Monday, July 31, 2006


Phy Rev Status

Waves, Oscillations, SHM : TYS MCQ Pending
Radioacivity: In Progress

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Phy 2006 JC Rev

D.C Circuit
Electromagnetic Induction
Charged Particles
Analogue Electronics
Quantum Phy


Another happy The Wicked player

So to start off, this is my first post. Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Anywho, me and 2 of my friends have been playing The Wicked for about 4-5 days spending massive amounts of night time on it. We have managed to make our way up to level 47 for which we are stumped for now. Anyway, I just think that the most amazing thing for us is that we have done it ourselves thus far, no cheats and no looking up answers. Whether we got the answer through hours of work, or accidently (on the level with the hint "first search first" we got stuck until my friend just got pissed off and typed in what he was feeling in the url and it worked!) we have made it through honestly. I absolutly am in love with it, I love the challenege. I esepcially liked the email one. Brilliant. But yes, me and two of my friends, who are not on the forums now, are making our way through, I'll tell you guys if we ever finish!

Thanks for the excellent challenge.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Baby Rabbits

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New born rabbits! (Abit blur because forgot to turn on marco in my excitement

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Friday, July 28, 2006


Time wasted

Lesson ended today at 11+am. And there is a maths test at 5pm. Not only did the badly timed maths test disrupted by physics revision schedule, the time from lesson end up till the test cannot be taken full advantage of. This is because of the lack of comfortable and conducive environment in AJC for studying. I intended to go to the library, but it was crowded and noisy beyond words. Besides, I'm with my laptop, and the last time I checked, AJC library does not allow students to bring their laptop into the library. And i'll be mad to leave my laptop outside the library unattended. So I had to go to the reading room, the only other indoor place for studying in AJC. The outdoor locations were all too hot.

But it is weird, that most AJCians simply do not understand the meaning of a reading room. As the name implies, reading room is a place for reading or studying, which implies silence and conducive studying environment. However, the converse is true. Although AJC has a student lounge, many still chosed to use the reading room as their ultimate slacking place, chit chatting loudly, playing sounds from their lousy handphone speakers and other self-fish acts which made the room a totally hopeless place to study. No doubt, I'll fail my test again, and without doubt, my revision schedule was shot to pieces by the school admin again.

In chinese, we have a phrase for such things. "Effort doubled but result halved." A very fitting description.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Fire Drill

Congrats AJCians. You all managed to evacuate in 7minutes.

I have no idea how much things can burn down within 7minutes, but the principal praised us.

Oh well, in chinese high which has donno 10^ how many times more land area than AJC, our evacuation target was 2minutes.


Firedrill: Aftermath

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-Finish Raxhepon anime
-finish the rest of waves
-phy waves mcq tys

-Entire afternoon + evening wasted because of a badly scheduled maths test at 5pm when school releases at 11++ (Reach home at 8+. No time to study)
-Maths Vectors (in school)


AJC Photo Shoot (1)


The cool breeze washed over you and inspiring trees sway. Just like viewing a sea of blue at the beach, the scenery from the third storey of AJC(outside audi) is like a sea of red. Vast. Magical. Unbelievable. Posted by Picasa


Rubbish GP Essay

What do you get when you throw in good vocab, bad usage, bad sentence structures, random game titles flawed logic and zero correct content? The highest GP grade for that topic in AJC! I wrote and got 31/50 for this topic, getting the highest in class. This girl got 37! But did she really deserve the 37? Click here find out. (comments added by me. May be inaccurate. I can't do a better job than GP teachers, can I?)

Some quotes:

Since the intention of computers and ingenious soft wares like Microsoft, the number of games for the computer is also inumerable.

...Playstations and XBOX...can be plugged into the computer

Games such as Warcraft allows the games to build an army to plot them against evil aliens that are out to destory earth.

Counterstrike, the gamer get to plan his army to save the earth too.

And the conclusion? (Whether gaming is a healthy pursit)
But the point here is that the intention is good, which is to sve people and eliminate the evil enemies.

Well done you. I guess my GP really sucked in AJC. I can't write this kind of essay.


New born rabbits

Wednesday, July 26, 2006



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Sian Sian Sian.
Tml PE again. Haiz. A waste of precious time.

There will be a maths test in the evening on friday =>No time to revise physics on friday.
There will be a phy test in the evening on monday => No time to revise physics on monday.

How to revise? These tests waste time.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Racial Harmony Hour

So the racial harmony day came and went. I was talking to my friend from HCI, where he commented that racial harmony day in his school is so sian, just some dance performance by students of different races.

Well, AJC really hit it when our Racial Harmony Day consisted on the entire JC2 cohort cramping into the auditorum, with many sitting on the floor and watching a video made by our very own student, with shaky camera and bad narration + background noise. Then, an expert on political science and economics came to give a talk about the racial scene in Singapore. After he was done, a forum was opened and students from the audiences were invited to make any comments or feedbacks to the speaker. No one did. With no choice, the teacher on stage actually named the student who made the video, and we witness a dialogue between the speaker and the person who made the film. The dialogue exposed how shallow our film-maker-to-be was in this aspects, and also made be felt like someone evadropping on 2 people talking to each other.

Soon after, the "forum" ended and lessons resumed. How's that for Racial Harmony Hour? For all I know, Innova JC, one of the least prefered JCs actually had a carnival (reported on Channel NewsAsia!) that was even larger and more exciting than AJC's Family day.

If AJC want any good reputation they certainly don't know how to get it.

Monday, July 24, 2006


The Fire Drill

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The fire alarm rang but..

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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Mug Mug?

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Computers at Woodlands Lib are restricted
-No taskmanager
-Start menu only contains 1 item: Programs
-Only can access IE and njstar
-cannot browse/open file from IE address bar
-all directories and files read only except desktop
-desktop is hidden from user
-no shutdown/logoff/restart
-registry is locked
-no access to the internet without entering username and password.

What i did
-access to DOS
-access to registry (read)
-create files and save them on desktop
-create a webpage that opens itself when closed
-discover plockscreen.exe, which will allow you to lock the computer with a custom password and prevent others from using it.
-create a phoney "Please wait, media is loading..." webpage to fool librarians that I am using the computer to do research and not mugging in the cubicle.

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Sis's Birthday

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Mug Mug

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Saturday, July 22, 2006


whO'S tHaT?

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What day is it?

Walk around the school yesterday and ask anyone what day it is. Some will reply "Friday". A miserable few will say "Parents - Teachers Meeting Day".

Only one or two will say "Racial Harmony Day". So sad, this is the first time I am in a school that don't care about racial harmony. Even in Chinese High, where there are only chinese, we celebrate the Racial Harmony Day. Once, we even celebrated it together with WestSpring Secondary School, with a school - wide carnival.

I look at the second last page of Link Aj, they say "WHO SAYS AJCIANS DON"T HAVE FUN?" in capital letters. I look at the "fun" listed. I&E Day. Family Day. AJ Idol. International Friendship Day. Track and field day. 6 activities over 7 months. Not bad!

Lets explore it properly. AJ Idol is not a school wide event. Only those in the right sense of mind to listen to yucky singing will bother to stay up late to attend those stuffs at 5pm or 6pm. There won't be enough time to mug! International Friendship day celebration was just a bunch of AJCians from malaysia and india putting up a performance using MCV lesson. I appreicated their efforts and the dances were indeed nice, but can we call it National Friendship Hour instead? Since in only lasted for an hour. Stop using the word "day" when you mean an hour. Sports day is standard. Every schools have it. What is there to brag about? Sports day is the time of the year where we suddenly realise we belong to a house. Even my primary school don't brag about having a sports day. To be fair, I&E day was quite interesting, where we get to explore interesting stuffs with help from student guides. I think it is the only fun thing for the entire school in this period of 7months. Family Day? While other JC's family day attracted many students from our school to go, our own family day only attracted ourselves.

Fun? My friends from HCI and RJC have more fun. And they are more mug than me too. So where do I stand? Not enough fun and not enough mug? What is so good about that? This certainly does not justify the banner "AJC is simply the best." It is only "just another JC". Its not sucky or lousy, but a long way from the word "best".

Oh ok. I just went to and took a look at the activities. I saw this:
Racial Harmony Day
Details: 1. Student volunteers needed in ushering, handling tokens, speakers, MCs and to take care of setup in the AJC Auditorium for RHD during Mass Civics (21 July for JC1s and 25 July for JC2s). 2. For the fringe activities - to run the activities.
Teacher in charge: SABARIAH (MDM)

So our celebration is going to be just some performance during MCV again. Please edit the name and call it Racial Harmony Hour. We harmonise for an hour and thats it:)

Thursday, July 20, 2006



If one who critises was critised that he was not perfect, and hence should not critise other people, shouldn't the one who critised the one who critised not critise too?

Abit chim. Hehe.


Accelerate, Wei Kiat

Continue to accelerate your pace to match and to go beyong that of the lovely TCHS days, despite having to study in an environment with backstabbish authority.

Now for the next episode of anime :)

Ok ok, I'm really tired to chiong tutorial until I'm 2 tutorials ahead of my maths pro gf. (Sorry dear). Also, physics tutorial I try to do more but charged particles really difficult. GP paper is damn hard! Very hard to rephrase everything. My language skills must be dropping because I had little practice(in the form of blogging). I'm thinking of trying some of the essays and posting them on my blog, because I don't want to trouble the GP teacher.

Ah. She recently return us unmarked newspaper articles reviews we did last year. Then on one of my reviews she wrote some brief notes about who never hand in etc. Curious, I asked her what it was about but she thought I was unhappy with her for returning the reviews a year after we submited it. Oh well, I was impressed by her ability to keep our worksheets for so long. I couldn't keep track of mine for more than a year.

Anyway, AJC amazingly finished the syllabus for most subjects already, so during lectures what the teachers did was to give us worksheets and solve them for us to see. No active thinking on our part. Just watching and copying. Very useful lectures. I love its ability to let my mind wonder around. The ghost in the class slept during all the lectures. This is because the chinese hungry ghost festival is around the corner and he need his sleep to recover his energy so that when the time comes, he can compete with other ghost for food and offerings. What a good strag.

AJC now has wireless! They say it was implemented because of students' suggestions. I happily told my friends from other jcs that AJC now has wireless, and they all "chey"ed and booed me. Wireless was already available in their schools when they join it last year. Maybe AJC students took too long to discover the lack of wireless so they only suggest it during the June Holidays. Anyway, I'm glad there's wireless access. Shall bring my laptop to school tomorrow to test it out.

Thats all for now. My dinner is luring me. Goodbye.

*Just 3~4 months in AJC left :) :( *

Monday, July 17, 2006


Dream on, Wei Kiat

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