Sunday, September 26, 2004


Twelfth Night

Final prelim paper tml. All the best to me. After tml, i'm going to slack like siao, although i've already been slacking since friday. Going to try my hand at creating some simple techno pieces! Haha... Maybe if i created some nice one i'll use them as bg music on my blog.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Physic Prelim - Careless.

Well, physic is over. DID A MAJOR CARELESS MISTAKE!!!

The question goes smth like this: 9 balls are linked together with each other at regular interval of 1.00m using strings. The balls are placed on the sea and a wave comes. Ball 9 starts moving after ball1 goes thrrough one complete ocsilation.(donno how to spell). I was careless enough to write 4.5m as the answer for the wavelength. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! The answer should be 8.0m. Also, we were asked to plot the the wave. Because i was thinking that the wavelength is 9.0m, i drew the wave through the "x-axis" at the 4.5m mark. Ah.... a few marks gone just like that. Too ultra careless!!! Urgh...

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Eng Compre Prelim- Smooth Sailing

The paper today is quite managable. Hope will score well. Later have to mug Chem and Lit. Sian.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Amaths Prelim Paper1- Weird

Have a weird weird feeling in my guts throughout the entire exam. I managed to do all the questions except for Qn2A, which is the kind of question i never know how to do. Also, i got confused as to what is a "domain" and the only thing i can think of is something to do with web hosting, not amaths.

Hope it is not too bad. I intend to get A1 for amaths.

So long.

Friday, September 17, 2004


Physic Practical Prelim - Screw up

As physic is one of the subject which i think i should be exceling in, screwing it up is a real bad idea. Howver, i did what the bad idea wants me to do and indeed screw the practical up. I'm now suffering from immense bad dreams as a result of bad ideas and insufficent sleep as a result of the bad dreams which is the result of the bad ideas. Therefore, i'm currently not in a good physical and mental state. However, using the last inch of sanity in me, i wrote the following recount of the physic practical:

Hardy have enough time to finish the physic practical. I think i'm dead. When doing the pendulum experiment happily, my pendulum suddenly went for a dive and kiss the floor. I was extremely panicky then. Luckily i manage to finish filling in the table before time is up.

My value of g is (i've forgotten), which is quite far from the A level standard value of 9.81, and is even further from the O level value of 10. Unable to fit a -0.4 to 1.0 for the y axis into a 12 *2cm graph paper without using weird scale or using half the paper. So no matter, what, 1 mark is gone. I foolishly plotted 0 to 1.0 and discover that one question ask me to get a "x" value from the graph, which is between -0.4 to 0. By then, i have no time to redo. At least 2 marks gone!

For the electricity question (Using a bare wire as smth like a rheostate) I have no idea what is calibration curve(no idea how to spell too). I ended up with a threatening looking straight line, threatening the removal of more marks. For the extension question, i got really nervous as i only have 10mins to go and my question one is still incomplete(graph not drawn, and sub questions not attempted. Only table is plotted) so i really couldn't understand it at all. In the end.. just try to use my sixth sense- common sense and try to find some sense in the question. Well, i found some. However, i did not think i answer correctly too. Haiz.

Overall, i think i fared badly for physic practical. Urgh... I looked through all the previous pracs and pay special attentions to the precaution taken for different kind of experiement. No qn asking me about what precaution i took came out. Argh!!!


Hi there!

Long time no post. Today study prelim until sian... so post something. Also sharing 2 pictures with you guys...

Maybe after olevels i'll upload new photos weekly to share with anyone coming here regularly. The photos might be of me, or of anything i happen to take a picture of.

I'm no handsome person. So expect lesser photos of me. This is one of the rare photo of me that i feel like sharing... haha..

Hope prelim will turn out well. Amen

Nope, i'm not christian.

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