Thursday, January 18, 2007


Happy Birthday (Part 2)

I went out with my girlfrend, and was in very very good mood until I went home, turn on the computer and discover that is still not available. I was told last night it will be up in 12hours (heck, some other domain registrars can get domains up in < 1 hour.). Nearly 24 hours liao still not up. Just emailed Andy who is registering for me through godaddy. I'm paying more than registering myself, but heck, its very convenient. Am unhappy. I was looking forward to coming home, installing my new blog system, install a new system for Yesterday, and also shifting my gallery, The Wicked and Yesterday over to Looks like that will have to wait.

Some photos to share.

The above is a mash-up image of what my new blog will look like. It will be powered by Wordpress with K2 as addon, and using the default K2 template. The bar on the top of the site is a skinnable menu bar designed by me implemented using very basic php and ajax, which will allow users to navigate to my other sites, including The Wicked, Slop Directory and Gallery. The bar will also be present on my other site, and possibly skinned to match the look and few of the other sites. I can't wait to implement it. For testing purposes, you can view some of the skins I've created for my menu bar here:

I am also waiting for my web host sponsor to reply to my request for 2 db tables so that I can install wordpress for my new blog and also for the new Slop Directory site. He don't check his email everyday so I'll have to wait.

And finally, some (badly taken) photos of my birthday cake and me pretending to cut it (i don't really know how to cut those fluffy things, it fall apart easily under my blade).

(Oh, I just noticed the web host sponsor actually gave me access to MySQL phpmyadmin. Will get to access it once is up.)

Waiting game!


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