Sunday, July 18, 2004



Sian and Sian and more Sian.
Went to nygh on sat for a combined lit seminar between TCHS, NYGH, SCGS and CHIJ.
Rox! Never saw so much chio bu before in my life. Its like been a judge of the audition of Miss Singapore Universe. Wao... How i wish it last for ever...
Lots of time spent of saturday to recover from fever of 38.1 degrees. Am feeling much better now. Didn't do much hw yesterday... since i'm a "Mr Nice Guy" infront of most of the teachers, i'll ask for an extended dateline. Or else, i'm going to be dead...
Lots of time spent on creating the presentation for my class which will be displayed in front of all sec 4 students, their parents and all staffs of TCHS except cleaning staffs and canteen pple.
Under lots of stress to make it as good as possible. My flash skill isn't good, i'm more of the programming kind of person. So... This project is almost stretching me to my fullest "potential" in animation, directing, filming, phototaking and script writing. Hope it all goes well in the end.
To take a look at the "test" version of the ending, you can go here. Instead of clicking on the link, please right click on the link and click on "save as...". This is because the file is rather large. The incomplete version of the actual presentation could be found here. This is a 4MB file with no flash preloader, so use the "save as.." method as well.
All the best to me.

Friday, July 16, 2004



Finally i can sit down and type.... Very busy this few days preparing tests and animations for the sec 4 graduation cermony. Damn sian... suffering from extreme lack of sleep. Yawn...

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


BAd Day

What a bad day yesterday!!! Hate hate hate!

Dropped digital cam on the floor and almost spoilt it]
Flunk my chem prac test
Forgot to bring chinese notes home so cannot study

Whole day in a daze... wasted the whole day doing nth.


Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Still sian

Finished most of my homework. Copied the rest. Very sian today... Now need to study stupid chinese test.

Fuck it, got morning job on sat.

yeah! get to visit nygh on sat for lit seminar. Yeah!!! Can go and see chio bu. Oley!

Monday, July 12, 2004


Sian Day

so much for the list of homework i put here yesterday! I still have not done any revision yet! And emaths paper not completed yet!

Saw Goh the sucker on the charity show yesterday night.

Now going to process the photos taken in class today, it is for the graduation presentation.
Might post some here if i have time.

Reached an agreement with lu xin. He will provide unignal software team with web space while unignal software team help out wif his web design...

Sigh... more and more work.

Sunday, July 11, 2004


What a sian day.

Today, updated this blog again, now most of the links contains description that can be seen in the status bar. So move your mouse around and look at the status bar! Also, made it such that blog links will open a new window instead.

Woke up at 8.50am. Ate breakfast (2 roti pratas) and then do homework and do homework and do homework. Now finished 1.5 of TCHS year 2003 amaths prelim paper. It is very easy, as i know how to do most of the questions. As for prelims from other schools, i can't do most of the questions. Later still got alot of homework. Wao lan...

Hw List:
-CHEM ASS(ignment)

And i need to do some revision as well, or i'll funk my common test real bad.

Revision List:
-Physic TYS
-Chem TYS
-Amaths TYS
-Eng Lit (KOC)
-Eng Lit (12 nite)
-Chinese words and stupid sentence making (for the test on friday next week)

So... all this must be done today. Damn sian...

TML is monday, got PE lesson. This means that must see Mr Ram. SIAN! Who don't hate him???
Wao Lao.. Can't i just pass nafa once and for all? I suck...

Saturday, July 10, 2004


sis's birthday is around the corner

Gave her a daily planner and a pen as a birthday present. She seems to be happy.



Went back to school today just for a 1 hour lesson listen to lit teacher tok about infatuation! A great and wonderful waste of time. This is so ultra lame. Regretted coming back to sch in the first place! Going to lot 1 later to buy a lit book later. Hope its not sold out! The flow of supply in popular is very unstable. Then afterwards, at 6pm, i have amaths tution. Can see girls again! This might be lame. But then, been in a boy sch turn my mind crazy.
Ah... can see my childhood friend there.

Found out where haoquan the gecko king placed his blog. Look at the links on the right. He's one of the reason i put a lizard/gecko in the pot. :P

Now in school techlab. My friends are using a program i created to counter the school game-blocking program, so that they can play games in peace. :P I'm very bad. Hahaha. Just hope EC3 don't find out. Because, personally, i quite dislike zeqi taking over the creation of the game-blocking program, since it created and came up with the idea in the first place. Therefore, i must be rebellious.

About yesterday, it is quite lame. Spend whole time at the eng tution checking dictionary to do the vocab worksheet. So sian. Also, the cleo bu didn't come. I think she quited it.

At first, the tution class started with 5 beauties and no guys (when i'm p5) The me a another guy joined, then more girls joined, The more guys joined. Then, soem guys are replaced with other guys and some gals are replaced with other gals. (Sec 1) The 1 as k for the contact of a gal and got 3 contacts instead(sec2) The the 3 girls quited the tution one by one (sec 3) Then now sec4, there are more guys then gals. How sian.
Sian! Sian! Sian! Sian! Sian!

History is over. I won't care about it anymore. look on...

Sharing some of my favourite quotes with u kind souls:

1) Creative people think out of the box, but really creative people think without the box.
2)Ture knowledge lies in the fact that you know nothing.

Friday, July 09, 2004


Ah... tooltips.

Spent 1.5 hrs on trying to add special tooltips on the hyperlinks, but failed! Bloddy hell. Damn pissed.

Not going to improve this site anymore. Till olevel over.


What a hellish day

Sat for a amaths test today. Thought it was easy, so i didn't bother to revise much. Turn out to be a prelim paper of St-nic gal's school. Thought it would be easy too, since my sch ranking is better than that sch. But alas, even the maths pro from china in my class had difficulty doing it.

When the test was over, nobody greeted the teacher. Everyone was shouting, "Its so easy! So easy to get single digit marks."

Oh my god!

Introduced Noter Light to a school mate today. Also, i've uploaded the latest version of noter light and place the link to it on the right. Its the best program i've created to date. If you don't want to download and test it, at least take a look at the screenshot!

Ah... tution later tonight. Donno if the cleo bu will come or not. I hope to see her again. I have no gf, so looking at girls for fun is very fun.

Mr honyp assigned me and wu lei to create the ppt presentation for the graduation nite for my class. Going to bring my digital camera to sch next week. Might posts some interesting pictures here if possible!!

Someone, please comment on my website. Please!

Thursday, July 08, 2004



This is the third post today! Finally, I finished working on this blog. The flash animation looks abit sucky though. Anyway... its dinner time. I'll have to study later. So sian. Amaths test tommorrow. Hope can complete 1 paper before i sleep. Will be back tml.


Aother post, today

Now just reached home from the hustle of school. Being in a top school and trying to stay there is no joke.

Met Mr Yong today, gave him a copy of my latest software, called Noter Light. It MIGHT be featured in the next issue of the schools magazine? Yeah baby!

Yesterday, there are 3 tests, physic, chem and oral. All of them are damn bloody tough. I'm dead. Wonder what will happen to my results this term.

Wow... saw a very cleo gal on the bus today. She's from Nygh. Very very cleo!

Going to take a bath now. Will work on the flash animation and add some graphics to this site, all hand drawn by me. Please don't laugh. I'm not good at drawing. So long...


Interesting new day in school today!!!

School sucks. No need to explain. 2 full hours of assembly! Sleep until don't know what happen... So sian. Will try to find time to make some flash animation on this page.. But most likely, i'll be able to do so.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I'm new here!

Ah... now relaxing, after spending around an hour putting this blog together. I wish myself a happy time here. :p

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