve Stretching
-Fmaths Inverse Trigo Function
-GP article
-PI second draft
-Fmaths APGP tutorial
-GP group eassy
-Physic Dynamics Worksheet
-Computing practicals and tutorials to be done during lessons next week
-HPC Quest Proposal First Draft
-cXtreme Exco Nomination form

Hey, at least i'm doing some work


Homework Hell

-Fmaths Curve Stretching
-Fmaths Inverse Trigo Function
-GP article
-PI second draft
-Fmaths APGP tutorial
-GP group eassy
-Physic Dynamics Worksheet
-Computing practicals and tutorials to be done during lessons next week
-HPC Quest Proposal First Draft
-cXtreme Exco Nomination form

Ahoy! A hellish journey ahead of me today!

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