Saturday, November 27, 2004


I'm not a poet.

Nothing on this world beat loneliness,
The feeling that there is no one to look after you like a nurse.

My family is away,
leaving me to find my way,
all i can go is to stare at the wall and shout, "Ay!"

Listening to the neighbour scold their kids,
I remember the time when i was a kid,
playing with my Model Car construction kit,
With the help of my father glueing it.

I know,
the feeling of how
been alone feels like, Because, I'm alone
At home.

Sunday, November 21, 2004


Olevel is now one big 0

Olevel is over. I am free. I am free from freedom. Because i have no idea what to do.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Brief History of Unignal Software Team


WickedSoft, now known as Unignal Software was set up by our resourceful and farsighted Leader, Tay Wei Kiat in year 2002. Initially, it was armed only with a humble vision of making softwares which revolved around the theme - Uniqueness and Originality. Unfortunately, the support shown by the consumers to such programs are limited, due to the many constraints, especially fianacially.

In Jan 2004, WickedSoft underwent a major revamping which restructured the management and rejuvenate the consumer's confidence towards our products. Amongst these changes, Koh Poh Wei, a talented youth, was recruited and joined Unignal Software as a Assistant Programmer & Language Consultant. Moreover, softwares of higher quality was introduced free of charge, as a reward to our loyal clients (sound more professional). Such changes are well-received by our enthusiatic clients.

Since then, Noter Light, a powerful notepad replacement, was developed. Noter Light introduced special features such as spell check, read-aloud, spelling dictation, html syntax highlighting and browser preview. Moreover, a unique and original feature which allowed a user to have assess to another user's work via Internet or LAN, was created. The innovative creation meant that Noter Light users would be able to enjoy greater convenience during group work. Such features enabled Noter Light to enjoy a five-star rating at With such a good start, we are confident that there will be more awards to come...

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