Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Maths Lecture

We attended 3 lectures conducted by the same lecturer, someone with abit of problem in the head indeed. Often, she would start her lecture when the lecture theature was less than 50% full, then stop abruptly and rattle on and on about how she did not have enough time to finish the lecture for a full 10minutes at least, and then continue with the lecture.

The only direct consequence of this is that she wasted a total of at least half an hour over 3 lectures, and today she skipped and neglected a few most important and difficult examples in the lecture notes, asking us to "do it yourself" when she suddenly discover that she really had no time left.

What is worst is that her endless rushing through the lecture only meant that nobody knew what the hell she was talking about anyway, so asking us to finish the examples ourselves is like trying to convince some elephants in the zoo to go quack or go for a flight.

These three lectures conducted by her are really memoriable.


Food for thought

It is interesting to note that teachers expect students to come to lectures or tutorials on time, while they never release students promptly for the next lesson.

It is also interesting to note that teachers can eat into our breaks, but our breaks cannot eat into their lessons.


How to zap a camera

Some guy set off to disable cameras from viewing his image using a laser pointer.


Monday, February 27, 2006



It goes without saying that a school is a non-smoking zone.

Therefore it is no surprise to see the school's security guard standing just outside the school gate puffing out bad health to everyone who happen to enter the gate at that time.


Public Domain

Today some guy who could have spend his time more fruitfully wearing singlet and running on the track even though his job description has more to do with the realm of IT gave an interesting speech, or rather, recital from the script on his clipboard.

He spoke inspirationally about the dangers of posting personal stuffs on personal blog, hence redefining the definition of the word "personal". Furthermore, he deemed expressing opinions on internet, a so-called public domain dangerous, and we "should not do it".

I was thinking, if internet is a public domain, and because of that we shouldn't have anything to do with it, then all of us would have gone on to commite suicide by now. Our reality, our usual three dimensional plane, is the biggest "public domain" of all. It exists as long as you exists. Since public domain is dangerous, and cannot be trusted, then that guy cannot even be trusted! Whats more, since public domain is dangerous and we shouldn't have anything to do with it, and since reality is also a public domain, i guess according to him, we should all go and die.

Although the school authorities may be unaware of the unsecular nature of the sexuality talk, and the brainwashing techniques they used, there are definition evidence of the teachers employing such fallacies in reasoning (as taught during GP) to trick us.

Weird. The GP department is trying to teach us reasoning and thinking, while the it department is frantically trying to brainwash us.


Lets see how many commit suicide tonight.

If you happen to a more imaginative soul, read on.

Imposing a limit on our freedom of expression, is actually a psychological equilibrum of locking us up in a jail and not allowing us to step out even a single step into the outside world. All individuals will really become individuals, with the ability to express themselves inversely proportional to technologies' ability to come up with new gadgets to communicate. With people like this, i wonder what happended to "thinking schools, learning nation."

"Teach less, learn more". And at the same time, pay more (in case of the universities price hike) is the IN thing now.

I can't wait for what future holds. More nosense, i expect.

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Windows Vista

When Windows codenamed Longhorn chopped off its horn in favour of a better sounding name, "Windows Vista", microsoft started acquiring rights to the trademark "Vista" from companies all over that are using that name.

What about Buena Vista, a place in Singapore? Since thats where MOE is also located, maybe Microsoft will compensate MOE with $ or even copies of bug ridden Windows Vista?

Talk cock!


Bugis is fun

On Sat, i went bugis with pohwei and somehow after much loithering, found ourselves sitting at somewhere in suntec toking cock about politics, NS, schools, future, university for 2 solid hours.

On Sun, i went bugis with si hui. It all started out fine but i went home from ChinaTown.

Conclusion: Bugis, a place where you go from home to, but never go home from.


Forget homework

"Robert, how come you never do maths tutorial today? I'll confiscate your ez-link card. As promised."

"Teacher, sorry la. don't lidat can?"

"What lidat? I already said that those who never do maths tutorial will have their ez-link confiscated. Cannot leave school until you finish the tutorial."

"Teacher, i yesterday cca until very late. Reach home bath shit and eat already 9pm. Very tired. Then i watch 2 episodes of anime to destress. Then 10pm liao. Very tired so i sleep never do."

"Sleep what sleep? You better do your tutorials. You can just sleep later."

"What la teacher! All kinds of problems also use sleep less to solve? You win liao! Then if my problem is lack of sleep how to solve?"


"Teacher! You are denying me of my sleep. Sleep is something that nature has bestowed to us. By denying sleep, aren't you denying nature? Not even recongizing that nature exists? Without nature, you don't exist, since nature created us. Hence, you are denying your own existence. Since you do not exist, there is no homework given by you to speak about. Then why are you still trying to cheat me of my ez-link card?"

"Ok. Sorry Robert."

I've always wanted to use this excuse for not doing my maths tutorial, but haven't gone round to using it yet. Btw, i don't think the last line will ever happen.

Saturday, February 25, 2006



On 2/3/2006, me and Si Hui shall celebrate our first anniversary together. May the god of love shine upon us and we live happily ever after together.


iGuard Test

AJC system adminstrator, Mr Roger has installed iGuard on some of the computers in the school's free access computer lab for a two week long trial run on the system. If successful, iGuard will be installed on all the computers in school.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006



Yawn. Damn sleepy at night and our dear poh wei come here and tag me. Oh well..

The Game of TAG
1. the tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.need to mention the sex of the target.
2. tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
3. if tagged a 2nd time; no need to post

Gender of target: Female

1) Her name must be chan si hui
2) She study in AJC
3) She has long hair
4) She has no spectacles
5) Her boyfriend must be tay wei kiat
6) Her must have 2 sisters
7) She studies physics.
8) She studies maths.

So well... Got time i'll look for victims.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


What are my weaknesses?

Follow this link:


Long time no blog

Total Defence
Lucky i had insider source about what was going to happen yesterday, so i bought a pack of fried been hoon, complete with fried chicken and otah to school, so i didn't go hungry and needn't have to endure the yucky porridge and sweet potatoes everyone was trying hard to consume. I sat in the canteen observing everyone and especially the look on their face when the first spoonful of porridge enters their mouth. "Yucks," their expressions told me. Later i heard from the canteen aunties that they had to throw away lots of porridge and sweet potatoes and tapocia because not much people were buying them. So much for total defence. Those "precious food" in time of war was completely wasted.

I pity those who had PE on that day. How they are going to survive for the whole day with insufficent energy is questionable. Besides, there are many like me who had lessons until 4+ in the afternoon. Some of my classmates even had ccas until 8pm. How they survived, i had no idea.

I did not really experience the water shortage, as i once again has insider tip off and i seldom use the toilet. I heard there were actually pails (its actually all the rubbish bins) filled with water placed in the toilet. Nobody used them. If i were there i would have used it to wash my feet. In the end, those water were poured away. So much for water shortage. Its more like water wastage.

The blackout is the most fun part. Our beloved physic teacher, Mr Lim had a very special way to due with the power outage. He totally ignored the announcement to turn off the lights and instead carried on with out SPA. When some female teacher came and told him to turn off the light, he opened his palm and show it to that teacher. A universely recongized symbol of "Talk to my hand" (as in Terminator 3 movie) and also "wait". The female teacher had no choice but to leave. For us students, we felt entertained.

On the whole, i feel these are very lacking in realism, and has created some sense of irony between shortage and wastage during this exercise and a real situation, i still feel that AJC has done well in initialising such an activity. At the very least, it provides a much needed break from the daily routine of looking a muggers(i don't mug, but they are all around me), something which is school is unashamely reknown for.

Learning is fun
Almost every single educator preaches the fact that learning is fun. If learning is fun, then teachers should at least entertain or amuse us abit. So why are students sleeping in lectures a common sight? Hm.. I have no idea...

Today after PE, chris from 0805 dropped the key to the lockers where all our valuables were locked in while he was walking on the field. This started a 1hour long hunt where students from 0205 and 0805 combed the school field looking for the key, but to no avail. The PE teacher kept telling us there is no spare key. However, when it is almost time for the next lesson, he asked us to give up the search, produced a spare key and unlocked the locker.

In the process, many grass were uprooted, while many girls zhao geng. I left when the girls joined in the search so i couldn't see anything interesting. I trained my standing board jump and managed to move my fat body for 229cm in a single jump.

Saturday, February 18, 2006


NOI Prelimary Round

Yippy. Those questions are quite easy by National standard, but damn hard by Zombie's standard. And he was making a fool of himself by complaining loudly about the difficulty of the questions to me on the bus, making him seems like an idiot to those who know better.

I managed to do question 2 by crook, while i was unable to hook up the last step in the first question for it to work. So yes, no full score for any of the question. I'm so sad.


Ez-Link Ah Sohs

A group of 4 Ah Sohs were observed by the keen eyes of Tay Wei Kiat on LRT today. They were observed to be holding Ez-Link cards of their child and using it to take public transport.

What a bunch of cheapskate Ah Sohs.

Friday, February 17, 2006


iGuard - No more gaming in AJC

AJC is about to become more Hi-Tech!

Teen software developer Tay Wei Kiat has been busying himself with creating a new software, dubbed iGuard, which will be installed onto all the school computers in AJC. The software works like an anti-virus software, but instead of deleting viruses from an infected hard drive, the software will end task all games and applications specify under an external "Ban" list. All these games and applications under the "Ban" list can't be run on computers installed with the software.

He has just offloaded a copy of the source code to Mr Roger, a newly hired technician in AJC for reviewing of source code and implementation. Pending approval and discussions by teachers and authorities involved with the IT scene in AJC, the first trace of the software will make its debute next monday.

All computers with iGuard installed will display this:

This nicely designed interface will spell doom for all students who want to game in school. Stay tuned for more update.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Today the Operation Manager bully me!

Mummy! Today my classmates very happening push 2 tables together and play table tennis inside our homeroom. We play until very happy and then suddenly the OM barged into our room and stop all of us. Then he look at the air-con and appeared to be thinking deep thoughts. Then he exclaimed that we cannot turn on the air-con! He say the air-con can only be on when teachers are around. So infact 1 teacher in our homeroom can have power to use 2 air-cons, while 25 students in their own homeroom cannot even on an air-con. Somemore is we paying for school, not teachers paying for school. How come teachers can use we cannot? Then my friend say want to open window, but he don't allow! Then he don't let us use our homeroom even! Somemore it is during school hours, during our ultra long break. We have a staggering 3.5hr of breaks today. And he chased us out of our homeroom. Our home, but cannot use. It is not like school hour is over then we stay back waste electricity. It is during school hour, and everyone in my class is using the room to either play gameboy, listen music or do homework! That is why our class is so united!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Life is so boring it doesn't even deserve its own name.


Monday, February 13, 2006


AJC isn't all that bad

In view of the recent sex tok saga, although ajc did not know that it was not the students who went to the press, and rather, the press quoted without permission from unwilling students, ajc has decided to not pursue the matter and question the students involved.

If this is to happen in schools like HCI, the student in question will definitely get some form of punishment. This is true because of what happened to someone in HCI.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Olevel Result 2006

I was wondering why there was a recent focus in the papers regarding the need to not view ITEs and Polys as second rated education insitution. I was also wondering the lack of 11A1 scorers in this year's recently released Olevel result. Then everything ties together.

Because top schools holding the top 5~15% students of the cohort were no longer taking part in the Olevel examinations, this caused top score of this year's result to be 15% lousier than that of my year's. In other words, those who should be getting 6,7 and 8 pts this year did not taking part in Olevel, meaning that there are tonnes of 6,7 and 8 pts open for grabs. And who will get these points then? It is impossible that nobody get 6,7 or 8pts right? Obviously, those who should be scoring 9,10,11 and 12 pts by right are getting 6,7 or 8pts. Because of the absent of competition with top students in the cohort, weaker students have gotten better scores.

Because more people are getting better scores due to lack of competition, it is also likely that JC will adjust their entry requirements to become harsher. And when that happens, a large number of students will be crying in their sleep when they suddenly discover that the score they are getting, which would get them into schools like HCI during my year, could only get them into schools like AJC during their year. A large number of students will also be denied JC admission despite getting the traditional <20 points. As a result, the press has recently began encouraging and influencing people that polys are not second rated as compared to JC and students should also look into chosing polys as well. All these is done to cushion the effect of increased demand of jc and decreased demand for poly this year.

Friday, February 10, 2006


An important note

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Before you continue, please ensure that you have read and agreed to our disclaimer here.

Tay Wei Kiat reserves the right to ignore or even take actions against users who have not read the disclaimer before reading entries on this blog.
You are forewarned.


Should i take part in commonwealth essay competition?

Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Sexuality Talk Saga

This entry shall serve as a index page where links to all posts related to the Sexuality Talk Saga are recorded.

Sex Talk No Talk Sense
Pursuing the Truth..
ST-The greedy hearts
More on sex

Doctor Gabriel's Letter to ST Forum

Doctor Gabriel got rebutted by 3 letters on ST Forum

Stay tuned!


Dr Gabriel Oon Chong Jin! HAHAHAHA

According to one of the letter below, Dr Gabriel belongs to the Catholic Medical Guild. If this is indeed true, it would answer questions as to why the letter was written in this manner.

Anyway, not only i was put off by his letter. 3 fellow members of the public responded promptly to ST Forum today to defend my stand. Below are text quoted from Straits Times Interactive.

Feb 9, 2006
Educators should not favour any religion

I REFER to the letters, 'Sexuality workshop an eye-opener for teens' (ST, Feb 7) from Dr Gabriel Oon Chong Jin and 'Don't resolve social issues dogmatically' (ST, Feb 2) from Mr Harvey Neo Choong Tiong.

Both letters discuss the recently reported sexuality workshop.

As a student who has recently completed junior college and is now studying in university researching on Aids and sex education, I feel that sexuality workshops go against the very principles of education and are very rarely secular.

While these workshops conducted by third-party organisations have some good intentions in spreading values, it must be stressed that in our multi-racial and secular schools, we must not allow a singular religious voice to dictate the sex education syllabus.

Take, for example, the Family Life Society, which is a 'resource body for family life groups in the Archdiocese of Singapore, helping individuals, couples and families to live and love as God intends' (Singapore Catholic Church Directory, 2006).

It is hardly secular to begin with.

To educate against contraception and force students to write down on worksheets that contraception is bad goes against our secular system of using contraception for family planning and using contraception to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Furthermore, we cannot assume that every student listening to the lecture is of the Christian faith.

In a public secular school, where different students from different backgrounds mix, it is important that the educators do not preach or favour any religion.

While it is easy to claim that the talk given by such third party organisation is secular, at the end of the day these are just claims.

As a practising doctor of the Catholic Medical Guild & the Archdiocese Bioethics Council, Singapore, and Medical & Oncology Clinic, Mount Elizabeth Medical Center, Singapore, Dr Oon certainly has seen many cases of STDs.

It is very distressing to hear of the examples he cited, but it also struck me that if these children have known that contraception is highly effective against the transmission of STDs and Aids, then perhaps they might not have been infected in the first place.

To argue that the condom is not 100 per cent safe and abstinence is the best method is to me a non-statement.

Following similar logic, since seat-belts are not 100 per cent safe in preventing deaths in accidents, one should not drive cars at all.

While the values Family Life Society champions are not inherently wrong, if it steps on the boundary of being overtly religious and dogmatic, then maybe we must re-examine contracting religious groups to give sexuality workshops.

For example, human life is indeed precious (as championed by Family Life Society) and euthanasia, while a very debatable topic, can be seen from one angle as taking a life which is wrong (as championed by Family Life Society).

However, it is important to note that euthanasia refers to the taking of the life of a suffering patient.

I have two siblings. I teach my sister about sex and how she should not be having sex, and that is my personal value. I also teach her how to defend herself against men should they force her.

But at the same time, I teach her how to use a condom.

I teach her what are the dangers involving casual and unprotected sex.

Am I an irresponsible brother?

I do not think so.

In fact, I feel that by equipping her with such knowledge, she would be better able to fend for herself.

Unlike me, who came out of the education system knowing next to nothing about sex, and having to find out all the information that I hold today through research on journals and on the Internet, I think she would know better what to do, should the need ever arise.

Teng Kie Zin

Feb 9, 2006
Scare-mongering is counter-productive

IN HIS letter, 'Sexuality workshop an eye-opener for teens' (ST, Feb 7), Dr Gabriel Oon Chong Jin makes the point that promoting 'traditional values of sexuality' among sexually active youth is beneficial.

Dr Oon's point, that traditional and non-secular values be used as a conduit for sex education and sexual health promotion, is inherently flawed.

The examples he gives, such as those with venereal diseases suffering painfully for their past acts, HIV patients facing ostracism, orphans abandoned by single parents, all illustrate the point that there is a need for more constructive, well-rounded sex education.

As a medical student today, I am taught, as he was, how diseases like syphilis, gonorrhoea and HIV/Aids cause great physical suffering.

However, I have also been shown that countering these problems involves medical ministering as well as a firm grasp of the ethical implications of treating those who might have differing beliefs from myself, and that a sense of reality must underpin all efforts, at all levels.

The reality is that sex education has been inconsistently and inadequately propagated in schools.

With the accessibility and attractiveness of the lifestyles depicted and promoted in the mass media and the rising levels of education in Singapore today, it is to be expected that a changing perspective on morality, marriage and sexuality has also evolved.

No longer will the average youth be happy with force-fed messages - that students find themselves irked by the Family Life Society's faith-centred workshop is evidence of this.

What is needed is a message of sexual health that is all-encompassing in its reach, grounded in scientific and medical fact, systematically and consistently taught, and which seeks to embrace the reality that sex is a part of life.

Any programme which purports to do so while ignoring, or worse, condemning, what the civilised world has already accepted - condom usage, HIV and Aids sufferers, homosexuality and responsible stem-cell research, among others - cannot expect to succeed.

Youth-centred programmes in European countries, and even in South-east Asian states like Thailand, focus on responsibility and the ability of the individual to make rational decisions.

Anything less will only alienate those whom the authorities should seek to reach out to the most.

To want to give school- goers the choice of determining their own sexual health, and yet to support scaremongering and non-secular moralising in the context of a multiracial and multi-cultural education system and society, are contradictory and counter-productive.

Wong Chen Seong

Feb 9, 2006
Sex education should be objective and balanced

I WRITE in response to the letter, 'Sexuality workshop an eye-opener for teens' (ST, Feb 7) by Dr Gabriel Onn Chong Jin. He is grateful Family Life Society is bringing traditional values to the sexually active young.

Some values championed that were mentioned in his letter included responsible parenthood, the sanctity of marriage, the sexual act within marriage and the precious value of all human life and objection of euthanasia in all forms, such as abortion, contraception and embryonic stem cell research.

He went on to cite very relevant and compelling personal experiences about people with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and orphans to substantiate the importance of these values.

I am a pro-life proponent myself and I have completely no objections to the above values being propounded at a sexuality workshop in school.

But the issue is not, as perceived by Dr Onn, a tussle between traditional and non-traditional values. Many liberals too treasure life and respect marriage and family. The fundamental question to ask is whether the workshop has equipped our youth with enough knowledge on the various kinds of values and perception pertaining to sexuality in order to make informed choices on their own.

I am inclined to think this is not so.

Mr Andrew Kong, senior executive of Family Life Society, reported that they had given a disclaimer before the start of the workshop that students are free to agree or disagree with ideas at the workshop.

Is such a disclaimer enough, without exposing the students to ideas and arguments from proponents of abortion, contraception and condom use in the prevention of STDs?

Other earlier newspaper reports also showed false information was also given to students, for example, that condoms are not effective in preventing the spread of STDs, contrary to advice from World Health Organisation and UNAids.

The workshop also asked students, regardless of their personal conviction, to write down statements like 'I must condemn masturbation and in-vitro fertilisation'.

What this clearly shows is a lack of balance in exposing our youth a variety of viewpoints regarding the issue of sexuality.

We need to ensure that content of such sexuality workshops is objective and balanced, so that our youth can exercise informed, responsible choices.
Felix Ser Cherk Yen

Good luck to you Doctor. Btw, i must once against stress that this matter is not about condemning people of other religion. Rather, this is about making sure that people do not abuse the power of the microphone by spreading misinformation and non-secular views to deceive innocent audiences. If raising such a matter is considered as disrespect for the catholic religion, then their conducting such kind of workshop in the first place already shows complete disregard and disrespect for the religion of all those individuals who were present this workshop.

Finally, imagine them conducting such workshops in primary or secondary schools, where students like me who knows better do not exist. Those innocent and naive souls will take in such unsecular and misinformations naively as the truth and remember and obey it for the rest of their life. Because this is the first sexuality lesson they receive in their life, they do not know that what they are listening are actually catholic viewpoints and actually abide by it throughout their life.

We may have many many individuals from different religion carring mindset from family life society towards sexuality running around Singapore now. Wow! What a thought.

Its like if anyone wants to conduct a sexuality workshop, the content of the workshop should not be about or from any particular religion. It should be secular and acceptable to anyone from any religion.


A day in the life of an ABC Junior College Student

Case Study 1:

The chinese teacher walk into the class and drew something that ressembles a dog on the board.

"Come, everybody i show you this jia gu wen, lets guess what this is!" she squeaked in her high pitch voice.

"Dog," everyone answered.

"You people hor, this generation student very STUPID one leh! Like that also cannot figure out what it is? It is jia gu wen for pig! You guys are really stupid!" came the reply.

A nearby worm hole opened up and took me to the time when my mother was still schooling.

"That boy isn't stupid. No matter how badly any student did for his or her academic result, that student isn't stupid," said my mother's chinese teacher.

It seems that the quality of education is inversely proportional to time.

Case Study 2:
"Down!" shouted the PE teacher, Mr A.

The sea of college girls infront of him follow his commands to carry out their PE.
What a fantastic sight it is for him!

When doing things like push-ups, PE uniforms has the tendcy to sag, task providing anyone standing infront of that girl a generous view of what lies inside.

Do you think male PE teachers even be allowed to take female students on their PE? How is the situation like in your school or college? Do comment so that i can find out more to draw proper conclusion.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


General Paper HENG AH!

The GP department stated that everyday thursay from 5pm to 7pm must be kept free, as it is reserved for the GP department to carry out lessons and lectures depending on whether they are happy or not.

Then today we were given back our Compo test. I got 26.5/50. A C. Not an exactly good grade, but i was over the moon.


Students getting B4 and above have to go for "A Brander" GP Lecture!
Students getting D and E have to go for GP Bridge Lecture!
Students getting F have to go for "Weak Students" GP Lecture!

Students that did not fall into any of the above groups get need not stay back for lecture from 5pm to 7pm every thursday.

HAHAHA! I got C! C!

Weak students stay back, good students stay back, only i no need to stay back!
Weak student need to work hard to pass, good students need to maintain their grades, only half good half bad students like me can heck.

HAHAHA What a wonderful GP standard filtering system!


The Principal Apologised to ME!

Amazing, isn't it. A wonderful twist of fate. Me and Ani ponned the Mass Civils yesterday so that we can come to my house earlier to work on the poster for Service Learning. Although we had much fun playing worms and making weird explosions by treating the worms as objects to which we expressed our cruelty on, i regretted going home early as i missed the most interesting thing to happen in AJC. Ever.

From what i gathered, the Principal of AJC apologised to those who were disturbed by the preaching nature of the sexuality talk. Isn't that refering to me? She even personally said that she had read some blog entries and the students exhibited some evidence of critical thinking that everyone should have. So, if that happen to be refering to my humble little blog here, i'm feeling honoured. If she was reading cygig's blog, i would only say, "What the hell? That is called critical thinking?"

Anyway, jokes aside. If our nice nice prinicipal is reading my blog now, i would like to tell her something. We did not go to the Press. That idiot J came to cygig's blog by following the online cyber trail all the way from the entry from by some unknown person on Tommorrow.sg, where cygig's post and blog address was known. Through these, J contacted Cygig, who refused to cooperate with J, and who idiotically forwarded J to me. Cygig gave the reporter my hotmail account. Being a hotmail account as it is, it has accumalated so much junk that my fingers sweat whenever i open it. So to prevent a lost in water, i did not check my email at all and did not reply to the idiotic J. Then, on Chinese New Year eve, at 11pm, my friend Amanda told me i was featured on Sunday Times. For some reason, she got her copy of sunday times on a saturday. The reason why she got it early was not important. The fact that none of us went to the press, except for some stupid copycat ajcian who wrote in to the Strait Times forum is. Whoever you are, you are a moroon. Either you are trying to act sei, seeing that other ajcians like me and cygig has got our 1min of fame, or whether you are trying to honestly and humbly express your views, you are nothing but a low down copycat. If you want to say something, at least say something constructive or something none of us already know. It feels like shit when someone is trying to tell me things i know on the newspaper. It shows how stupid the journalist or the writer is, because he or she actually considered such a thing as a "news".

So much for today.

Btw, i have given up on reading Digital Life. So much of the information are wrong and outdated that i think i could try going for the job as the chief editor of Digital Life.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


On today's ST Forum

Feb 7, 2006
Sexuality workshop an eye-opener for teens

IN THE article 'Students cry foul over sexuality workshop that pushed these messages' (Sunday Times, Jan 29), reporter Jeremy Au Yong said a four-hour workshop of the Family Life Society irked some students.

It was held under the Education Ministry's guidelines to provide sexuality education for upper secondary and tertiary students. He said the teachings were 'too strong' because it discouraged contraception, abortion, in-vitro fertilization and human embryonic stem cell research and allegedly infringed on other freedoms of thought.

As a parent of two adult sons, a practising doctor, and a volunteer helper in orphanages locally and overseas, I am grateful to see that the Family Life Society is bringing traditional values on sexuality to the sexually active young here.

As a young medical student, I learned about infectious diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis. We saw men and women in venereal disease clinics with fear in their eyes as they passed pus from their genitalia in pain. We also saw the tears of women who had repeated strictures of the fallopian tubes because of venereal-transmitted disease. These women remained sterile.

Later, I would be one of the first to see the early cases of HIV and Aids in the United States. There was fear in the partner, knowing that to contact Aids was a death sentence and ostracism from their sexual partners.

At an orphanage overseas, we find that without the exceptional love of the care-givers, these orphaned children would be dead.

Some children were dumped on the streets by the single mums. If they were lucky and got picked up, they were saved. In other instances, abandoned babies could be eaten by hungry dogs.

Locally, in one of the new homes for 'battered children, and teenaged mums in crises', we try to provide them a shelter until the mum can complete her studies and learn her trade. I wondered. Was this a price of the freedom of sexual expression?

When my teenaged sons were growing up, my wife and I would reflect on the question 'what if both of us died suddenly, who would look after them? What if they picked up bad moral values and would not listen to our counselling?' My experiences in a public school helped me to guide my sons but like in my time, masturbation and homosexual behavior were not rare in the schools, though dating with the opposite sex was not frequent. We were free and unrestrained in what we wanted to do as long as we did not breach school discipline.

Family Life Society has its opponents. While it champions responsible parenthood, the sanctity of marriage, the sexual act within marriage, and the precious value of all human life (regardless of how weak that life is), it also actively discourages euthanasia in all forms, such as contraception (where sperms are killed), abortion (where life is intentionally terminated), and embryonic stem cell research (where the hapless human life is destroyed).

My sons are now responsible professionals. While we disagree from time to time, my wife and I still keep our traditional values.

The teenage sexually active school children here have been given an eye opener. It is now their choice.

Dr Gabriel Oon Chong Jin

First of all, FUCK OFF!

Such talks were not critised by students because it pushes those messages strongly. For example, it would be good if teenagers understand that things like prematial sex and abortion are bad, but you must at least present both sides of the coin. Certain things may be immoral, but if you ruin the girl's future just because you taught her that abortion is bad, you are a preacher from Satan, not god. It is the fact that such a talk was not conducted in a secular fashion, and rather, in a fashion that may upset those with firm believes in their own religion which may contradict that of the catholics. Imagine some hard core people or religion A, siting in the hall. The talk may end with that student going on stage and blasting that speaker into pieces.

Even when Mao or Stalin tries to spread communism, at least the origins and concept behind communism was made known, so that people can willingly accept it whole heartedly. In this case, everyone was forced to have the same believes with that of the catholics without regard for their believes or individual right. This is worst than communism! And how can you expect anyone to sit there for 4~5 solid hours listening to that guys preaching while trying to do what his disclaimer says "In one ear, out another." 4 hours of that? Its a waste of time. 4 hours of trying not to listen to what someone has to to say over the loud speaker? Impossible! Tell me how to "in one ear, out another" in that case. Something is bounded to get in. And finally, if we were to walk out of the auditorum, the teachers will be pounding after us. It all boils down to the fact that we were not given any choice. The converse is true.

Actually, there is one point which i agree with. I agree with Gabriel's opinion that such talk open our eyes. Indeed, it open our eyes by showing us video of a guy masturbating and even guy and gal consumating in the Blue Lagoon movie. It opened everyone's eyes to such an extend none of them are innocent and naive anymore. We were all polluted by ideas and vision of how sex and masturbating look like on that day forward. All thanks to the talk which opened our eyes.

Finally, lets look at this
The teenage sexually active school children here have been given an eye opener. It is now their choice.

How is making us write down things like "I must condemn IVF" making our own choice. We were told to accept their ideas, or leave it, although as stated earlier it is next to impossible to ignore the speaker's ranting for 4 solid hours. The speaker did not ask us to make a choice. He already made the choice for us: Become a catholic.



Here i am, siting in my chair, on my butt, being freeze to death until my fingers are stiff, from the relentless cold chilly wind blowing out from an air conditional which was initially designed to make life more uncomfortable but unfortunately misused by AJC to such an extend that many of us are suffering from stiffy fingers whether is it in the Hall, Computer Lab or the Audititorum.

No wonder we have little money for anything else. All the facilities that ajcians should be getting has turned into stiffy little fingers.

Oh well, time for PE. Lets get hot. I wonder when my central nerves will breakdown from such rapid change in temperature throughout the day.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


A typical Sunday

A typical sunday typically begins with me waking up. This is an essential action without which nothing else would happen to be on a typical sunday. Following this essential action, i turned on the power to my Creative 2.1 Speaker System and Acer Laptop, which i later power up too. I would then use my BatteryFree A4Tech Wireless mouse to click around on my desktop, launching an anime to watch on my laptop. I would then carry on watching until my parents are back from the market with our breakfast. Then i would gobble it down hastily, and return to my anime.

If situation is ideal, me and si hui may log on to maplestory to enjoy the game together. Otherwise, i continue watching the anime.

Lunch time approached and left. I'm still slacking. There are some homework to do, but there are plently of time left. So lets continue watching.


Still early. Abit sick and tired of watching anime. Lets surf the net.


Time for dinner. Eat eat eat. Back to the computer for more anime.


Oh no, the sun is going home. Should i start doing homework now? No! Lets play the gameboy for half an hour first.


Oh dear! Look at the time! Time to take out homework! Reluctantly i keep my gameboy and take out my homework, reading through a few questions.

Oh no. Its late now. I'm too tired to concentrate well on doing homework. I'm not productive when i'm tired. Time for more relaxing stuffs. Power up my computer. More anime.

Ok. Time to sleep. Have to wake up early the next day.



Cross Country 2006

This is the last cross country i'll ever be attending, so i made sure that i won't regret by totally not running at all. I walked the entire 4.8km. :P



Today i heard that a fellow copycat ajcian has written to ST forum about the sex talk thing. I have yet to lay my hand on the papers though.

Thursday, February 02, 2006



More links regarding sexuality talk

Waited for 2 hrs of free period for PE lessons. Went to PE. Teacher took attendance and then say we can go home. Because tml is Cross Country. Just wasted 2hrs of my life.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Self Directed Learning in ABC Junior College

Today, the last 2 maths tests were given out by the teacher.

Someone asked, "Teacher, are you going through the correction for tests?"

"No," came the reply, "you are suppose to find out how to do yourself. This is self-directed learning. I'll only be giving out the answers."

In the end, the answers were not given out, and correction for tests is now covered under the novel concept of SDL. I find it ridicuous that teachers can REFUSE to teach students. We can't even learn from our own mistakes in the tests. Yes yes, we are suppose to find out how to solve those questions from our classmates. Then dear teacher, why are you here in the first place. Why are you even paid by the people's money? Your actions seems like you are doing volunteer work.

Several topics in the syllabus were already placed under SDL, we were suppose to read the notes and do the tutorial without any help from the teacher. SDL even stated that the teacher would not be going through tutorials of topics placed under SDL. This is in AJC. In CHS, my alma mater, all my teachers would make sure everyone fully understood every topics, be it SDL or not. AJC has totally disgraced the notion of SDL by using it as a convenient excuse for lazy teachers.

If i were to know that college life is like that i would have bought myself a couple of Ten-Year Series with questions and answers for everything covered under the alevel syllabus. Then, i'm going to be a private candidate and not bother to go to any college. Teacher or not teacher, you still have to learn everything on your own.

Why not spend the time more fruitfully?

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