Sunday, February 06, 2005



In the beginning,
there was nothing.

Forces of nature did its wonders,
and brought strange beings into existence.
Dinosaurs did their blunders,
while mammals are consistent.

Trees grew around one another,
they depended of each other,
while they have no father,
they certainly made no blunders.

They can't leave each other,
as they have no limps,
they stay with each other forever,
very much unlike the chimps.

the most inventive member,
they dominate the environment,
and invent ways to kill their fathers.

Unlike the woods,
they drift apart,
each to his own labour's food,
and never forget how to fuck.

They invent ways to kill themselves,
to make others suffer,
break others' soul like a shell,
and burn in hell forever.

Animals' innocence,
their dumb stupidity,
deprives them of menance,
and make them superior to us.

the intelligent beasts,
smart only at killing us,
soon after tired of mother's breasts.

PS: Personally, I don't think this is a very good poem, but this is just to express some unhappiness i feel about human beings as a whole.

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