Sunday, April 30, 2006


Random Thoughts

In the beginning, man were like animals, man roam free, allow themselves to be swayed by urges and desire, need and wants. The savage and purity of animals desire is something that man had discarded, in its attempt to achieve a "civilised world" - one that is bounded by discpline, rules, regulations, censorships and control. Hence in an attempt to reach a civilised world, where emotions and needs are controlled, we began to lose the most important link, the very key to opening up ourselves to humanity, the very thing that brings about humanity. This were all replaced by rules, instructions, commands, discplines that bounded our freedom, blinded our emotions and restricted our thoughts.

In the transformation of making a more productive, economically not only stable but also increasing at an increasing rate, efficent society, we did not even spare a tiny fraction of time to come to terms with how much we as human beings, as a society has degenerated and regressed over the decades. In order to work efficently, we blinded our emotions, in other to conform and remove chaos from this world, we restricted our very own behavior and thinking. In an attempt to progress, to work towards the ultimate goal that ultimate belongs to no one (everyone dies), we have slowly but surely imitated the behavior of the very thing that we created. Machines. Computers programs. Machines and computer programs are highly efficent, they have nothing to distract them from work, no emotions, work endlessly and are not creative. We have patterned ourselves after them. To make matters worst, in order to progress selflessly, we shut ourselves from complains and critisims, not listening to what others have to say. In order not to waste time, we ceased to communicate.

Humans are one of the most communicative creatures that roamed the Earth. Bees communicate by dancing, whales by singing and bears by their body gesture. Man, in its highly evolved state, has achieved effective communicate by using not one, but all of the above methods. We even have poems, arts, movies, blogs, telephone, internet, fax, email... etc. Hundreds and thousands of means of communication exist that we are unable to list all of them. Whenever you think you have list down all means, your mind will suddenly come up with one more. The thing is, are we really communicating? As the population increase and more methods of linking everyone together exist, we are rapidly approaching the stage where there are as many human on earth as nerons in your brain. Yet, will be ever achieve collective intelligence? Will we really understand each other? No.

The human brain is a shut off organ, isolated and hidden away and behind the thick human skull. Though largely documentated, its processes and functions were greatly unknown. The few cubes of Estein's brain sitting in musems worldwide did nothing to help us understand how clever he once was or ow did his brain work.

In a family unit, parents and children exist. In the Singaporean context, only the television and the bed in the house exist. In an attempt to earn more money, to make life more comfortable, parents now often work long hours, and when they return home late in the evening or at night, there are too tired to care for their children. Wealth should never be equated to happiness. Wealth are just numbers printed in a bank book. If wealth is so great, use wealth to bring life for me to see. The thing is, politicans and the likes often want to have a very efficent workforce, as the government and the country could benefit as a whole. This is a good thing, and the very reason why Singapore has made it so far, from a third world country to a first world country in just 40 years. This is not the work of the government alone, it is also due to the hardwork put in by the people, whether they are doing it for the country or for their own material wealth. However, the momentum carries on and on, like a snowball rolling down the snow mountain. This trend did not stop, and have gotten worst.

In the past, people generally sleep 8 hours, now, 8 hours seems too much, sleeping so much at 8 hours meant valuable time are lost. People started sleeping lesser and lesser and doing more and more work, trying to imitate machines that never need sleep. Look at the amount of sleepy looking people on any public transport, and you would know how serious this problem is. Do you sleep on the bus? High chance you do.

Students, driven by their parents who forever seek perfection and result from them, followed a similar trend. I was talking to my friends on the mrt, complaining that i had too little sleep the night before, and was feeling pretty sleepy. I told them I only slept 5 hours the night before. "That is too much!" came the reply, from 3 mouths. 5 hours of sleep which i find highly insufficent is a luxury for them.

Schools exists to educate students, but somethings the concept was never realised. In early british, especially in Roald Dahl's younger days, we read about an educational system that would no doubt be frowned upon by today's singapore's society. Yet, are we any better? Teacher who tored up student's essay appeared on the news a few years back. Does this teacher have any clear idea in mind the purpose of her own existence? As a teacher, she exists to educate, to teach. She does not punish people. Punishment can never be equated to teaching. If that is the case priests in churches and buddhas in temples would all be carrying whips. We claim to be a civilised society, yet teachers, being role models to the student, did not sought to understand the student or to find root to their problems. This is why they exist, yet they did not even care. Did something wrong? Ok. I whack you.

Because of the influence of the press and the internet, schools are extremely sensitive to such an issue. They are particularly afraid if they did something wrong, and the press get the hang of it. If that teacher in question did not react in such an irresponsible way, there would be no one playing the finger pointing game. Why is there fear of students bad mouthing a particular college or school, when it is obvious that untrue rumours will always be defeated. Teachers are the ones who thought us that "rumours will destory itself" (a chinese saying), yet they are the very ones who became so nervous and jumpy when they did something wrong and people start spreading the issue. Convenient excuses, such as "protect reputation of the school" can be given. But yet, isn't not letting the public know about your bad doings as good as cheating the public? Take for example, the NKF saga. If what ST originally published on their papers isn't true, why be so afraid and started sueing ST? Sooner or later, the true will appear. No covering up will suffice. On the other hand, if untruth were spread, such untruths would soon be defeated. Only an organisation, or an individual with a guilty conscience will get worked up when people published negative comments about them. When those organisations or individuals got worked up, more often than not, the comments are true. Same goes to politics, although laws are such that it is best not to talk about it.

Brain turning this way and that, and I'm too sleepy to carry on my random discussion. I desire sleep, for now.


The Purchase

Thanks alot to Mr Roger Tan in helping me and taking all the trouble to arrange for this particular purchase.

My dream portable audio player is finally within my grasp. It is going to cost me around S$370, but this is nothing compared to the player's original cost of SD899.

It is the Sony MZ-DH10P, a portable Hi-MD recorder/player that contains a built in camera and colour screen. The only gadget of its kind, it comes packed with all kinds of features.


* Includes built-in 1.3Mpixel camera (1280x960) with 4x digital zoom
* Built-in 1.5 inch color TFT LCD screen
* Slide-show mode allows pictures to be synced to music
* Stored photos can be moved or deleted
* Plays back MP3 files
* High Definition Digital amp
* USB bus powered
* Jog-dial
* No Mic or Line input
* No external AA battery case -- can be used only with removable LiIon rechargeable.

Markets: US, Europe

Manufacturer's Feature List:

* HI-MD WALKMAN with large Organic EL Display
* MP3 / Atrac3plus direct playback
* SonicStage for easy music management and unlimited check outs of your favourite tracks
* Supports all popular digital audio compression formats: ATRAC / MP3 / WMA / WAV
* New type remote control
* Extremely fast music transfer from and to PC: 1 CD in less than 40 seconds
* Capable of storing audio, video and data files on your HI-MD disc (Word, Powerpoint, ATRAC, MP3, JPEG, MPEG, etc)
* Incl. Charging stand, AC Power Adpater
* Long battery life of 32 hours
* Transfer up to 45 CDs onto a single 1GB Hi-MD disc (with Atrac3Plus compression).

And here are some photos for me to admire the product, before it becomes a real thing in my hand, rather than some images I look at on my laptop screen.

Hope donations and earnings from The Wicked can cover up the gap in my bank account this purchase caused.

Because of the high original pricing, sony discontinuing the product, and the fact that this is not available is Singapore, would mean that I am the only 1 in Singapore with this (when it arrives). That makes it so cool.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


The Wicked

The game I made, The Wicked has just reached 67,608 unique visitors since its birth on 18/3.

Tomorrow, I will be meeting up with Mr Paddy Tan, co-owner of, owner of and partner in Europe Connect. We will be discussion about the possibly of placing local advertisements on The Wicked to help fund my pocket money and The Wicked funds. Hope it all works out and the unluckiness of this week abandon me.

Will post the outcome when it is out.

Also haven't work out when I am going to visit iFoundries to talk to Mr Nicholas Tan and Mr Vary Yong.


A pretty bad week

This week is a pretty bad week for me, and trying to make myself feel happier, I shall deceive myself in thinking that tomorrow will be a better day.

Screwed up my physics SPA. Although I think my friends' answers were wrong, I don't think mine is correct as well.

Called to see the VP. We had a little chat and I was surprised by her ability to remain calm and my inability to tell her about all the disclaimers that had already been put into place.

Nothing very bad, but club session was kinda screwed, with Vinoth absent without reason and asking Darren to release the club by 3pm (Only half an hour of club session). As some sort of backlash of this, Mr Hong asked to meet me on friday. I had no idea why.

Discover calculator screen got display problem, possibly due to it being water logged by yesterday's rain. Despite that fact that basically everyone in AJC walks to the YCK MRT to take a train, the huge distance between both these places meant that there were no covered shelter. Even with an umbrella, with downpour of such might, I was wet, and so is my bag.

Also, my newly delievered bit char-g remote control cars experienced some steering problems after it when for a dive from the table top. I fixed the problem, but a tiny spring which allows the car to move straight went missing. So one of my car can only turn circle now.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Disclaimer

My disclaimer had been around for so long that I almost forgot it existed, yet some "member of the public" decided to be blind and felt offended when he couldn't find it. Maybe my blog was so entertaining people never notice the bold disclaimer at the top of this page, as well as those on the disclaimer page.

Please read the following carefully.

i.) I make stuff up. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, whatever I wrote is fictitious, and any resemblance to real life, including but not limited to persons (living or dead), companies, and organisations, is purely coincidental.

ii.) Whatever is published here is solely of our personal opinion and does not represent any institution, organisation (both political and non-political), corporation, business or any other independent individuals.

iii.) Neither do we endorse nor take responsibility for any information or opinion expressed in anyway by any third party in any comments, trackbacks or links which are external to this website.

iv.) You regard the content of the website to be in good faith and without malicious intent, and that we do not have any political agenda.

v.) You are not someone with political agenda of any sort and visit this site for the sole purpose of entertainment. This site is not meant to be serious, and neither should your attitude be so.

vi.) This website is a part of the World Wide Web, which is a dynamic information medium that is subject to constant change. As such, we make no claims, promises or guarantees about the absolutely accuracy or completeness of this website.

vii.) In no event will we be responsible for damages resulting from the use of or reliance upon any information and/or data from this website, nor shall we be liable for any damages a user incurs because of viewing, distributing, or copying materials made available on this website.

viii.) You download softwares from this website willingly and Wk Tech is not responsible for any form of damage or data lost on your computer system that may the direct or indirect consequences of downloading, installing or excuting Wk Tech softwares. Wk Tech will answer your enqueries out of good-well but we are under no obligation to reply to all emails.

ix.) Whatever is published here is solely the property of Tay Wei Kiat and permission granted in the form of an email is required before contents on this site can be replicated.


Yawning Bread

Elections are coming, and i don't dare to say anything, so just let this really wise and insightful guy say it.


School Election

The most important question: Are those people running for the councillors good enough for the job?

First, we have to take note of a very important point. As long as you volunteer to be a councillor, it is a matter of time before you are one. Basically the election is about chosing who will become the councillor president. There are no Quality Control at all. All the councillors we got are self volunteered. This may be good, but judging from last year's batch, being a councillor is really about being a figure head. Only pitifully few are doing anything, and that excludes the president (as far as I can see).

This year, we will be having the election soon, and the JC1s start campaigning during the morning assemblies. The problem is, some of their short "presentation" or campaign speech with often turned into out of tuned jingles and lame skits may be entertaining, but really, being a leader is not about entertaining your fellow schoolmates. There were no mention of what they would do if they were elected president, and they did not share anything about their policies, or even properly introduce their background and past experiences. I take this as they have none. All they did were to go up and clown around (some pretending to be power puff girls, while others trying to act cute) How has this got to do with their ability to serve as a president? AJC is NOT a retarded children's insitution. Who are they trying to kid? They have totally no substances, no plan, so just say it. Pretending to be powerpuff girls isn't going to save AJCville from any plague, ghosts or Mojo-Jojo. If I were to be running for president this year, this is what I will say instead.

"Stop listening to others who were clowning around, pretending to be powerpuff or curry puffs.
"Listen to me. I am Tay Wei Kiat, and this is what I will do for the school....."
"Vote for me, or risk turning AJC into a kindergarden."
"Thank you."

There, short and sweet, and no need for any redundant props. And judging from the quality of candidates making a fool of themselves so far, my simple speech would have earned me quite a number of votes. But if this were TCHS, this was not the case.

They had to make real political rallying speeches, introducing themselves, their visions, the way they work and spice up their speech with their own unique style, be it serious, humourous, or out of the world. That is the way it should be done. The result of these is that the president who finally got elected from a total of around 4 or 5 candidates is most suitable for the job and would succeed in leading the student population and caring for their welfare, which they did. We even had councillors that organised a successful TCHS open house with less than S$200. The original budget given by the school was a few hundren thousand, but our councillors were just too efficent.

In AJC, there were overwhelming amount of candidates, and it is next to impossible to remember who did what and said what during the "election speeches". In the end, most students would no doubt just vote blindly on a piece of paper filled with candidates' name, just like what we did last year. The trick to winning the election is actually trying to make as many friends in AJC as possible, so that they would vote for you.

I was told by someone in the higher authority in AJC that if something in AJC needs improvement, the student who notice it should raise the issue to those concerned. Ok. Someone please post the contact numbers of all the candidates here, and i shall call them one by one.

The thing is, alot of things that were organised and planned looks good on paper, but those who underwent them did not think it is good. This is why the school and the councillors had been organising activities after activities but the school spirit only inched up a tiny bit. Also, after many applications later, the amount of award AJC received was still stucked at 3, while others had leaped forward over the years.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006



In the beginning he was just another guy.
Then he shifted into a girl.

With the mental conversion completed, he began with his appearance.
Up went ladies handbag, and girl's costumes.

He begun to whine and to hop.
Hop and hop, hop around the school.
Legs thick as trunks, shaped like carrots.
Far from a girl's, yet that was what it was to him.

Hopping isn't enough to satisfy him.
He wants to love.
And he fantasises about another guy.

To make himself more attractive, he starts to shake his butt as he walks.
And rows of people behind him vomited after him.

The cleaner had a hard day ahead.

Monday, April 24, 2006



Hahaha I laugh at you once more,
hopping around the school,
hidding behind people's back,
because of you are such a whimp.

A useless idiot,
a scum on earth,
who advises people against what he do,
and thinks he is too good to be true.

When losers lose an arguement,
he cry and cry,
with nothing to fall upon,
he complains of his own failure.

HAHAHA. Stupid D.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Bold and talking nonsense.

Your are an idiot.
Let me laugh at you.
High in the sky I am a pilot.
Hahahahaha, I laugh at you.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Stuffs that came to me because of The Wicked

I think i must pen all these down somewhere, or else i'll forget it.

Hosting sponsored by Jun Kwang (16/3/06)
The Wicked was created for a few of my friends to play (18/3/06)
Appearance of The Wicked on wikipedia (20/3/06)
Appearance of The Wicked on (20/3/06)
Appearance of The Wicked on (22/3/06)
Approached by The Straits Times In! Reporter. Interviewed over the phone (27/3/06)
The Wicked digged by a user (31/3/06)
Approached by Kenneth Loy for cooperation in starting a website (5/4/06)
Got another sponsor, Pkchukiss to host a mirror for The Wicked due to high traffic (8/4/06)
The Wicked appeared in Straits Times In! (10/4/06)
Contacted by Beck for donation details (16/4/06)
First user donation of USD10 by Vincent Ong. (17/4/06)
Contacted by Alexandria Mcknight for donation details (18/4/06)
Adsense earnings of USD270 swallowed by Google on the suspicion of invalid ad clicks (18/4/06)
Approached by Nicholas Chan, director of iFoundries with job offer (19/4/06)
Approached by The Straits Times Digital Life Reporter. Requested for meeting up for interview. I opted for phone interview instead. (21/4/06)
Contacted Paddy Tan of and for adspace deal and guidance (21/4/06)
Confirmed donation details with Becky (22/4/06)
Details of iFoundries provided by Nicholas Chan (22/4/06)
Sugestions and request by Paddy Tan to call him (22/4/06)
Arranged for talk over the phone with Paddy at 11am on 23/4. (22/4/06)
Treated to dinner by Jun Kwang, hosting sponsor of The Wicked Mirror2 to discuss about cooperation and direction (23/4/06)
Phone talk with Mr Paddy Tan, co-owner of, Europe Connect and Petbak. Arranged for a meeting after school next friday. Details cannot be disclosed here. (23/4/06)

Will update this space.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Someone wants to employ me?

Hi Wei Kiat,

I saw that you mentioned that you used to run a small programming outfit. I am one of the directors in a small consulting firm HQed in Singapore and operating within Asia. I would like to see if you might wish to discuss and explore on reviving your passion for programming both profitably and in a fun environment. Do drop me a PM should you wish to discuss further as I am now in Thailand and will only be back in 3 May 2006.
Asia's Fastest Growing Financial and Entrepreneurship Community

Found that in my forum inbox.


The Wicked - What others are saying

I did abit of tracking and detective work, and in 20 minutes I processed and tidied out all these. Of course there are many more mentions of Wicked over the net, but I couldn't be bothered to look for more.

"The meek shall inherit the earth.
But the wicked shall mess with your mind." - wondrdoggie

"Everyday sit infront of PC stare n stare.. think n think... I love it!"

"losing sleep over this but quite challenging lah .... my brain hasn't been taxed so much before in its entire life i tink ... hahahahaha .." - buckies

"Over that game! Now stuck @ Level 17. Damn, this game is really wicked!
Edited @ 9:30pm: Now stuck @ Level 22! No. I didnt play the whole day. Rmb? I still got a baby who needs my attention :-)
Edited @ 10:15pm: Stucked @ Level 25. That's all for today. I need to sleep. ~_~"

"This is by far the best game I played. The IQ test really pulls your hair but yet sometimes you find it so cruely obvious. Kudos to the 18y.o. creater - WeiKiat, for spending his free time to make such a wonderful program. I wouldn't be surprised if you are a Mensa member." - Vic.Ky.Ell

"Try it. It's beyond fun. It kills your brain cells."

"I got to know a marvelous quiz and I'm going to share my joy with all of you. LoL~ Will need a little wit and basic IT skills to pass the levels though... I'm hooked and still stuck at level 11 as of now!" -triciastarlett

"... stumbled onto the Wicked. Remember the Crimson Room? well, this is another online puzzle, consisting of deceptively simple riddles, but yet... You'll be stymied. I got stuck at Level 4...... -_-!!!!" - khelath

"interesting quiz to be found here. Rip your hair out peeps..." - Chieh Hsien

"Is anyone else playing The Wicked? Challenging game and it doesn't kill as many brain cells as reading research articles does." - Reborn1223

"Life sux when deadlines nearing, presentations reaching, term ending, exam coming and you are fattening.
Its extremely boring and sianz...
So try this...
Onli try it when u are free. Dun risk your sch work!"

"This wicked game, as its name depicts, is really quite wicked and addictive. Once you get started there's no return. But it's really fun, so why not. I've spent a whole night on it already, and I shall continue only after my exams." - Alex

"It's a great exercise for your brains, and I'm now happily on level 30, interpreting various clues"

"I'm so hooked onto this game I can do nothing else. But it's so hard to solve that I feel my brain fragmenting into a few million pieces, never to be joined up again. If you, like me, feel that your job is a dead-end job and need some brain stimulation, click here and best of luck to you."

"Heheh.. Princess got me addicted to it.. can't believe the guy that made this thing up is only 18 yrs old. That's insane. Must be fun for him to mess up all these ppl's minds HAHA~~ Thanks to Princess for like 90% of the hints hehehe~~~
Go play..and pull out all ur hair like I'm almost doing haha.."

"Seriously, go try the game! I guarantee hours of head-smacking, dispaired groaning, and a very good excuse for procrastination. :D" - xox

"You all try lor.. Frustrating to the max, but highly satisfying, for about 2 seconds after each successful solving -_-"

"Feeling like you can take some wickedness? Try The Wicked!"

"Created by a very clever and special boy, and gaining reputation very rapidly, it's THE WICKED! It's an online puzzle game which requires logical thinking, or a lot of luck." - blacksheep


"Its a wicked wicked puzzle.... once you're in... you'll never get out!"

Thursday, April 20, 2006



I saw this "I never knew that one who is sitting in front of the computer can be much busier than someone who is running around Singapore for running a big event." on an idiot's blog.

Is there no public transport in Singapore, that someone has to "run" around singapore?
Running around is a blue collar's job.

A computer is merely a medium to express creativity and originality.
Creating revenue through knowledge is a white collar's job.


He doesn't even run the event. He is just a free labour. And he felt so good about it.


Try comparing the success of a construction worker who runs around singapore and the success of bill gates. The former runs around, the later uses the computer.


Again you have abused the english language. You define busy as "running around" and not "using a computer". I can define it the other way round and it still makes sense. More sense. Doing something that anyone else can also do certainly has a lower value than doing something that only a unique person can do.


And why is someone still trying to hao lian and make a comparison on his blog, prompting for my reply, when The 8th Habit for Highly Effective People rates "comparison" as one of the "6 cancers?" Hope he dies.


And why is that someone who tries to hao lian the exact person who said that "The one who is inferior is one that will try to show his "greatness" all over the place, but show no substance."


A big event? Your target audiences from how many countries? How many target audiences? It is also a one time thing. Mine is more than a hundred times more than yours, and still increasing. Big? Ok. I accept the fact that the room is big.


People know about what I do, and who is behind it. And they come back to it. Last year during the end of year CDP, when you spoke alot into the mike in the audi when SK asked you to do so, did you not see the expression on those in the audi. Disgust. That is what it is. And that was how everyone in AJC knows about your name. Enjoy your fame. That is your forte.

When it whatever you did happens, see if anyone will adore what you have done for them. They will just walk out. You are nothing but a meaningless person who crossed their life. I shape that of my visitors. And they come back to me.


When you have got something good, you report it as a matter of fact, and only when it occurs. You don't go around hao lianing what is to happen.



Legend of the Oil harvestor

One day i saw a oil harvestor in class.
An oil harvestor is good, as it removes excess oil.

However... the way the harvestor move was dead sexy.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Why I say AJC sucks?

Click on the links below for more information about why I dislike AJC posted this year:
Special Mention:
Featured in ST:

PS: Sorry for all the grammarical error and typos. I just don't bother. :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


When will you ever appreciate anything?

I shall follow the advise by someone who obviously has no idea what Ajax means.
I shall learn to appreciate AJC!

I will appreciate that in AJC, we couldn't find a place for our butts to reside during recess, and had to make do with standing and eating.

I shall also appreciate that in AJC, I couldn't do what i want with my own money, but was instead forced, or rather, extorted to hand in $6 for tickets to the Family Day.

I shall also appreciate all differences made by the Family Day does not go to the students who took the trouble to set up everything. Instead, it went to the school.

I shall also appreciate that earnings that went to the school will be given back to needy students, although the exact definition of "Needy students", their very existence and the things they need was not explained.

I shall also appreciate no family of any AJCians turned up during last year's family day. The only non-ajcian who turned up are teachers' family members. We often visit carnivals in other schools, but nobody ever comes to AJC's.

I shall also appreciate the fact that we were given a air-conditioned homeroom with no fans inside, and we were told we cannot use the homeroom or open the windows.

I shall also appreciate the fact that during the singing of the school songs every wednesday, nobody could remember all the lyrics. (JC2s included)

I shall also appreciate the fact that in AJC, there are 84% Band 1 and 2 for PW, and 100% passes, although we only have 5% of people scoring band 1 (a rounded up figure) as compared to other JCs like VJC (just a rank above AJC) getting 30++% of band 1s. Similar trend is also true in other JCs. Only AJC has got <10% band 1.

I shall also appreciate the fact that my friend's PW group tolled and followed everything their PW mentor advised and suggested, and the PW mentor has rated their project the best she ever saw, and their group got a band 3.

I shall also appreciate the fact that things like I&R, PI and WR do not have any fixed formats. But teachers in AJC are kind enough to offer everyone standard templates and format to follow, resulting in 80% of the student getting the same grade, a band 2.

I shall also appreciate the fact that the school funded the school's micromouse with only 500 dollars per year, while a mouse costs more than 2000 dollars, and a proper motor costs 200, while a quality wheel costs 100 each. They have no PCs to use for programming the mouse. Our charger is spoilt, and HCI offered to charge ours. We thank HCI for their kind offer, as we managed to get the first prize, winning honour for the school. And we still have a spoilt charger and no increase in funding.

I shall also appreciate the school is willing to invest 2000 dollars in robotics and nobody in AJC was initially interested in it.

I shall also appreciate that the president of student councils is a snob and practically holds her nose high and hop around the school.

I shall also appreciate the fact that i'm only staying in AJC for 2 years.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


7 Habits of highly effectively AJCians

Before some body starts talking about 7 habits of highly effective teenagers that are so freaking obvious, infringing of copyright and undoubtly not applicable to AJC students, she should bear in mind that those people running around the school are not teenagers. They are slaves to the society and were given slave treatment.

1) Be Proactive.
This is merely an illusion created by those in power, for those who are not in power. By asking AJCians to be active and creative in shaping the school and imposing so much restrictions that nothing signicant can be done by the students, save for a few graffiti here and there, the effect of illusional freedom is achieved. Students are now happily controlled, even thought the dumb ones do not know that.

2) Begin with the end in mind.
When life comes to an end, we die. Henceforth, this habit can be used to explain the student's tendency to commit suicide at the slightest provocation. This holds true even for students outside AJC. As long as anyone is part of the Singapore Educational system, they are more aware and more keen for the end than anyone else that they always have suicidal thoughts in their mind. Students in Singapore always have the end in mind.

3) Put First Things First.
This habit teaches us how to prioritize our tasks and what we want to do. However, a major flaw in this seems to be that the definition of "first things" cannot be defined by students of AJC. This is because of the fact that they are merely slaves to the school. A computer game may come out on 13/5, while your teacher gave out a homework on 14/5. However, if the teacher was told that the homework was not done because you were playing the game, he or she would definitely stresses the importance of "Puting the first things first", despite the fact that the game came out first. Only teachers have the right to decide on what are the "first things", in which most of the time, the "first things" refers to the endless stream of school work, which effectively take up most of your time and does not exercise the creative potential present in anyone. Teachers are not creative creatures as they are the very victims of the same system, and they would like to see that their kind is being passed on.

4) Think Win-Win.
This is the toughest habit to practise. It is impossible for the school authorities and their slaves to be benefited at the same time. Despite the slaves having to pay for the school fees, and teachers are getting paid, common facilities like the air-con and overhead speakers in the homeroom can only be operated by the teachers, although they did not pay for it in anyway. There are even law enforcers going around the school to switch off the air-cons. Until the day when the school wakes up and discover that running a school is really about looking after the welfare and developement of the students, and not of the teachers, win-win can never be achieved inside the walls of AJC.

5) Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.
It is important to understand the instructions given by the teachers. However, there is nothing in this world that can be fully understood, the slaves have to be contented with only the first part of the sentence. The second is there only as an illusion of care and concern from the school authorities which never exists.

6) Synergize
Synergizing is highly important for slaves of AJC, as it allows them to work as a team and achieve higher results, while using the same amount of feeds.

7) Sharpen the saw.
It is always important to sharpen the saw, so that when the day comes to take the saw out, the school authorities will be done with in a split second.

By following these habits, all AJCians will grow up to be effective slaves to the society.

Friday, April 14, 2006


The Operation Manager

Today he came into our homeroom again. He seems to have difficulty accepting the fact that we are using our homeroom, and that the air-con is on without the teacher inside. Instead, he expect us to all die of heat stroke inside the room, and expect all our teachers to draw key and pass the key to the box to the air-con remote control around everyday before they come into our home room.

They gave us a air-conned home room and the air-con can only be used by the teachers. Please, a school is about its students. Its not about the teachers. The teachers are getting paid, and the students are paying. So how come teachers can use air-con and students cannot. It is our room!

What the fuck is this? If you can't afford the electric bills, don't build the air-con! And students are paying school fee. How come staff room is air-conned and classrooms are not?

Thursday, April 13, 2006



... and sorry, i already have a girlfriend, and you really shouldn't be so concerned about me.


PW grades

RJC got alot of band 1s.
AJC practically everyone band 2s.
VJC has got 33% band 1s.
HCI has got pretty varied result.




Please, just go off and master your skills at becoming matured, while i have fun with my life. You continue scolding people where everyone can see it, you are asking for trouble.

Just go back to the way you were, keep quiet and do what you want to do. Ok? Who would bother to bother you that way? This is sickening.

I've got a website to run. Don't waste my time.



Thanks for increasing traffic to my site by 0.1%
It helps me to make more money from google.


A world

Resorting to simpler english is always a good alternative to someone who is desperate for attention to try to argue with his weak rebuttals. Using simple english someone suits bringing across weak arguements, which can really show how interestig a person can be. Drawing conclusions in that interesting way either shows me you are close to tears, or you are desperate for some attention.

In a world where tote bags are deemed fashionable in a Singaporean school, where talking to friends is prohibited just because the tote bag user as no one to really talk to, we can really see who's got a problem, and who don't.

Oh, i can ask you what is Ajax. No idea what it is? You are so old fashioned. Wait, people don't do this kind of thing do they, showing off knowledge in a field that you clearly know only you care about. You chose looks and i chose skills and knowledge. A very clear distinction. Even almost all your quotes are from movies. Sorry, but i don't have the money to burn in order to get as many quotes as you.

Not studying for a test and not cheating during the test and not blaming anyone for scoring 16/25 because of a careless mistake in the easiest question in the test shows more of my personality than that of someone who cheats and blame people for his poor score? I agree.

Please please, Mr Lim was calling me because whenever he looked in my direction, i was looking back at him. I had finished doing my test and had nothing better to do.

What then does your action of breaking your own resolution to post about this issue, when Mr Kho already asked you to stop it? What does it show about YOUR personality when you kept removing your own posts and going back on your own words? I do not wish to answer them but hope you can wake up.

Creating a puzzle that requires creativity and real skills to earn a revenue of more than SGD300 in 3 weeks and only spending one hour per day on it, getting featured in Newspaper,, (twice), various forums, 100++ blogs, among many others and having recorded over 57k unique visitors (the newspaper figure were taken more than 2 weeks ago) is less than someone without any prior experiences, tangible/intangible skills or knowledge, is going to speak in front of a bunch of school "elites", selected by the crappy misguided educational system where the best university (NUS) produces lesser employable graduates despite taking in the top "elite" every year? Nice long sentence, aye? And those "elites", they totally have no idea what they are putting themselves into. And Singapore isn't everything. Grow up.

Mixing people with higher social standing? Oh please, it is because someone has nobody of "equal social standing" to speak to (the last one went into his ignore list because the last one tried to correct his mistakes).

Obviously, he still have misconceptions about what is a best friend. I refer to my best friends as buddies, and because i have friends whom i communicate and went out more with, i refer to kai siong as a "schoolmate", despite the fact that i went out with kai siong once in a while too. Go away. You do not have enough experiences to understand friendship. Stop trying to educate me on it. You seem to have either best friends or enemy. Well, i shall say, good for you!

About my friends, learning how to have fun in the boring school hours seems to him as a childish act. I wonder how childish are those guys in the "fish" video which was shown during MCV are to him. The concept of "fun" is something he did not have the mental capacity for. I pity him.

I consider myself lucky to have wonderful friends around me. Luckily i am not close with you. There is nothing good to be rubbed off from you.

I never understand why posting an objective entry on a blog as white as day and with the approval and support of people with first hand experience of what was going on, qualifies as a "dirty trick behind the back", while scolding frogs and bitches in a little known blog was not.

Please, stop using the foolish word, "sue". The context in which it was used really suggest a lack of maturity which you were so proud off. If people want to sue, all who were called names by you would make sure you have a wonderful time. People are just too good hearted to ignore what you have called them, and moved on. Think of how people feel when they discover you call them ugly names. I only talked about your wrong doings, and you are so angry already. What is the matter with you?

"There are always these sorts of people around.", "This kind of people is not worth your time." You are the kind that is not worth our time, or the teachers'. If you just shut up, no one will talk ills about you. Your actions in school may disturb us, but we put up with it. But when you go offensive, and people commented on that, you go to the teachers. Again, is that what you call matured? I certainly don't.

And finally, there is also a chinese quote "Not tainted even when submerged in mud", which contradicts "You will get affected by the things you get close with". So try spending your night thinking which quote is better. I have a strange feeling you will chose whatever that suites your feelings at any particular moment.

Push me anymore, lets see if "those of higher social standing" will care about you. My years of experience in writing documentatons and advertisements for my softwares to convince and sway people can prove to be a valuable skill when needed. I also have connections in the right places. Try me.

As you can see, quoting from movies or establshed proverbs don't work on me. Humans are just too versatile. Black and white is a blur.

Lets pray for peace. Please go back to the level where you are tolerable, and everyone will stop talking about you. Stop wasting people's time. I know you have too much on your hand. Please try to be the matured thing you claimed to be. You are all talks. Show some action.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006



Someone once told me off for my bad complexion, as i have unfortunable outbreak of pimples now and then. I tried everything i could, but i just couldn't prevent it.

Well, it is definitely better than some guy who has regular outbreak of bitching about everything else, and then not doing anything about it.


The Wicked on


Student also come and shoot!


AJC come and chiong

Wah lao eh, AJC very ultimate. School spirit worst. Academic result sucks. Canteen food, water cooler, lecture theature all very dangerous.

Now even teachers must show their power!
That time i went to general paper, got talk by the gp department head. Whole lesson keep repeating the same thing, "That guy/gal over that, wake up. Sit straight." Whole lecture repeat donno how many times, she still donno how bo liao her lecture was. She still never take the hint. She never even teach gp, just show us a few news paper cutting she got, and then ask us to read. Then she also ask if we know the meaning of words like "currently". I know AJC gp suck, but she must really be aknowledging the wonderful teaching abilities of the gp department. Somemore, she GP head, ask us to "SEE TV" and "TALK ENGLISH". She indian. I think she direct translate from her mother tongue and then output in english. Lidat also can be department head. I think the other teachers really CMI.

Actually teachers not good quite expected. Look at all the students sian sian within a few months start email prinicpal say want to switch school. I guess they all conned by the first 3 month trap the school properly put up.

Anyway, i went library, also see bad things. Me and my girlfriend often in library do work. Then some cheebye teacher will come up walk around to find something to read. Not that ajc teacher reading is bad. AJC teacher reading is good. Because their knowledge too limited, need database upgrade. Anyway, that teacher very solid. She wear the kind of shoe, walk on the floor "cok cok" sound. Some everytime she come library very quiet then suddenly everyone hear "cok cok cok cok" sound non-stop. She even more pro. Can cok here cok there then ask students keep quiet in the library. I not gal, otherwise next time i also wear that kind of shoe cok here cok there guai lan her.

The librarian also quite copycat, the one they send from MOE. AJC got 2 librarian. One from MOE and one the school hire one. Last time me and my girlfriend cannot stand the cok cok shoe, hide inside the "discussion" room. Then the moe librarian bring an indian worker in, donno inspect floor or what, then never close the door to my room. Wah lao. She just walk out like that. She think she what, big shot ah? So i angrily get up and walk to the door, slam it shut. Wah piam, sound damn loud she also never here. Continue to cok(walk) and cok(walk). Donno deaf or what.

AJC students in the library very happening, just that wrong place to be happening. later go a bunch of students come in, like open party. noisy like shit. I marched out of the dicussion room and scolded them under my breath. Cheebye. want talk go canteen. library is read. Canteen is talk. AJC mugger school, textbook never teach so they don't know this basic fact. Then later i so good, give them the room to use, they noisy until outside also can here. Then a bunch of girls come stand outside the discussion room, start discussing and laughing like fuck. Damn irritating. Got one girl like got vampire inside her. Jump and jump. donno do what.

I also see a very interesting thing. My friend at another table siting on the table. The school hire librarian come and scold him, so he stand up. then the librarian ask him sit down. my friend say the librarian herself also standing up, why he cannot stand up. Then librarian no choice bring a chair over for him. I thought the librarian very good. THEN KNNBCCB! When my friend sitting down that time, the librarian pull away the chair at last minute. Then my friend fall with his butt onto the floor.

See. AJC everything must chiong the worst. Everything also must worst. Else not AJC liao.

Monday, April 10, 2006



Someone say i no substance.
So today i appear in newspaper for everyone see.

See i got evidence. Some guy just keep on "i think i think"...

Sunday, April 09, 2006


A way out

It is really a waste of time trying to rebut someone who think that he is great, but indeed not.

Moreover, I have got so much things to do, balancing my studies and preparing for the coming Teens' Forum, which requires me to commit till July.

I think I would have to visit all the people who are on the list of potential ambassadors for the event, and I don't think that I want to waste anymore time on this kind of person who is nothing as compared to them.

I will save my time for things that I can do for the society, and not for one person whom the society has given up hope on.

Indeed, time should be better spent on meaningful things, like studying for you physics test, which would, with hindsight, prevent all these from happening.

He was too afraid of my greatness, that no attempt to rebut would suffice. It also seems pretty weird that he tries to show off his "greatness" while telling me off from thinking that i'm great. A clear sign of inferiority complex here. Anyway, to deal with people like that, I have to bring myself down to his level. So here goes:

Fellow readers, The Wicked

had underwent some major upgrading works over the weekend, and it had came out of it smelling nice and fresh. Take a look.

Tomorrow The Wicked will also be featured on Straits Time In!. Reading the news is just not enough. Somehow i'll get on it.


High class and fashionable

There once lived a girl, who thought herself to be so high class and fashionable, that she was deemed as a social misfit by those who knows her.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Pretty weird

Firstly "And for your information again, when I told him about it, he told me that he knew about it all along and just laughed it off. And definately, I can conclude that he is much sweeter than the girl you are protecting, as from what I have observed, he doesn't even bear any grudges with anyone of you all, even though he knows that you all are talking behind his back."
Who the fuck is talking behind his back other than you who scolded him for being a weakling? Now you need his support and you call him sweet????

Teachers have always taught us to use whatever knowledge we gained recently, so that that little bit of knowledge can stick to our mind like super glue. Take for example, the word, "fallacy". The GP department in AJC had recently given us an interesting piece of writing that brings out the meaning and application of different forms of fallacy in a light-hearted and humourous matter.

I was lucky enough to have stumbled across a nobody's blog, someone who had not even made his first buck, someone who whines about practically everything; a guy who jumps well was called a frog, a girl whom he copied from was called a bitch, among many others. It was in such a blog, where I witness a child trying to master his craft. He had used the word "fallacy" as an excuse, or perhaps a reason in which he used to explain what that couldn't possibly be explained. His immaturity, and the fact that he was without doubt new to the fascinating world of the English Language, led him to write this very interesting and creative statement: "Moreover, you have disgraced yourself by using all the vulgarities and fallacies all over the place." I was presently surprised and dumbstruck, to discover that fallacy is something that can be "used". Perhaps it can be. This world is without irony. How does vulgarities and fallacies disgrace oneself? Perhaps it really does.

I must be getting older. My memory must be failing me. Somehow someone had removed everything that the nobody posted, in order for the nobody to retain his false, poised self, burying his inner darker soul in sheets of deceit. The fact that his vulgarity ridden disclaimer, among with the rest of his unpolish and outright offensive posts were removed proves a point. His vulgarities were really a disgrace to himself.

I had always thought that beauty is only skin-deep. All these are evident in the way i carry myself, and my choice of girlfriend. Yet, my making a remark about complexion in passing, that nobody is able to make a 112 words long paragraph to talk about the importance of suntanning and concealers. This really shows the amount of depth that nobody has got.

There must be another meaning of "vogue" which was not recorded in the three dictionaries I owned, and also not found in the definition from, which was retrieved by using a award winning software, Qict, which i conceived last year.
Qict has got this to say. Feeling curious about of those bags, called "tote bags", i did a search on yahoo to find out how such bags should look like.

(vg) n.
+The prevailing fashion, practice, or style: Hoop skirts were once the vogue.
+Popular acceptance or favor; popularity: a party game no longer in vogue. See Synonyms at fashion. intr.v. vogued, vogueing, or voguing vogues To dance by striking a series of rigid, stylized poses, evocative of fashion models duringphotograph shoots.[French, from Old French, probably from voguer, to sail, row, of Germanic origin; see wegh- in Indo-European Roots. V., after the fashionmagazine Vogue.]Word History: The history of the word vogue demonstrates how sense can change dramatically over time even while flowing, as it were, in the same channel. The Indo-Europeanroot of vogue is *wegh-, meaning to go, transport in a vehicle. Among many other forms derived from this root was the Germanic stem *wga-, water in motion. From this stem came the Old Low German verb wogn, meaning to sway, rock. This verbpassed into Old French as voguer, which meant to sail, row. The Old French word yielded the noun vogue, which probably literally meant a rowing, and so byextension a course, and figuratively reputation and later reputation of fashionable things or prevailing fashion. The French, who have given us manyfashionable things, passed this noun on as well, it being first recorded in English in 1571.


n 1: the popular taste at a given time; "leather is the latest vogue"; "he followed current trends"; "the 1920s had a style of their own" [syn: trend, style] 2: a current state of general acceptance and use [syn: currency]

However, if i were to be someone who had zero access to dictionaries, and had no prior knowledge of the use of that word, I would have easily mistaken "vogue" for meaning "buried and forgotten". It was plain luck that I have prior knowledge of the meaning of that word, and hence would not experience a lifetime of using the word in the wrong context, which would come as a result of reading his blog. I must say, I was presently surprised when i looked at the advertisements at the top of the page.

That image above also draws a very clear conclusion about the nature of man who uses such bags. I shall say no more about this, lest some of nobody's hormones get excited.

And I was wondering why my schoolmate from TCHS, became referred to as my best friend. However, the answer to this is not beyond me. By defining a normal schoolmate as my "best friend", we could all take a little peek under that nobody's skull, and examine his definition of friends, which he claimed to be numbered in thousands. For me, i would list out simplified levels of friendship like this:

Buddy/Best friends

In that nobody's definition, a schoolmate is a best friend. Putting these together, we get:

forgotten friends/friends
NA/forgotten friends

No wonder he has so many friends! Strangers are his good friends too! And i was thinking why he mentioned that he was such a kind person. Now i know. He is kind enough to treat his enemies as schoolmates. If he did not do so, he would have to chop off many of his arms.

Ah, that nobody say that if i were to criticise him, i would have to make a sound one, which is like what he was doing. Such a powerful move. He judged for himself that his criticism was sound, and urged me to follow his judgement. Isn't that trying to make it hard for me? He asked for me to use a suitable word if i want to call him names. I only remembered refering to him as D, which was the initial of his self-given name. However, i shall boldly take up the challenge of calling him a suitable name. The advertisement i saw on yahoo's page could be a good guide.

For once, i really agreed with what that nobody had to say, which was this: She is really a snob towards me(nobody). I would also wish to make use of the chance here to add on that practically everyone was snob to that nobody in school, as we had mastered the skill of ignoring him by putting him into our blind spot. A better analogy would be trying to ignore the pain of the ulcer in your mouth. Normally, we just ignore it. But sometimes, it is really a pain in the ass.

Interestingly, that nobody's conclusion that the girl was pissed and angry was his own observation. His own biasness. How about considering that that nobody looked pissed and angry when he declared that the bad result he had gotten for his physics test despite referencing others for the answer was the fault of those around him. That could explain why nobody had to suddenly declare that what he said was a joke, in an desperate attempt to save what he had unconciously burped out from his mouth. It all depends on different perspectives, and because of that, a shit labelled a girl a bitch.

I find it heart warming that someone who had made so many mistakes in his definitions and was still trying to practice to get used to the idea of "fallacy" was concerned about my GP grade. I only have this to say: I was one of the 4 people in the class who managed to pass the recent GP test. Wait. I retract my previous statement. He may use it as a basis to call me a snob. I use english for marketing my softwares, writing technical and user documentations, while his use of English seems to be demeaning to the idea of language in general, which was this: To argue. He asked me to go for lessons, so that "it may help you in arguing with people." No thanks. I'm not you.

"I hope that without me going through the trouble (it is not trouble actually, as I can also learn something in the process) of flipping through my notes on fallacy"
There there, didn't i just told you that he was still learning his craft? Still learning how to make use of the idea of fallacy? Seems like he still has a long way to go.

Next, he goes on to criticise me about my conduct during certain maths lecture. I feel so pampered that he cares so much for me. But no thanks aye?

"It really irritates people when they read your blog, by commenting how things were not according to your way in a high profile manner." That was what he said about my blog. But looking at my increased blog viewership and also scatter comments here and there about how true my observations were (so true that one even appeared on Straits Times), i could only conclude that the only "people" irritated by my blog is him. Rather, the converse is true. I shall procceed with quotes from those who visited his blog.

"i serously hope he get's thrown over board when he goes dragonboating...if not, i'm joing the DB team for jalan besar CC as well just to throw him over board.
man...i must allert all nat team boaters to go drown him b4 he destroys our image...
and...from reading his post...WTF...class of jokers and snoobs???
i think he's the freaking snoob. as for jokers, WK, i'm not in ur class so i won't noe
btw...wad a looser...HIOKZ...i can do more pull ups then him!! or rather...other than STBJ, i can do WAY better in all stations compared to his results...HIOKZ... behaviour from a gal here...i shall seal my mouth...=p"

"think if he's in my class ...wahahha....
he'll get kicked over the parapet at level 2

serves him right for being an

or maybe the class rep woulda stepped in and hammered him with a table already lol(like the class rep almost did with on of the most irritating pple in the class....hehehhe...loved that episode...wahhahah...)"

There are many more graphical comments, which i felt obliged not to post here, as it may cause my dear reader to vomit on his or her keyboard. There are also several interesting quotes which i found oddly disturbing and strangely amusing.

"If you think that with the people within the class is supporting you are enough, then you are wrong."
Firstly, tell me why i am wrong. Tell me how many are in favour of you. Do not take what little kindness others have shown you for granted. Secondly, that nobody seems to have an uncanny ability to spread untruth without any facts to support it other than thoughts and opinions of his own.

"And you need support of people who are in a much higher hierarchy to support your actions."
Does crying mother and father quality as support of higher hierarchy? I can do so too if that nobody don't mind me slaughter what little support he has.

"and your tone was not very appropriate, as you sound like a political leader, from the opposition party, trying to stir up the emotions of your supporters in a desperate situation"
I was rather happy that i came off making a speech like a political leader. That was a mock political campaign speech during GP lessons.

"And people whom you claim are protecting you, to know what the truth is."
Did i claim anyone is protecting me? It seems like the converse is true. But i did see that nobody actively seeking the protection of a member of the "higher hierarchy".

"I quote from the movie, V for Vendetta, "Politician uses the lies to hide the truth, while artist uses lies to show the truth". I am definately not a politician, neither am I as gifted as an artist, hence, I shall use the fact to show the truth, and I hope that you acknowledge it."
Movies were called movies for a reason: To entertain. Using quotes from movies which were no doubt written to entertain to sustain an argument, the shallowness of that nobody's thoughts and soul is exposed. I shall bring myself down to his level, in an attempt to convince him that he is really shallow. I am BOTH a politician, and an artist. I write poems and run political campaigns in my cca last year, and i was genuinely interested in the magical world of politics. Since according to the movie, artist and politicans are at opposite ends of the spectrum, i do not exist mathematically. This is obviously wrong.

"Firstly, your complexion is worse than mine, so you are in no way to comment on my complexion."
So even if this was the case, which according to your ex good friend zombie wasn't true, I can argue similarly that "your complexion is better than mine, so you are in no way to comment on my complexion". Please try to make more sense, and stop failing your GP because you based everything on your own opinions and ideas, which interestingly don't really make sense. If i want to, i could go on and say that it is the thoughts and ideas that make a person (I think, therefore I am), and therefore I can conclude that that nobody are a pathetically senseless person. Without sense, whatever that nobody had said can be deemed voided, as those were the result of a unhinged mind.

It is now late at night, in the morning in fact. I shall turn in for the night to enjoy a peaceful sleep. I only hope, sincerely with all my heart, my guts and my brain, that nice guys like JunZhe and Kai Siong will not go into his ignore list, just like the girl who was kind enough to not mind sitting beside that nobody and allowing that nobody to reference his answers despite it being a test. I would also wish to console zombie, who was one guy in AJC who really had the intention to help that nobody. You had made the wrong choice of friends. Zombie, someone who puts you into his ignore list just because you pointed out his flaws objectively in order to help him do not deserve a kind person like you.

All that said, i shall gently push the power off button on my laptop, and pray for a better and brighter day.

I hope this would be more enlightening than someone who writes his entire essay based on his own opinions and judgements, which was biased beyond doubt while at the same time crying foul over the biasness of the person whom he was addressing. While worrying whether i could do well for GP, he wrote an essay that would no doubt fail himself for GP. A dramatic irony.

PS: Sorry for my poor grammar aye? The night is wearing me out.

Friday, April 07, 2006


I envy D

I really envy D.

If one day someone was to ask me how many friends i have, i would have to take the trouble to go hunting for a pocket calculator.

If D was asked such a question, his fingers would suffice.

When people critise him, he will say people do not have the right to do that, as those people are not perfect. Yet he gave himself the right to call people names, as if he was perfect.

Thinking that he is perfect is the first sign of his imperfection. An ice berg is only protrudes 10% from the sea level. I wonder what serious flaws lies beneath that qrotesque husk. This is something I find hard to contemplate.

Like a blind man groping in a maze, he will never learn the ugly truth about himself. To lie, cheat himself of the truth that lies beneath that husk, to hide that insecurity that makes him hard to be a man, be turns to the opposite, the negative, the fiction.

From man, he changes to woman.
From imperfection, he becomes perfect.

Such is what he had successfully convinced himself of, but to those who are around him, who sees him in his stride, his speech, he is nothing but a rotten egg.

A big one, in fact.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006



D, a guy who insulted and scolded almost everyone in his class on his blog, call me to ask me to not say bad things about him on my blog, which i did because he scolded the nicest girl in the class, one of those feel who still do not mind sitting next to him in during lessons a bitch.

WTF. Taste your own medicine, baby.
Can scold other people, cannot let other people scold you.
Just like government.

Maybe ask your mummy change diapers then u feel better.

When u find that very few people supports you, or listen to you, while others support the one you are against, it is very obvious who should just shut up, and who should not.

Decided not to talk anymore about unclean things. Made me feel so unclean, polluted.

Sunday, April 02, 2006



"In order to do everything you want, you need to be able to convince everyone that you are correct." - weikiat

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