Thursday, February 17, 2005


Gut Feeling about Hwa Chong's system's compatiblity with me.

First, rivalry.

Rivarly is good. It introduces stress and makes me want to work hard, and to win others. This is one of the reason that i scored so well in PSLE. Because I have many enemies and rivals in Pri school and i feel that i must out perform them. So i mugged and mugged.

In TCHS, i started slacking, since i do not care about my classmates, there is no rivalry to push me on. This means that my academic results suffered. But my slackiness and lack of incentives to work on my academic subject meant that I have many free time. And that was when i found my interest in programming. Since I just don't give about my result at that time, i concentrate on developing my programming skills. Its now passion that drives me to do and achieve what i want to do or achieve. rivalry no longer means anything to me.

In year 4 after common test, i pause my programming efforts in order to concentrate and catch up with my studies, which i may say, to some success. I halfed my L1R5 score and get 10pts; only one pt more than the hyper intelligent koh poh wei. Unable to make it to HC, i found myself stranded in a school located so damn freaking far away. Anderson Junior College.

In AJ, students from various schools that i had never heard of gathered here. They are of course the cream of the schools, and wishes to stay in AJ. Of course, there are students from schools like RGS, RI and NYGH here who wishes to be in some better JC, but thats beside the point.

In AJ, people are normally not as enthu as those in HC. We slack, have fun, and sleep in lectures and never do tutorials. Infact, this is the kind of life i'm looking for, since i prefer to take it easy. Academic results and achievements no longer means anything to me, its my passion and interest that i want to pursue, as i have already found the seemingly right road that i wish to follow. Thus, academic studies to me is only as a way of not been left out in singapore's stupid education system. No one even bother about what S-papers are here, neither do they care much about PEARLS and what does P.E.A.R.L.S stand for. They don't give a damn. As long as ajcians do not do badly for their tests, they don't normally give a damn about studies anymore.

This kind of environment may not bring me to my fullest potential (in the academic sense), but it allows me more freedom in things i do and i am no longer weighted down by the need to stay competitive. Take for example, bill gates. He recognized what he was good at, and his passion and interest drove him on. He dropped out of school because an all rounded education is not what he needs. Only those who have no idea where their real talents and interests lies have to carry on staying on the train to find their destination.

Besides, it seems that JC education does actually increase your chance of finding a job. Employers look for potential employees with special talents. If everyone is following MOE's foolish all rounded education system, there will be none of those specially talented employees that companies are looking for, since everyone is equipped with the same useless skills. If everyone learns the same thing, then nobody is special.

You may see the MOE's education system as a smart system of control. Intelligent people are the most real threats to PAP's hold over singapore. Hence, they have pick out such individuals at an early age, and busy them with such impractical education system. To stay on top of other such individuals, this controlled intelligent youths have to distract themselves with cca, other unrelated subjects that they have no choice but to take, CIPs and so on... Does these things really allow such intelligent youths to have any freedom to use their own intelligent brain freely? NO! They have to occupy themselves with useless systems set up by MOE in order to proceed successfully on to higher level of studies.

By the end of all this, when they are searching for jobs, what is left is a damaged, uncreative mind which is hyper intelligent in nothing but carrying out fixed instructions in a low flexibility manner and someone who has lots of memory and can memorize tons and tons of senseless text. These are the "talents" that MOE's educational system can produce, and these are the talents that are not needed.

See the increase in foreign talents coming over to singapore to work for us? Can you see the reason why is that so? Our medias, be it newspapers, TV or radios are indirectly controlled by the government. When addressing the increase in intake of foreign talents, the media only stated that "This is to fill up empty jobs that singaporeans are not skilled enough to take." (Not a direct quotation) May i ask WHY is this so? Can't you see it now? Excelling in Singapore's Educational System only ruin you. How many university graduates actually found jobs related to what they study in U? Pitifully few. There is a large MISMATCH between the needs of the workforce, and the foolishness system of education.

How many people are taking triple sciences, ecnomomics today? MANY MANY. How many professors or specialist have you heard of that are stimulateously good at chem AND Phy AND bio? How many economist do we actually need? By making such subjects a nessarity for gaining access of higher level of education MOE wasted many intelligent student's precious time. The time could have been better spent on finding out what their real interest are, and developing them. You spend at least 6 years of your life studying and memorizing useless stuffs just so that you can pass your O lvel wif flying colours, and then your A levels. What do REALLY get? 2 pieces of paper that makes you no difference from others as everyone else has them too and a damaged, uncreative mind which is hyper intelligent in nothing but carrying out fixed instructions in a low flexibility manner and someone who has lots of memory and can memorize tons and tons of senseless text.

So, after all this rambling, should i strive for academic prefection so that i can advance to university with ease and risk potentially damaging my precious mind, or should i hold back, progress at my own pace nd pursue my own interest with freedom so that i may one day be successful in the few i'm interested in?

Both paths holds unknown dangers and risk. Hence i must really make this choice very carefully.

What should it be then? AJC? Or HCJC?

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