Wednesday, January 10, 2007


AMK Hub, Segway and the iPhone

Steve Jobs announced the iPhone yesterday night at 2am when most of us are sleeping. I was awake and drinking coffee, monitoring online sites for real time updates from Macworld Keynote. My speculation was proved to be correct. The new iPhone is an iPod with wi-fi and phone capabilities. Steve jobs did a very good job by comparing iPhone to a smart phone, saying that it is something between Smartphones (which are not that smart, according to him), and regular phones. He is dead right in a sense. iPhone lacks features that smartphones have. But he is wrong also. iPhone lacks features tonnes of regular handphones have too. What I saw was plain feature rip-off from  sony ercisson phones (sony hps with walkman +cybershot). However, the difference is that the iPhone has a very low quality and low resolution 2.0MP (my Sony Hi-MD Player with built in 1.3MP camera takes better photos than a iPhone), and an innovative feature that allows you to use your fingers instead of a stylus for its touch screen. Well, innovative for people who have no idea that fingers work on most touch screens already. However, I must give Apple credit for its finger gesture system, although the use of it to access features on the phone is quite limited.

Today I attended the IDM (Interactive Digital Media) Jamboree (or how to spell?) at Science Center. Interesting business related event. Should be on the news tonight. I also got to ride on the Segway, the personal auto-balancing two-wheeled transport system used by lazy police over at changi airport. That stuff is real solid.

And AMK Hub? Thats refering to the new neigbourhood shopping centre in AMK where NTUC became Xtra and imitated Giant. The building, as with other massive Singapore based buildings, has tonnes of safety issues.

Enjoy a review of its safety here.

My buddy, Poh Wei is leavig for Tekong tomorrow. I hope he can survive the yellowish water supply there. More on Tekong's water supply another day.

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