Thursday, March 30, 2006


Long time no blog

Haven't blogged for long. this is because the admin work and maintainence of The Wicked is taking up most of my time.

Anyway, i'm back to bring more hot and spicy news about AJC.

Recently, the school invited 2 vendors, one selling Times mag and one selling Newsweek to sell those items to JC1 students.

Unfortunately, a times salesman approached my girlfriend and despite my warning, she put down her name and gave them their phone normal. Since that day, those guys at Times have been giving her "prank" calls every single day! Talk about aggressive marketing technique. These guys should have a taste of their own medicine

Although i personall prefered Newsweek, my friend who gave her name and phone number to the newsweek vendor was worst off. One day, the vendor called and asked, "When are you going to make the payment?"

Moral of the story: Do not give out your phone number. Better still, don't come AJC.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Updat: Cute little bastard

Ok. That guy will no longer be adding solution to any of my puzzle to his site. I thank him for being understanding and sincerely apologise for any crude comment i left on his site. Its just that his action had caused me great many problems and stress.


Cute little bastard

This cute little bastard had in a desperate attempt to get traffic for his blog, released all answers to The Wicked up to level31, resulting in a serious spamming problem on The Wicked hall of fame.

Interesting guy, don't you think?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


The Wicked


Applaud for AJC

I emailed the vice prinicpal about the amazing water cooler filter yesterday. She and the operational manager responded promptly and i suspected that the vendor had been giving a mild scolding. Pity my friends in sports cca who use the cooler at least twice per week.

The reason for the state of the water cooler is as follows:

1. I can understand the concerns raised by Student Tay Wei Kiat regarding the reported water-
cooler filter with aglae at Blk 3 level 2.
2. I wish to assure Wei Kiat that all the water cooler filters are replaced once every three
months and inspected once a month by the M&E term contractors. Our records shows that the last
replacement of all the water-cooler filters was on 9 Jan 06. The reason for the green algae in the
water filter at Blk 3 level 2 was due to the heavy discharge of sediments when the Water Tank at
the Roof Top was being cleaned and flushed on 27 Feb 06 and this is done annually.
3. The filter with the algae has been replaced this morning at 11.00 am. The filters of the rest
of the water-coolers have been checked and all are in normal working condition. However they will
be replaced this afternoon as part of the scheduled monthly M&E Inspections though the filter
quarterly replacement is due on 9 Apr 06.
4. Regards.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


3rd Student Forum

Student forum is an interesting way for the councillors in AJC to get feedback from the fellow student population. Interesting things were raised.

First off, everyone was seated in the Audi. I looked at the screen and saw the seating plans for each classes. I saw they have allocated some classes to sit on the staircase. They even box up the staircase and wrote a number on it. 22. 24. 27. Three seperate boxes with different numbers. At this together and you get the number of students who had to SIT ON THE FLOOR IN AND AUDITORUM. Amazing isn't it. What's more amazing is around 2~4 classes are seated on make shift-chairs squeezed at any place available. They can't even see the stage from the position. Our school councillors rock. And there they are, the president of the councillors looking proud and snobbish on the stage in her seat, while others are cramped down there like primary school students. Wonderful, i must say. Wonderful.

Someone said that AJC is a mugger school. Like duh. Ajc is indeed a mugger school. A school that only claims to mug. The truth is that for those bunch of monkeys right here in AJC, this is the first time they really work hard. They have never really work so hard before in their life, and hence they feel they are mugging. Truth is, they are in fact less mug than the rest of the top JCs. Their result shows. The lack of successful scholarship applications shows. AJC isn't muggish at all. Get that straight people.

Then some hero came. He suggested that there is nothing wrong with mugging. In AJC, muggers have life. I was like wondering what kind of life he led prior to coming to AJC. Even guys over at HCI had more activities for school and class bonding than us. The activities, such as family day, cca carnival, movie screening is in fact minimal when compared to other JCs. Ignorant monkeys don't know that of course.

When asked if councillors would organise more activities for the school, they will say that they have so and so constrains and hence unable to do certain things. It seems to me that what they are trying to do is to escape their own problem. They are councillors. They are suppose to work pass constrains and look after the welfare of the students. They are unable to do it and are giving themselves easy excuses.

This is the 3rd time we are having such forum, yet nothing, absolutely nothing discussed in the previous forums were implemented. Someone raised this, and the councillor's response was we raised problems but did not provide solution. How are they going to help us? I was thinking, the councillors exists to address the student's problem. If they are unable to come up with solutions, and expect us to do so for them, then what are councillors for? Everyone can be his own councillor.

All in all, the Students' Forum turn out to be like a debating fight between the student councillors and the students, with the students asking for more welfare and the councillors thinking of excuses to not provide them.

So much for the forum.


Survival Guide in AJC

Trying to live and survive in AJC is no easy thing. Here is a simple guide on how to make your stay in AJC fulfilling and exciting.

1) Be alert always. The ceiling in the LTs may fall on you any time.

2) When lesson gets dry, which it more often that not does, learn how to have fun with things around you.

3) Have a strong stomach to withstand high toxic and spore-filled water supply

4) Co-existing with shit is important especially when you are trying to get some work done.

5) AJC is a mugger school. Slackers suffer a horrible fate.

Note: All images are taken in AJC and were not digital processed.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


The Wicked

An online puzzle is usually regarded as a web based puzzle game, where the player's objective is to get from one page to the next using hints and clues provided on the previous page.

The Wicked is, among other things, a riddle. You start at the beginning with only your own fragmented understanding of what is going on, and you have to trudge your way through the levels until you finally complete it or give up. Every level comes with hint that will point you to the next level. It is up to you to interpret those hints. All which is needed is your wits and keen eye sight. Good luck, and have fun!

Challenge yourself. Use your imagination and wits.

Those who made it to the last available stage will get to record their name on the The Wicked website.

Share the fun! Spread the word. Introduce The Wicked to your friends!


Holy Days

Stayed at home to watch Gundam Wing. Worked on iGuard

Went out with Si Hui. Worked on iGuard

Maple. Watch Gundam Wing. Worked on iGuard.

Maple. Watch finish Gundam Wing. Do abit of maths homework. iGuard 1.5 released.

Went out with Si Hui

Maple. Did 2 more maths questions. Finished Computing website. Ex-Co meeting only 5 members turned up. Started work on The Wicked, an online puzzle game.

Continued work on The Wicked. Transfered website from 50webs to ikueb.

Homework Undone
GP Eassy
Maths Tutorial 28
Physics Tutorial Superposition
Physics Tutorial A.C
Physics Data Anaylsis

Saturday, March 18, 2006


The Wicked

The wicked is a logic-based online puzzle game designed by me.
Its challenging and tests your logical thinking.

Play it here:


I ordered the cars!

Can't find bit char-g anywhere, seems like tomy is pulling it off the production lines.

Woo... So sad.

But, i found a japanese site which is trying to clear its bit char-g stock. Everything going at 70% discount! Woot! Its only SDG12 per car, plus shipping, its only $19! I ordered 2 right away, with the help of Mr Roger kind techie. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Pictures of the 2 models i ordered below. Enjoy!

Sian diao.. i paying them money they don't allow me put image. haiz..

Thursday, March 16, 2006


I got to get myself one of these

Ultra small r/c cars, known as Tomy Bit Char-G.

The hunt starts tml. Hope i can find and purchase one.

Then bring to school and play on the table during boring lessons.


Paradox of democracy.

This has nothing to do with Singapore's election, and this is only true in countries where there is only 1 democratic party. However, if i did not misunderstand the system somewhere, there is indeed a paradox in the system.

When someone votes for a democratic party, this is because that someone believes in democracy. But to ensure continued democracy, that someone has to continue voting for that democratic party.

Then where is democracy?


Blogging during elections

Becareful! Big brother is watching!


The graceful flight to death

Last week, my friend zombie attended the funeral of his friend from TPJC who had commited suicide, and this was not reported in the press as far as i know.

The week before that, straits time ran a small and discrete article of a VJC guy commiting suicide. (I didn't notice this article myself, but heard about it from some of my friends.)

Maybe that's why we need so many foreign talents to come, as those who are supposed to contribute to Singapore went the way of the dodos'.

As a student who had not yet join the workforce, the only consequences of hiring foreign talents are the increase of foreign beggars in the streets and increase in molestors, which caused trama in our fellow Singaporeans and also slightly boasted our economy with the increase of sales of aaerosol sprays.

However, such ignorant attribute of those who acted ignorant have even begin to accuse bloggers of being racist when during with such topics. Then is that what those ignorant people want? More molest cases while you hide you your tortise shell not daring and willing to point even your tiny pinky at those culprites? If that's the case i would want to be of race A and start molesting girls of race B because race B would not dare to accuse me without being shot down by others in race B for being racist.

Wow! What a wonderful world that would be!

Yeah, i've resume blogging and am going to start doing my homework today, after i finished watching all the episodes of Gundam Wing anime.


This is what you get trying to train our youths to become slaves

Adapted from

Suicide is now a significant public health risk in Singapore, responsible for an average of one death every day, a senior government official said yesterday.

For every suicide, there are seven unsuccessful attempts and suicide is now among the top three causes of death among 15-to-35 year olds.

These disturbing findings were presented at the start of a three-day Asia-Pacific conference on suicide prevention.

They are the product of a study of Singapore's suicide figures by psychiatrist Chia Boon Hock, who has shed light not only on the main groups at risk of suicide but also the reasons why people choose to take their own lives. Mental and physical illnesses, it appears, are a significant factor.

Of the more than 1,700 people who killed themselves here between 2000 and 2004, up to seven in 10 were affected by mental illness in one form or another.

Yesterday's main speaker, Permanent Secretary (Health) Yong Ying-I, said local suicide rates were a significant concern.

And though, as elsewhere in the world, rates are highest among the elderly, youth suicide has become a particular problem.

"This is potential lost," she said, "the potential to contribute to their societies and economies ... to live full and meaningful lives."

She urged those who have direct contact with at-risk groups, such as bereaved elderly people or young people with relationship problems, to help identify them early.

Experts agree suicides are often the result of an interaction of factors, which need a "multi-pronged, integrated and comprehensive" approach. Moreover, causes of suicide vary depending on the person's age, gender, ethnic group, marital status and other social aspects.

Generally, young people take their lives because of relationship woes, such as unrequited love, or study stress.

Among adults, mental illness, or stress brought on by marital, financial or employment problems, are frequent "push factors".

But while financial woes do push some elderly people over the brink, many kill themselves because of health or family related issues.

"They fear being a burden to the family," said Chia.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


iGuard 1.5 released!

iGuard 1.5 has been released.
It is a major improvement over the previous working version, version 1.1 because:
-new iguard protection algorithm
-new password protection method
-new iguard anti-hacking
-displays a notice with reason when games or softwares are terminated
-more efficent banned program detection
-100X faster load time
-faster banned program detection
-ability to monitor major web browsers
-ability to detect access of illegal content in web browsers and take proper actions.

Lets hope for a game free enviroment.

Those who want the password please look for me and pay $50.
Just joking.

Monday, March 13, 2006



I havent't start doing any homework yet, but i would like to blog.

Today when i was looking through my hotmail inbox, i stumbled across an email from a girl who had been kind enough to provide me free web hosting all this time. Unfortunately, maybe because of the growing popularity of my website or whatever, she needs more brandwidth for herself and hence was unable to host for me any longer. 2 more weeks, and, along with its software will be gone.

I've begin looking for a solution, such as purchasing a web hosting plan myself. However, my father, a fierce rebel to the use of credit card, didn't own an mean of doing payment online. He had also somehow grown to distrust online monentary transfer even though he had never done it before, while the rest of singapore are increasingly embracing the idea. Mr Roger, the kind techie would help me on this, but i would be better not to trouble him.

There are also some web hosting companies in Singapore, however the rate they charge as compared to those foreign companies are high, while the features they provide are miserable. Talk about superioty in singapore's IT reign. Singaporeans are currently very excited over interactive tv, which came out more than 5 years ago and also the high speed network the government is building, which people from other country takes for granted.

Anyway, over dinner i asked my dad to sponsor me $200, but he rejected even before i have a chance to explain to him what it is for. Even if he asked, how do you justify and explain purchasing of an online website, when the media has brainwashed them sch that they felt blogging is bad can you can get arrested if you blog.

What is troubling me is what will become of my website. Having owned a website for more than 5 years, i've grown attached to owning a website for myself and would hate to see it go down.

In the past, my website was hosted on a web space provided by The Chinese High School. In fact, chs provided access to a private local drive and also an ftp account for every student. When i graduated, my account graduated from me, leaving me website-less for a couple months, before i met with the girl who was so kind to provide me free web hosting from then until now. Well, i'm on my own now.

What will the future hold?

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Sorry fellow readers...

Sorry fellow followers of my blog.

Due to the special occasion, commonly refered to as the holidays, i'll cease blogging for the time being as i'll only be playing games and watching animes on my comp each time i on it.

However, in times when i start to do my holiday homework, i'll resume blogging to vent my frustation again.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Deep Shit

There was once a person by the name of deep shit. His should have ceased to exist long ago, due to his unpopularity, but somehow the god of all shit had some behind the scene deal with the god almightly to have him stay. Despite his terrible lack of abilities and irresponsibility, deep shit became the leader.

Through and through, the leader did his part for the club by not doing anything at all. Those under a deep shit were pissed.

So am i.

Monday, March 06, 2006


My newly skinned Desktop


Dad, where are you when they took away freedom from the internet?

Look at how terribly we are being treated.

Click here

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Uniquely Singapore

So fast-paced is the society nowadays that people practically have little time to enjoy, sleep and rest well. On the train, you see people sleeping for what seems to be the first sleep for their day. On the bus, you see people trying very hard to not fall out of their seats or hit the glass window with their head with their eyes closed. On the expressway, you see people moving endlessly about, each unable to determine which is a better place for them to be at. In food centers, people hurriedly grab their bites and many have already mastered the skill of eating fast without choking to their own death.

Life of a typical Singaporean consists of nothing but work, work and more work. In this extremely stressful environment, even a cyborg will smoke and explode. Yet, many Singaporeans plodded on, as if they are nothing but a mere machine, instructions running in their head, following pre-defined schedules and routine loops, totally detached from each other and their own inner soul.

It is impossible to survive in such a society without being trained from young to do so. From young, your parents, slaves of today’s society, actively mold you to become the slave of the next. From young, you would be given tuitions after tuitions, as if tuitions are miracle drugs that can push a dumb ass of IQ70 to IQ140. Too much excessive drugs are bad; the same is with tuitions. When your results deteriorate due to excessive stress derived from needless tuitions, your parents’ unwavering answer is more tuition for you. Although such excessive tuitions serves no purpose in improving your academic results, it serves a very special purpose: preparing you for the stressful life when you grow up.

Many parents believe is diversity, to such an extend that they hope their child can grow up to be a pianist, violinist, swimmer, ballet dancer and god knows what else when he or she grow up. So parents start enrolling their children into all kinds of useless enrichment programs; piano lessons, which is suppose to increase your awareness of music by just pressing a few keys in a pre-defined sequence, swimming, which is suppose to improve your fitness so that you won’t fall this way and that while sitting, or rather sleeping on any public transport and many others. What results are the parents spending excessive money to produce more stress and fatigue for their children to get used to. Of course, this is a perfectly normal and effective way to prepare the children to become slaves.

When these next generation slaves grow up and have their own children, they will continue to go about programming and training their children to become the future generation’s slaves. This never ending cycle is what made Singapore so unique.

Uniquely Singapore.


Do something pointless

Normally i don't stand for doing something as pointless and fruitless as this, but perhaps you guys are still interested.

Ban aerosol sprays at orchard!

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Fun Date

When out with my dear. Super happy today. When we departed she cried on bus. I missed her alot too. Lets go out more often and forget about going to school.

Just kidding (for the last sentence).


Groans on Dota Challenge

I know this is kinda late to post about something that happened so long ago, but i was too lazy to transfer the photos and do all the nessary stuffs. But now i too sian nothing better to do, so here goes...

The Dota Challenge was an event co-organised by cXtreme and the Students' Council, with cXtreme providing the technical support and the students' council acting as a "shield" so that the school would more likely approve of such an event, plus advertising for the event. Since the school is an extremely conservative and backdated environment to such an extend that my maths classroom has an air-conditional that was falling into pieces and beyond repair, it was a hell of an effort to persuade the unpersuadeable. Somehow some cXtreme senior who probably spend more time loithering in AJC than going to his university managed to persuade the school in allowing such an event to take place by boasting about the educational values of Dota, in the field of economics and critical thinking, while stressing the fact that Dota is not violent in nature. But as we all know, the converse is true. Of course with the new prinicpal, a much more liberal and open person than "Mickey Tan" we had in the past, the green light was finally given for the event to take place, and cXtreme ex-co had a wonderful time moving, set-ing up and dismantling 10 pcs to and fro room 13-22 and LT1. It was hell.

We had a trial run of the entire moving operation on wednesday last week, and succeeded in dismantling 10 pcs in 1322, moving them to LT1, putting them up in LT1, dismantling and moving them back to 1322 again before putting it back in its original configuration. It took a hellish 4 hours.

Below are some shots i took when my arms were empty. Enjoy.

Friday, March 03, 2006


T1W9 Life

When to the computer lab 212 and saw someone put an icon there "iGuard Sucks". LOL!!!

Whee... IT IS TRUE! Me and my gf have been together for 1 year le!

Stupid air con kept failing on me.

Damn sian...

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Some idiotic Copycat

Some idiot who thought he was the one to raise the issue about the sexuality talk. Super shuan ku. Open your tiny miserable eyes, boy.

Look at the comments he gets, all from singapore. Tiny exposure. Mine come from people all over. I better.

After seeing how spug, cygig and me were quoted on chinese new year in sunday times, he decided to play hero too. what a bugger.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


"New Laserpointer"

I took out my super duper old almost spoilt laser pointer that uses 3 LR44 button cell batteries, and modified it and hooked it up with a battery holder.

Now it runs off 2 AA batteries, a much more economical choice. But my laser pointer is now heavy and big.

I donno y, but the camera on my phone sucks when taking photos at night.

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