Wednesday, January 10, 2007


The Call

My girlfriend was looking for a job on jobstreet website.

Today she received a call from a person, offering her a job. The position is promoter.

Caller: "The job is promoter."

GF: "I don't want it."

Caller: "NOOOOO! Wait! Listen to me! You only have to work 3 days per week! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! Pay is $6.50 per hour."

(My GF is slightly tempted. But she don't want to be a promoter.)

GF: "no..."

Caller: "Overtime pay is $9.50!"

GF: "no..."

Caller: "If overtime pay reach more than $44, remaining overtime hours will be paid $13 each!"

GF: "NOOOO! Promote what anyway?"

Caller: "Er.... (silence)"


Caller: "(reluctantly) Beer lor.. BUT! Don't worry! Don't need to wear sleazy clothes one! Just wear a polo tee and jeans skirt can liao. And also boots."


HAHAHA! Pi2 Jiu3 Mei4
haha... the above is not the exact same conversation, just that the idea is the same. I already told the guy I don't want to be a promoter...
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