Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Buying Weikiat.NET

I'm in the midst of purchasing weikiat.net, so that at least got a url I can put in my personal contact card. Following the purchase, my blog, The Wicked, as well as other projects and pages will be shifted there.

Blog will be replaced by a Wordpress system, and old content from blogger (hopefully) will be ported over.

Busy creating a navigation system for the new site. You can view the progress here: http://weikiat.ikueb.com. Feel free to give feedbacks. Most of the images used there are for placeholding purposes only. Most of my effort is spent on making the simple looking menu bar at the top of blog.html and wicked.html. The menu is loaded dynamically (using ajax) from menu.php, and an embedded php script determines which page (blog.html or wicked.html) it is being display on. It then disable display the menu correctly. Spent the whole morning today making it.

Domain is $30/year, while hosting is $240 per year. I am only purchasing the domain due to the high price of the hosting. Hosting will still be sponsored by the fantastic guy at sgblogging.com. However, I do hope that I get to buy my own hosting (don't want to trouble him).

Donations, anyone?

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