Thursday, March 31, 2005



What was spilled is spilled and cannot be unspilled,
no point to weep and cry or feel sad.
Be flexbile, be malleable to adapt to changes,
the sun had risen and life goes on.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Of Water and Oil

In the cold twist of cruel faith,
the un-understanding arms of school adminstration,
its hideous fingers digging deep into my heart,
as fate of love lies shattered and torn.

Screeching like a finger scratching on a blackboard,
it draws like a chalk,
producing thick impenetrable scrawly line,
that forms an evil border.

Much like the border between oil and water,
so fine, yet so powerful,
efficent in a cruel sort of way,
unwanted yet ever present.

For I'm water, and she's oil,
my heart's not frozen and her's not slippy,
but because of the unseeing eyes of school adminstration,
she slipped away and in my frozen fixed shocked stare.


Tired of life.

When out with HER after school to bugis to buy earphones...
After what seems like an eternity of standing infront of the earphone rack in a Sony shop in Sim Lim Square that causes even the elderly lady sales-lady who had seen so much of life that she is sick and tired of entertaining her possible sources of income to come and attempt to chase me away. Little did she know that hidden in my wallet are a fifty dollar bill and 3 ten dollars bill. Had she known this, she would hav knelt down infront of me and show me all due respect. Neverthless, as someone who is extremely kind and gentle and smart and particular about high quality music, weikiat bought the $89 bucks in-canal ear bud for $80 bucks. Although its quite a steal, weikiat still went on to baragin for a special "Student Price", which unexcitedly shockingly was not offered to him.

SAD SAD SAD!!! Weikiat and HER are in different classes... Too sad to say anything else... FUCK IT FUCK AJC ADMIN PPLE! FUCK THEM ALL!!!!!! FUCK!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2005


A new blog

Tired of the yahoo pot layout which has been around for such along time, i've now changed to another layout.

For those looking at my blog from, you may find that the blog looks very plain. Stuffs such as tagboard and links are even missing... This is because my blog has now merged with my website, and to access the full features of this blog, visit

Hope u like the new site. More updates soon.


Audio Fanatic

Hi everyone! Take a look at my Hi-MD player:

And take a look at my player together with my favourite clip-on earphone:

But good things don't last... my earphone is now dead... Currently hunting for a good and durable one from good old Sony.

After extensive research, I've ended up with 3 models:

MDR-Q66/W for $50

MDR-EX81 Black for $89

MDR-G74SL for $70

Hmm... which should i buy?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


The shape of love

The bond of two hearts,
the consummation of its capablities,
as rigid as diamond,
yet like ice it melts.

Her shadow displaced her body,
visible but untouchable,
behind the invisible ever visible barriers,
so near yet so far.

The emotional food of passion,
can never satisfy my vacumn stomach,
where emotions show its true shape,
in the shape of love; a heart.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Unexcitedly shocking turn of event

Weikiat today is unexcitedly shocked when he checked the JAE posting this morning. He was unexcitedly shocked to discover that he was posted to AJC. What was more unexcitedly shocking was the fact that Weikiat, who was once so desperate to get in HCI did not even put HCI in any of his choices. As if it wasn't enough, Weikiat hated AJC to core when he was first posted here because of what that seems like a unexcitedly shocking turn of event where he ended in AJC, far far from home. He hated it so much he condemned AJC extensively in this blog in an unexcitedly shocking manner. Neverthless, the most unexcitedly shocking thing about all this unexcitedly shocking incidents is that although Weikiat is eligble for various better Junior Colleges, he decided to stay in AJC. This is indeed unexcitedly shocking, as Weikiat enjoys to slack and feels that he can excel by just slacking extensively in AJC, which is unexcitedly shocking, as it fits his character perfectly. So what will happen to him? Unexcitedly shockingly, only the unexcitedly shocking time will tell it.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


The Attack of The Dino

Why? Why? Why do me and my girlfriend see the dinosaur whereever we go??? Is this crap or is this fate? Argh..

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Something i found on my brain.

Dear Khia Soo,

This is your mummy here. Aiyo... Mummy sa-yang sa-yang! That fellow Zhong Guoren is bullying my dear darling. I will not let him harm my dear son. Tommorrow mummy will go to your school and complain to your prinicpal that Zhong Guoren bullies you and try to turn you into a red guard. I will also claim that Zhong Guoren is illegally processing a copy of the Little Red Book issued by the long rot Mao. Prephaps the principal will then report this to MOE and the MOE will refuse his scholarship as he is trying to spread communist ideas in such a democratic country like singapore.

As for sports, my dear darling, there is no need to excel in sports. Sports give you no future. Besides, there are a bunch of people over at the newly established Singapore Sport School (SSS). Well, I heard many of my colleges refer to that school as "Smelly Sucky Shit", as students there are as intelligent as a bunch of bananas. No reason to compete with people with no future. We must be realistic here.

Regarding Zhong Guoren's language ability... Please lor! My darling boy is much better equiped to deal with those people. My darling knows already knows 6 languages, English, Chinese, Higher Chinese, Malay, C++ and Visual Basic. My darling knows both human and computer languages! He can communicate with everyone and everything around him. What is there to fear? Zhong Guoren only knows 2... of course he must try to excel in things he knows. Otherwise, he will feel very miserable.

Its not that Mummy don't want to give you a brother of sister. Its just that we, being typical Singaporeans, are as creative as a pile of shit. Mummy and papa can't think of any nice-sounding name to give to your brother or sister. It already took us a month to come up with your name. Mummy is very sorry hor. Hope you will understand mummy ok?

Also, what is wrong about going to countries like Vietnam to buy a wife? We have the money, don't we? My dear boy can have as many wifes as he wants. Isn't it fun for you? Wife from vietnam can cook, can live in bad living conditions (They can survive for weeks even if you dump them in the storeroom with no food or water). However, the main advantage is that they will be very very obedient to you and you can do anything you want to them. Of course, they can cook and wash! You can even use her as a punch bag, dress her up as a kitten before raping her, or even make her walk naked around the house everyday. She is simply your sex-slave. If you want, you can make children with her too. They don't smoke, like what Singaporean girls do, so they are very fertile and get pregnant easily. Then i'll have grandchildren to boast to my friends about. They will be very jealous and go home to scold their still single sons.

Aiya.. you don't need to worry about not getting any jobs one... The government says that Bio-Tech is important and many people take bio subjects. Please lor... this is the most stupid move. Bio students will be as abundant as birds droppings in Jurong Bird Park by the time you all graduate. Lucky my boy is smart enough to not follow the trend and concentrate on Information Technology. We are relying more and more on technology these days. Information Technologies confirm guarantee you a job. You read news of university graduates working as taxi drivers and toilet cleaners? That is because they follow the trends blindly. Needless to say, none of them are computer science students.

Ok lah.. mummy has to go now. I have to pub with one of my major client to win the contract from a newly establish China-based firm. Good bye boy boy. Take care hor. Mummy secure this contract liao got money will buy a car for you to drive when you go yo university ok?

Your Mother.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article are not the opinions of the owners of this blog.


Something I found on the net


Friday February 18, 2005

At school or varsity, finding a job or getting married, it's not like
used be

Dear Mummy,

I am feeling very sad.

Today in school, Zhong Guoren - my classmate from China - beat me
in a maths test. That boy is an unstoppable genius machine.

Last week, he beat me in sports too.

If he were not here, I would have come in first and gotten a gold. But
because the Government says we must welcome foreign talents to
our population and to improve our economy, I got a bronze instead.

At first, we laughed at them, because their English was not very good.
Their maths and science were good, and their Chinese was excellent
who cares about Chinese language, right?). But then, their English got
better and now, they are kicking our backsides in this subject too.

I think we should get the Government to do something about this.

Why didn't you have more babies, Mummy? I wouldn't mind having a
or a sister to play with. I am an only child, and because you and
are not making enough babies, we have to get people from other
people who make it hard for me to be number one in my class.

I think you are very selfish to just have me, Mummy.

I don't like to lose, Mummy. I am used to being first in my class.
And my
school was very small too, like Singapore, so it was easy to be
first. Now
my school is bigger, and I have to fight harder to be first.

Why can't we just compete with ourselves, among Singaporeans only
and maybe Permanent Residents)?

Why can't they have a new category for all the tests and CCAs?

We could have a Best Local Maths Student category and a Best Local
Sportsman category, then at least, if I don't win Best Maths Student,
can be Best Local Maths Student and feel better about myself.

Just like my school is ranked one of the Top 20 Value-added Secondary
Schools with a Special Assessment Award for Knitting CCA, I also want
be a top student.

Maybe we need to have a new category like "Top 20 Value-added
Schools (Got China Students)".

This is because our school has smart foreign students and should be
separately so that schools without smart foreign students won't feel
jealous. And, maybe, we should drop Literature as a subject too. I
Literature, hard to score "A"s.

In fact, we should have streams like EM1 (Local) and EM1 (China and
Others). Let the smart China students have their own stream.

I want to go to university when I grow up, especially the National
University of Singapore (NUS), because our newspapers say that NUS is
better than Princeton and Cornell in the United States.

But I hear there are many brilliant China students in NUS, too.

I don't want to be having private tuition until I am 25 years old,
just to
keep up with my foreign classmates in the Uni. Or else, I will have no
time to meet girls and then I will be forced to go to Vietnam and
to find a wife when I want to start a family.

In fact, I am very upset with foreigners competing with us even in

All the girls I know say that when they finish studying and go to
they want to marry ang mohs, because Singapore men are unromantic and
not want to know how to make a girl happy. So, the ang mohs are even
stealing our women.

I prefer to marry a Singapore girl, of course, but only if she knows
to cook and wash, and peel my prawns for me (like you, Mummy). But
nowadays, Singapore girls are so fierce, just because they study, and
their own money.

Maybe that is why in Chinatown, I saw this big Singapore Rooster, and
was sitting on eggs. I think the Singapore Hen left him to look after
eggs, because she had to work and do all the things an educated Hen

I also worry I cannot find a job when I am older. My friend, Ah Hock,
tells me his mother feels all these Chinese foreigners are stealing
jobs and our men (and the ang mohs are stealing our women).

That is very scary, Mummy. You told me many China women are in
only to do naughty things, like relieve old men of their Central
Fund money.

Once an uncle wrote in the papers that we should catch those foreign
who are tall, have long hair and legs, and wear tight, revealing
in black or red and behave coquettishly.

I think we should only accept foreign women who are short, have short
and legs, and wear loose, covered-up outfits in white or blue, and
like a man.

Okay, Mummy, I have to go to my Chinese, maths and science tuition
now. If I don't go, I won't be able to beat Guoren.

Your son,

Khia Soo

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


The Love Poem

In the boring path of life,
A flat plain bed of everlasting rift,
There comes a hump that bumps and thumps,
and sparks of love sparkles into my eyes.

The virgin emotions of the hearts,
Consummates and give life,
To a whole new bond,
That Jove cannot untie.

The dead knot of love has never been more alive,
As I glance at my darling,
With my hand in her's,
And calls to her quietly, "I love you.."

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Nothing to post

I love to take bus too!

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Wei Kiat is in love!

Wei Kiat is in love!
Reported by Reporter Robert

2nd of March marks the day where WeiKiat is no longer Single. After excuting his overwhelming arguing and convincing powers that he didn't know exist, he successfully convinced a girl to be his girlfriend!

He even tried to hold the girl's hand, and after many failed attempts where the girl's hand was too slippery and simply slipped from his hold, he finally succeeded. It was new experience for WeiKiat and his only comment about it was "Wow! That feels good!"

However, after awhile, WeiKiat feels that simply holding hands was not good enough. Therefore, he brought the whole experience to a new height when he began stroking the girl's finger with his thumb. Just a simple action produced such an unexpected result. Weikiat and his girlfriend refused to leave the bus they were sitting on even when it reached the interchange. They only alight when the bus driver parked the bus and was a about to lock up the bus.

What will happen later on? Only time will tell...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


My First Haiku

For those who do not know what are haiku, here is a brief intro:
Haiku-poems consist of respectively 5, 7 and 5 syllables in three units. In japanese, this convention is a must, but in english, which has variation in the length of syllables, this can sometimes be difficult.

My First Haiku, entitled "Fiery Fingers"

Fingers interweaved,
Feeling heat of her passion,
Love now fills my heart.

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