Saturday, October 23, 2004


Graduation Day


I graduated. Not at all excitingly. But my animation was very well received. I'm happy. Also, i'm unhappy. Because i walked the wrong place when going down the stage.

Above is an animation i made about today.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


My grandma...

My grandma, who looked after me when i'm a baby until all the way to my primary school life, is reported by the doctor to be suffering from mild stroke. Her feet shakes uncontrollably all the time. I'm now feeling damn sad. I donno how to cope with both the mental stress of Olevel and my grandma's illness. Help me.

For chem today, i wish not to say anything, since i'm not using chem for L1R5. Besides, i'm too sad to comment.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Letter to Mdm Lee - Unignal's proposal

Dear Mdm Lee,

We are Tay Wei Kiat and Koh Poh Wei, two Secondary 4 students from The Chinese High School, and are old boys of Zhenghua Primary School. We graduated with favourable results in the year 2000, the very same year that you took over the leadership of Zhenghua Primary School.

First of all, we would like to thank Zhenghua, for creating a dynamic and conducive environment for us to study in. We had indeed experienced a wonderful and enriching 6 years in Zhenghua. Zhenghua had provided us with countless opportunity to develop to our fullest potential. You and your staff had also selflessly imparted invaluable knowledge to us. Henceforth, we strongly feel that it is our duty to reciprocate the kindness that your school had showered us.

We understand that with our meagre knowledge and resources, we will not be able to contribute as much as we would like to. However, we feel that it would be most appropriate, and sincerely hope that you will provide us with an opportunity, to conduct computer programming courses for students of Zhenghua. This is because we have identified found our niche in life in computer programming. Being relatively knowledgeable in this field, we would like to guide our fellow juniors in Zhenghua, so as to expose students to this invaluable skill at a young age. From there, we would be able to create interest among the students. Some, like us, may even want to pursue careers in related fields.

In the IT era, it is essential for students to be expose to programming at a young age, so that they will have an edge over thier peers. It is certainly not true that primary school students are too young to learn programming. In The Chinese High School's computer club, many of the students who joined the club were exposed to programming as young as 10.

Moreover, providing programming lessons will also be a rare and marvellous learning process for keen students like us. Besides having an opportunity to interact with students from Zhenghua, we will gain experience in related fields, which will come in handy in future. This will enable us to be better equipped so as to deal with the challenges that await us, as well as to overcome problems and difficulties. Indeed, we hoped to be enlightened by our stinct here.

We hope that this project would not only equip ourselves with the skills to deal with the challenges, but also an opportunity for us to boast our spirit of enterprise and entrepreneurship. Through such a process, we will be better equipped with the skills of managing our finance, an important attribute of entrepreneurs. Besides, a certain degree of risk is also involved in undertaking this project. However, we would like to stress that money is secondary, when we decided to offer our services.

Wei Kiat has achieved much in the arena of computer programming. In Secondary 3, his talents in computer programmming were recognized by the school and he is invited to join the school's computer club. Due to his remarkable achievements, he is scheduled to appear in the Hwa Chong Integrated Programme Magazine next year. His determination in pursuing his passion is in line with the Hwa Chong Spirit of "zhi qiang bu xi", and he is regarded as the role model for all IP students in Hwa Chong.

In order to pursue our profound interest in the field of computer programming, we, together with a like-minded student from The Chinese High School, have joinly formed the Unignal Software Team, a software development team which aims to design and improve on software. Indeed, programming provides us with a sense of satisfaction that we hoped to share with others. Programming is also a medium through which students can express their creativity, hence enriching their learning experiences.

We have intended to teach them Visual Basic 6, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool developed by Microsoft, that allows programmers to create Windows applications in a short time. Based on Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC), it is also one of the most popular programming language in the world, thus making it an ideal language to be taught to young students. It could be used as a stepping stone for students, paving their way in learning more advanced languages, including C++, Perl, Java, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and many others. We understand that Zhenghua has already been actively conducting web developing lessons using external applications such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. Nevertheless, we are well equipped with web desigining skills, including Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML), and will be glad to offer our services in related fields. We hope to provide you with further details after our Cambrige GCE 'O' Level Examinations, which will end in mid-November.

On this note, we will like to wish you and all your staff a Happy Teacher's Day. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with the opportunity to contribute to Zhenghua, our alma mater. Wei Kiat could be contacted via email at and handphone number [censored].


Another Interview

Reporter: Hi weikiat
Me: Hi reporter.
Reporter: Hi weikiat.
Me: Hi reporter
Reporter: Hi weikiat
Me: Hi reporter.
Reporter: Hi weikiat.
Me: Hi reporter
Reporter: Hi weikiat
Me: Hi reporter.
Reporter: Hi weikiat.
Me: Hi reporter
Reporter: Hi weikiat
Me: Hi reporter.
Reporter: Hi weikiat.
Me: Hi reporter. This is fun.
Reporter:I think this is fun too.
Me: Can we just get on with it?
Reporter:Hi weikiat. Ok!
Me: What the fuck u want to ask me?
Reporter:Do you download illegal music?
Me: ...
Reporter: I take it as a yes.
Me: Do you?
Reporter: ...
Me: I take it as a yes too.
Reporter: Ok. So are you afraid of getting caught?
Me: Yes.
Reporter: Why?
Me: Because the punishments are too expensive.
Reporter: I see.
Reporter: So do you want to buy legal music instead?
Me: No way.
Reporter: Why?
Me: The CDs are too expensive.
Reporter: Do you think that is the core reason why many people download music from the net?
Me: Yes. The recording industries are the stupidest nut heads i've ever seen. They sue able programmers who are able to come up with Peer to Peer file sharing networks for the good of mankind. They want people to buy their CDs, so they sue file sharing network. Human are always quick to blame others for their own problems. When their sales drop, they blame. When no one buy their shitty CDs, they blame. When their cock got chopped off because they suck too much, they blame. They think that their own problem is caused by other people. Did they ever consider that the fault lies with them? The cost price of producing a simple CD is under 2 bucks, even if they give you free posters, lyrics, whatever. The cost price of a compact disk is only around twenty cents. They just have to print some pictures, put some songs into the disk, and sell at 20 bucks. The price is fucking way to high! Who would want to buy their expensive junk when one can easily download for free from the net. However, the story is different if an album costs only 5bucks. Lots of people will buy, because we can never get the lyrics books or free gift that are often included in the album if we download. Thus, if they don't lower their price, the drop of sales is their own fucking asshole's problem, not the public's problem. Why should the public be devoted of the joy of sharing and able programmers sued because some selfish suckers at some recording industries want people to buy their fuckingly over priced products? They suck. End of story. I will never buy any original album. They don't deserve it.
Reporter: I see. I think that's all for today. Thank you.
Me: Wait...
Reporter: Bye. I have a tight schedule to run. I need to call the police to come and catch you now.
Me: WTF!
Reporter: Oops!
Me: Boops.
(I took out a knife. I slashed him. He died. I happy. No more police.)


I love...

Life rox. I love it.
I love my life.
I love my life before Os.
I love the fact that I love my life before Os.
I love the fact that I love the fact that I love my life before Os.

I love to crap.
I love to crap and eat crab.
I love to crap and eat crab and crap while eating crab.
I love to rap.
I would love to rape.

The O levels.
The shity O levels.
The Olevelity shits.
I love to shit.
I love to shit while studying for the O levels.
I love to Olevel while studying for my shit.
Shit loves me.

This is me.
I love me.
I love the fact that this is me.
I love the fact that I love the fact that this is me.
I love facts.
I love shity facts.
I love shity facts about facts.
I love shit.

I love her.
I love the fact that I love her.
The fact that I love her is a fact.
The love that I love her is a fact.
She don't love me and that is a fact.
I care not and that is still a fact.
I love facts.

I love...

Monday, October 18, 2004



Fourth prize for my graduation animation!

Friday, October 15, 2004


Incomplete Flash Animation


Created this to relieve stress. It is highly incomplete, and takes a long time to load

Thursday, October 14, 2004


Super Mario. This is a TCHS insider joke.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


The School Pig


This article might or might not appear in this year's TCHS HIP magazine

Programming and me - How I got hooked

Programming was never in my mind when I joined The Chinese High School four years ago, as a computer illiterate Secondary One student. Participating in compulsory computer lessons offered by our school did gave me the jitters, as immunerable questions surged in my mind. Programming? What's is it about? Why do we have to learn it?

With that attitude I attended a few Qbasic lessons. Mrs Lew, our computer teacher at that time, did cautioned us that we are stepping into a world of unknown, and that experience could be more than just fustration. Her words are indeed true - I was never the gifted one who shined prominently throughout the course. However, that does not deter me from liking programming, and it gave me utmost satisfaction whenever I completed a program or came up with a remedy for some programming errors, no matter how insignificant the program is. There are times where I just sit down and dream, visualizing myself as being the greatest programmer on Earth, commanding the computer in front of me and ultimately the world! Occasionally I sought inspiration from the wisdom of Bill Gates, a person who craved out his powerful empire in programming. There was a quote by Christopher Reeves - "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable". As a Secondary One student, I have the audacity to tell myself that I could defy the impossible and emulate or even suprass the achievements of my model.

Pursuing my dreams

My thrist of knowledge empowered me to spend most of my June and December holidays on programming. To quench the thirst, I started embarking on a new different rountine of gaining knowledge by visiting tutorial sites and creating simple DOS programs.

When year 2 arrived, Mr Yong, my computer teacher, began to teach us Visual Basic. While many of my peers would rather spend their time on studies, I adopted a different attitude. I would often scrutinized and check my programming assignments and edited even the slightest flaw in the program. Instead of finding it as a chore, I enjoyed doing it. It was my passion that drove me to attained the highest marks in class.

Learning Visual basic opened yet another new world for me. Instead of only being able to create DOS programs with limited interface, i can now create Win32 Applications. This means that I can now create commercial-standard applications and distribute them on the internet.

In Year 3, I did make a bold decision that had a major impact on my life. To pursue my dreams, I joined EC3.

Our next big step

Having mastered the techniques of Visual Basic 6, with growing confidence, I created WickedSoft, a software team. Equipped with only my desire for programming, I kept myself busy by writing numerous programs throughout year 2, even at the expense of academic studies. The full list could be assessed in the below url:

In order to propogate WickedSoft, i submited my applications to download sites such as and Through these sites, more computer users know about wickedsoft and its products.

By then end of year 3, I decided to do away with wickedsoft and set up Unignal Software another software team. The word "Unignal" is derived from two words - "Unique" and "Original", hence emphasizing on my firm belief in creativity, together with Koh Poh Wei, who has similar belief in creativity. His favourite quote "Creative people think out of the box, but really creative people think without the box." is what we strive to achieve.

With that I created Unignal's motto, visions and mission statements. In addition, I also created a flash interface for our new website:

Thanks to EC3, the website is hosted by the ITLRC server. Unignal software Team website receives a steady traffic of more than 10 visitors per day.

Our First Product

After setting up Unignal Software, I promised myself to pause all program development, in order to concentrate on my studies and prepare for the 'O' Levels. However, it was not long when inspiration struck me again. Irresitably, I was back on programming again. Thanks to the inspiration I created the finest program I ever had. Named Noter Light, this Notepad replacement comprises of so much unique features that it would take more than a few pages to completely describe it.

This application won me two 5-star rating awards from well-recognized sites such as and and a 4-star rating from It was also featured on many sites.

One of the features, the Note-Work, was recognised as a convenient tool that facilitates project work and dicussion among students and teachers alike. As a result, Noter Light was placed in I drive in the school's network. To use Noter Light, simply access I:\Noter Light\ and run Noter.exe. Alternatively, you might want to download Noter Light from the Unignal Homepage.


Yes, most of my efforts were unrecognised and continued to be unrecognized by our education system. Throughout the stint in The Chinese High School, no bonus points were awarded to me, for I did not requested for any. In fact, my decision to join EC3 at year 3 may have jeopardised by chance of scoring a good EP3 grade. However, it was my will and passion that instructed me to do what I had done - to build everything with my bare hands from scratch.

To me, this is not the beginning of the end, but rather, the end of the beginning. It has been my intention to lead Unignal to its peak. Hopefully the current achievements would propel Unignal Software forward and bring it to new heights.

An advice to freshman of The Chinese High School - Do look beyond the points and pursue your interest, for marks do not and will never equate to success. Bill Gates had never studied in a university. Similarly, great scientists such as Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison is a clerk and a newspaper man respectively before acquiring fame.
Ralph Emerson once said "Men of passion have lived, men of reason have endured". Be a man of passion and start pursuing your interest right now.

Do not be intimidated by the word impossible. To quote adidas as saying, "Impossible is nothing".


-Mr Yong
-Koh Poh Wei
-Miss Quah
-Entire EC3
-Various people who have contributed to the setting up of Unignal Software Team Website
-Various people who have made various contributions to Noter Light

Monday, October 11, 2004


Intelligence enhancement experiment. Stage 4

Subject has recovered completely from his fever. However, due to the excessive dose of Intelligence Enhancement drugs, he is currently in a coma. However, we noticed extensive changes in his brainwave. We conclude that he will be much smarter when he wakes. However, more accurate tests are still been conducted.

End transmission.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Intelligence enhancement experiment. Stage 3. Part2

dear dairy

i now feel not funny and head very little pain. i think i can go to the school the day after today. give me the luck.

bye bye dairy


Intelligence enhancement experiment. Stage 3.

deer dairy

today i wake up from my bed and then my mouth hole feel funny funny like that and then the i take the themonmeter and put it in my mouth hole and i got the high high heat of the 37.7 degress. my exam very near already and the got the high high heat now is not good good. now my head very blur and cannot see the things properly. the room and my head spin and spin and spin and i cannot see good good. i feel very funny and bad. today still got alot of the work from the school to do and i don't knoe how to do done all the work. i very tire and don't knoe what to do the do. can the people doing the experiment help me do the school work but they say they cannot do. so i think that i clever and they schoolpig.

and then my sister i ask her to go and buy the my lunch but she don't want to go and buy so now i got no food to put in my mouth hole.

yesterday night i got a funny dream and i dream got a girl in front of me and i go and touch her cancer. maybe i also got the cancer and become sick.

i am feeling very funny and bad and i want to sleep but got a lot of the school the work. please someone help me do the school the work. i am very tire.

bye bye dairy

Friday, October 08, 2004


Experiment Postphoned. Reality established.

I say

From: Tay wei kiat

I'm a student from The Chinese High School and I've scored 10pts for my L1R5
for my prelim exams.

I'm rather interested in going to HCJC because I want to remain as part of
the Hwa Chong family. However, can I get in to HCJC with 10pts?

Also, I'm quite interesting in programming and intend to take computing during
my JC years. I can't seem to find the requirements for taking computing. Can
you help me?

Finally, I heard rumours that HCJC might be cancelling its computing subject
and there are only 11 students currently taking computing in HCJC. Is this

Then he say

Hi Wei Kiat

The computing subject will be continued regardless the number of students
taking the subject.

I suggested you to put Hwa Chong as first choice and see how we could help if

BTW Do you have special talent in Computing that I can help you in case you
need to appeal?


So i say

Mr Chia,

Well, what i do is not really related to academic, since there's no
computing in the O level subjects. However, i have 4 years experience
in Visual Basic & QBasic, basic html and basic javascript. I use VB
quite regularly, creating freewares for distribution on the net. The
most recent freeware i created was called "Noter Light". It is a
text/html/rich text/NCD(ncd is a special rich text format i created.
NCD file size are normally only 50% compared to when the same file is
saved in rich text format. There is also a feature that allows 2 users
to connect to each other via IP to chat, share files and edit or
create the same html or plain text document real time. You can get a
copy from or
take a look at the screenshot at I joined the TCHS
computer club when i was in sec3 (rather late) but I was accepted
because I'm almost the only person who uses Visual Basic in the club
as Visual Basic is considered a "non-competition" language.
However, I really do not know if this will help in appeal to go to
HCJC as these things are not "offical".

I also understand that Computing uses C++ (correct me if I am wrong).
Although I've yet try my hands on C++, I'm quite willing to learn. I
believe that having a foundation in Visual Basic will help me greatly
when I take computing in my JC years.

Thank you for your help.

And then he say

Hi Wei Kiat

I think you should not have any problem to study Computing in 'A' level as
majority of the syllabus is algorithm.

I suggest you to opt Hwa Chong as first choice of JC. I try my best to see how
to help you if you need to appeal once the posting result is released.


End of story. I'm going HCJC. Who's joining me? Haha. I'm so happy. Btw, Mr Chia is HCJC's IT Department HOD.

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Intelligence enhancement experiment. Stage 2. Subject is Tay wei kiat 16.5 years old male.

Extract from subject's diary

DeAr DaIrY

toDay In tHe sCHOoL scHOOL the Teacher tEacH mE How To usE The bIG ThE bIG leTtER AnD the smALL SmALL lEtTErS. i doN't sEe WHy Got BIG thE leTTERs And THE smAlL ThE leTterS but SHe tElL mE gOT Not sAMe kIND Of lEtTErs FoR nOT SamE kindS of usE aNd thAt I MUsT leaRn WHEn tO put The Big tHe lettEr and tHE smaLL The LettEr. BUt thEn i THInk I wILl NOT PUt tHe SMALl THE lETtEr and tHe big ThE leTTER In MY SAnDtence bEcos THE teaChER SaY CaNNOT Anyhow pUt the BiG THe aND tHE SmALl tHe lETTerS. YoU knoW WhaT is A SANdtEnce? MY teACHER SAy The sENdteNcE iS MaNY MANY woRdS TogeTheR And EnD WiTh A FooL StOP aND The FoOl StoP Is lIkE ThAt. you. sEe. THE. fooL. sTOP. iT. Is FUN. tO PuT...

anyway i will not play the the big the letters anymore. this is a dairy and a dairy is for me to put in the things that i got see and the sound that i got hear. i knoe that not many people can see and hear at the same time so i will wright down what i can see and got hear today.

today i go to the shop in the market and the shop got name and the name is the shop and save. but the things inside the shop very expansive and i buy a instent rice pack to try becos the photo on the pack very tasty. but then i go home and put in the hot and the water and the rice very bad and i don't like to eat so i put it in the rubtish bin. i will not buy the rice again becos rice not nice. i hate the rice.

then today the clever the yushu want me to do a music player for his one blog and then i say yes and then here i am waiting for the yushu to send me the song to put in.

other than the today happen this things and the nothing good happen already. so i think today very the boring and i wish the day after the today will be better becos i have the tution and the tution have girls and i want to find out the more the not same about the girl and the boy. i also want to ask the girl if her cancer painful and how come girl still can live so long. i think the cancer look very the nice to touch and i can ask her to let me touch. i am curous and i want to find out many many things about the people around me. today i got see what i under a girl her skirt and i think it is very the interesting becos i don't see anything the not same. she got wear the underwear and i cannot see much not the same. if the next time i see her then i ask her to take away the underwear for me to see. i don't knoe if she let me see or not.

ok today nothing to wright already. bye bye dairy.

Subject Status Feedback
-Shows initial interest in the opposite sex after 24hrs
-shows awareness of the difference between two sexes
-slight improvement in english
-ability to notice what is interesting and what is not

Recommended Actions
-Continue injection of PikoGraphicJumpism every four hours
-subject should continue to be under close observation
-sex education recommended

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Intelligence enhancement experiment. Stage 1. Subject is Tay wei kiat 16.5 years old male.

Report extracted from diary of test subject:

dear dairy

today i go to sch again and i find it very fun becos sch got 34 people but at home only got 4 people. today got the chemsitry leason and the teacher is mrs chua. she very bad and teach chemsitry and i don't like her becos i don't like chemsitry. today also got the english lesson and the teacher teach us how grammer and i understend how to sleep in the class on my table.

anyway today when i got to the sch and open the door i see many people siting at the chair at the conputar there and pleying conputar game very happy like that. so i very not happy becos they bad bad and don't let me play becos i want to play. befour i go to sch today i at home and see my luo han fish fish die. i like my fish fish very much and don't want him to die. he is my pet and i like him but now he die die. i call him and call him and he cannot hear me. i very sad and bury him in the soil that i grow my plant in.

anyway today during recess the class people also go and play and play the conputar game the game they call the donno wat lf2. i want to use the conputar to type my blog but i cannot becos they want to play. so i very not happy

today after the school bell bell ring ring and then i go to eat and see the mr hon there and he smile like a shark at me and i scare so i go and buy my food fast fast. then i eat and eat and after i eat finish he donno where he go already. so later i go and see him to hand in my chianice work for he to mark mark and see how clever i am. the he ask me weather got people play play the conputar in the class room and i stupid stupid go and say yes. the he ask me to draw the key to lock the cupboard with the electricity inside so that nobody can use the conputar becos got no electricity. i wonder what is electricity but he just ask me to lock the cupboard and ask the boy playing the conputar to go and see him. so lu xin stupid stupid go and see him and then i hear that hon got scold him. i feel very sad for him becos he got scold by hon but i think hon should scold him becos he bad bad. then now i am incharge of the key to the cupboard an now i have the power to let people or don't let the people to use the conputar. also i can use the conputar myself and check the e mail and also type my dairy so that the people doing the expeariment can know what happen in my brain.

they say my brain not full use yet and then make me schoolpig. but i tell them i not schoolpig and i am a schoolboy but they go and laugh and laugh at me so i think i am a schoolboy and also a schoolpig. but then they say that after this expeariment i can become very clever like them and i can go to any of the jc where i want to go. but i don't thing i can become a clever schoolboy so fast becos i am a schoolpig for a long time already. but they say i must everyday wright my dairy here so that they can know the progiss of the expearment.

anyway the many teacher in school also give me many many paper to do so i tell them i have no many time to wright my dairy but they say that i should do both thing at the same time becos both the thing are very impotant.

i think today i wright my dairy until like that can already becos i need to work on the presenterion for the gradutation cereamony on the 23 of the oct.

but then befour i go off i want to ask if anyone knoe why a girl wear a skirt and not a boy. today i go to school see a girl and try to see what is under her skirt but she look with her eyes big big at me so i don't dare to look. i can only see black colour. i wonder why girl and boy so not the same. the girl also have two strange lumps on her body. i think she got cancer and i think she might die if the cancer lump become bigger becos go someone tell me that cancer cannot fix one and a person got cancer can die one. but she look so pretty and i don't want her to die so fast like the way my luo han fish fish die today. i hope she and my luo han fish fish can see each other in the heaven becos they are very pretty. i like pretty things.

i think i wright until like that can already. i need to do my paper and i am very boring later. i hope that i can become more smart so that i can do my paper faster. and then i want to get 8pts for the o the level so that i can go to the hcjc to show off to other people that i very smart. i want to become smart very much.

bye bye dairy.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004



Now planning for the first application Unignal Software Team is going to make immediately after O's which will solve all 3 purposes:
-Increase popularity of Unignal Software Team
-Allow me to venture into more network programming
-Allow Jin Guan to exercise and gain more experience and also show off his splendid skills at animation and designing.
-Find some ways of ensuring a flow of donation.

Thus, i come to the conclusion. We will create something like a Digimon game, just that the game is computer based, with nice animations, cute characters(to appeal to kiddies and girls) and Mating and Battling via the internet. I can also setup a central server where strangers playing our game can mate or battle with each other ( with each other's "pet", i mean).

I've also decided to name the game "Gupi", after the favourite pet phrase of my sis whenever she's acting cute. The chinese name, Gu (meaning ancient) and Pi (meaning competition) will also be used. I'm also trying to find a phrase with the initials G.U.P.I. So far, i've came up with Grapical Unique Pets I..... But this sounds too crude and doesn't have the nice ring to its name. Can someone suggest to me a better name? Thank you. You can post the suggested name in my tagboard.

Hope all goes well!

Ok. end of seriousness. i'm going to be lame now it seems fun to me to ignore all laws of english and put no full stops or commas therefore this might be very hard to read but now i shall recall some interesting incidents that was on show in sch today

Here comes, its going to be a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long sentence. Understand??? I'm going to play the role of an idiot, whose intelligence decreases with each paragraph...

today i go to school and saw the fucking (let all emotions and feelings run freely like water in singapore river and birds flying in the sky) lu xin playing the stupid game of lf2 using the classroom computer given his shity result, he should not do so as it will only led to more sucky result later on although this is none of my concern he is a damn fucking kao bei person whom everyone likes becos they have learnt to put up with his kao bei-ness however his kao bei-ness can be hard to put up with because he s reaching a new peak everyday and nobody can stand him so i tell him to fucking off the fucking comp because i m in charge of the classroom computer and he should not touch the computer and make it oily because of the unlimited supply of oil that always drip of his body 24/7 i know this because his t-shirt always turn from colourless to yellow although there is no chlorine.

Out of breath? here's more:

after that me and my classmates darren and eng kuan join our table together with me at the centre and we joke and lame and joke and lame throughout the entire school day except for the last 2 lessons where mrs chua the strict chem teacher whom i hate is here so school day was very fun and exciting as we are the only ones who sit in group that day and because of our wonderful sixth sense which tells us when to or when not to tok loudly teacher don't mind at all.

And finally:

the sch bell bell ring ring and teacher ask us to bow becos its time to time home liao yesterday i stay at class to do my homework and to use the conputar but the furking lu xin got see me and he not happy because he is a kao bei person i think he got jealous because he is kao bei and i not kao bei he is also very stupid while i am clever and get 10 pts for my prelim for sec4 anyway today after school immediately he run to the computer with the oil flying behind him and sit nosiely on the conputar chair and then start to put oil on the conputar and make the conputar very oily then he start playing the stupid lf2 game i knoe he suct becos i knoe how to make a diferent motifcation of the lf2 and put it onto the internet net for people to play and then he only knoe how to play and donno how to make so i damn furting piss by him and i want to kill him but i just act cool and go home but i know that if he do that again i will call my mummy and my daddy and mr hon to come and catch him so he will not play again i want him to die not in lf2 but in real one life becos he is the very most kao bei person i knoe before.

the day before to day i also find out that my rival the stupid teo kao jun get 10pts for the prelim and i become very happy becos he last time very good and now get the same pt as me i very happy like birds in the sky i also hear that he want to go to hcjc or njc which i also want to go to so i very angry and becos i no want him to go to the same jc as me becos he is stupid and u knoe that i not stupid i hope i can become more not stupid and get 8pts for my o level so that i can go to the hcjc but i want to learn conputaring and hcjc furt at conputaring becos only got 11 people got study conputaring at the hcjc so i think i want to go njc becos njc conputar club got a divesion call the defeance sience and i want to go to that club so that i next time nid to go to the ns i can sit in air com room after the 3 mnths of training and slack and slack and do nothing all the days .

ok liao lor this is the end of today's entry an my sister the day after today got psle maths test and she got many many many many questions to ask me becos i clever and she stupid.

Monday, October 04, 2004


Making a very difficult decision.

Should i go HCJC or NJC?

Thoughts about HCJC
-Its prestigues, go there, you can show off to others
-Its a very good school
-There are rumours that HCJC might cancel computing, the subject which i love so much
-I get only 10pts, so i need to appeal before i can go in. (mah fun)
-going there is very stressful. As you all know, i love to slack.
-Higher chinese must get A2 b4 i can be exempted from studying chinese in JC.

Thoughts about NJC
-Can slack, not alot of stress, i can definitely handle my studies.
-Computing is available.
-There is a "defence science" division in NJC's IT club which i'm interested in.
-Don't need to appeal to get in.
-NJC not as good as HCJC, seen as a JC where those who can't get to HCJC go to.
-People from not so good schools can also go into NJC.
-Higher chinese must get b4 b4 i can be exempted from studying chinese in JC.

Help me make up my mind! Post your opinions on my tagboard.

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Another Interview with our beloved reporter.

Reporter: I see that you mentioned under your status that you are single and bored.
Me: Yes, and what's wrong with that?
Reporter: You sounded like you are a despo.
Me: I am.
Reporter: You know people don't really admit that they are despos.
Me: I did.
Reporter: Why?
Me: I'm honest.
Reporter: Is that a trick to convince any secret admirers that you are a good person?
Me: Duh. No.
Reporter: Then...
Me: No one admires me, as far as i know. All those who admires me have expired.
Reporter: What do you mean?
Me: Well, most girls who admired me now admires some other guys. They lost interest.
Reporter: Thats sad. How come?
Me: How i know?
Reporter: Why you donno?
Me: Because i never cared. I regretted it.
Reporter: IC. Anyway, who is this Amanda person?
Me: Just a friend.
Reporter: I heard that you classmates say that she is just an imaginative friend?
Me: To that, i think that either they are too jealous, or either they are an apple, or arse, or both.
Reporter: I'm afraid i have to censor it again
Me: Please do. I donno what i'm toking about.
Reporter: ...
Me: ... ...
Reporter: ... ... ...
Me: Stop "..."-ing
Reporter: Ok. So, er.. do you like amanda?
Me: As a friend, yes.
Reporter: Do you want her to be your girlfriend?
Me: Yes and no.
Reporter: Why?
Me: I want her to be my girlfriend because i'm despo. I don't want her to be my girlfriend because i don't think we match each other.
Reporter: IC. She loves you?
Me: I have no idea. I don't think so. But i think maybe she like me as a friend only.
Reporter: Are you sad?
Me: No. Can you ask something else, you are getting on my nerves.
Reporter: ok. Er... You have any girlfriend b4?
Me: I have no idea.
Reporter: Are you stupid?
Me: I think so.
Reporter: Do you want to fall in love again?
Me: I hope so.
Reporter: You have any targets in mind?
Me: I doubt so.
Reporter: Do you think your future relationship will last?
Me: I think so.
Reporter: Do you think that there are any secret admirer whom you have no idea of, since they are "sercet"?
Me: I hope so.
Reporter: Will you try to find out who they are?
Me: I doubt so.
Reporter: Ok.. Thats very informative.
Me: I think so.
Reporter: Okok... If a girl suddenly tells you that she loves you, what will you do?
Me: I'll slap myself.
Reporter: Huh? Why?
Me: Because i'm dreaming and its time to wake up.
Reporter: IC, but what if you are no dreaming?
Me: Well... first, i'll looking at how fat she is, and how ugly she looks.
Reporter: You mean you like fat and ugly girls?
Me: God! No! Do you?
Reporter: I have no idea.
Me: Then what kind of girls you like?
Reporter: I like girls with short hair, no chest, and no shape.
Me: Why?
Reporter: I donno.
Me: I see, then can you show me a photo of your wife?
Reporter: No...
Me: Why?
Reporter: I don't have a wife.
Me: How come?
Reporter: Because, i can't find a girl with totally no chest and no shape.
Me: I see. Can i intro you some guys instead?
Reporter: Maybe. Maybe i might fall in love with them.
Me: Ok, i introduce You Teo Kao Jun.
Reporter: Who is he?
Me: He's my ex-classmate. He's good with his studies, plays the pipa, and has no life.
Reporter: I see. He must be kind of interesting person to be around wif.
Me: I should think so.
Reporter: What is his handphone number?
Me: [censored]
Reporter: Ok, i'll call him when i'm free.
Me: Alright. I hope you 2 have happy ending.
Reporter: Ok. Thanks. Wait a minute!
Me: What?
Reporter: WTF! I'm suppose to ask you question!
Me: I think so too.
Reporter: Alright. Final question. If amanda tells you she likes you, what will you do?
Me: I'll have a heart attack.
Reporter: Why?
Me: I'll be too happy.
Reporter: IC. Anyway, if you are despo, why don't you look for other girls?
Me: No way.
Reporter: Why?
Me: Because i'm loyal.
Reporter: IC. Ok, i think that sums up all for today. I think someone has just commited suicide at the block opposite.
Me: How did you know?
Reporter: I saw him fall. I also saw him standing on the rooftop since our interview started.
Me: Why didn't you stop him?
Reporter: So that i can interview you.
Me: I feel so honoured. Is that the only reason?
Reporter: No. If he jumps, i have more work to do. So i earn more money. Its hard to earn a living these days.
Me: Ic. Ok. Goodbye.
Reporter: Ok, going to interview the person who commited suicide now. Bye!
Me [aside]: Can he talk to the dead?
[a ghostly voice]: No, but i can talk to the reporter in his dreams...


Post Prelim Blues

After prelim, time past very slowly, so slowly in fact, that it didn't notice that time moves at all. I spend all my time playing computer, creating blog template, special effects, and so on. Didn't even use my pen at all. Everyday is like slack and slack and slack.

One day, a reporter came and interviewed me about my feelings for getting 10pts for prelim.

Reporter: Weikiat, you get 10pts! Are you happy?
Me: I have no idea.
Reporter: How come? U scored 20pts for common test, and you never get less than 15pts before!
Me: ...
Reporter: So you can call it a drastic improvement! U might even get "improvement award"!
Me: But i cannot go to Hcjc...
Reporter: Hmm.. HCJC is not a bad sch... Its prestigues in fact. Er, if you can' go to hcjc, where you want to go?
ME: I'm considering NJC.
Reporter: With your grades, you can go to victoria JC. Why not?
Me: VJC sucks big time. They use broadband to access internet!
Reporter: IC.. So do you intend to go to NJC's open house?
Me: No idea, nobody seems to score almost the same mark as me. Those who scored the same mark at me all wants to go HCJC. SO no one to go with me.
Reporter: Why don't you try your luck to go HCJC then?
Me: I donno. I intend to take computing in JC. But i heard HCJC might consider cancelling computing becos only 11 pple takes it. From this, i infer that HCJC pple are big time muggers and have no life.
Reporter: But...
Me: HCJC plain sucks. If you go to the HCJC every night at around 10pm, you can see lots of HCJC couples roaming the streets holding and touching each other. I know this from real life experience.
Reporter: Oh dear! That's bad. I think i'll do a report on this soon.
Me: Good. Go ahead.
Reporter: Anyway, what do you see in NJC?
Me: I see that i can slack more in NJC
Reporter: Is that why you chose NJC?
Me: Should be. I cannot take stress and i'm not a fucking mugger with no life who fucks his girlfriend everynight together with his classmates at his school.
Reporter: That's a crude remark.
Me: Who cares?
Reporter: I'm afraid i might have to censor that off.
Me: No way. This is my real feeling.
Reporter: I think we have gone off the topic. Are you happy that you get 10pts, or not.
Me: Aren't you fucking deaf? I told you i have no fucking bloody ideas about why the hell i should fuckingly feel something about my FUCKING GRADES!
Reporter: ...
Me: Okok... apple is fun.
Reporter: ???
Me: Apple is nice to eat.
Reporter: ??!!!
Me: I love apples.
Reporter: Wat about durians?
Me: You missed the point. I love to eat apple. What has durian got to do with this? You are plain fucking stupid. Even an apple is smarter than you.
Reporter: Ok. Er, i think i've got an appointment with my brain surgeon. I have to go now. Good bye!
Me: You are nuts. Bye bye!
Reporter [aside]: What is irony?

Haiz.. After tml, all the excitment of playing games that are not exciting is over and its time to get back to work. Having slack for too long, i don't think i can finish my hw due tml. But anyway, lets all hope that i at least maintain or even improve my standard for O levels. I hope to get 8 pts so that i am spoilt for choice as i can go to any JC. Okok. All the best to me. Now its time to do amaths, emaths and chem homework. Although i don't feel like doing them.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


Updated Blog

Changed the template again. Haha, even though this is less "stylo", i think i like this new design better.

Friday, October 01, 2004


L1R5 unravelled

I got 10! Its the best i've ever get. Going for NJC, which i always wanted to go to.

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