Tuesday, January 16, 2007



I had a weird dream (or did it really happen?) last night.

But before going into that, I must mention that on some nights, while lying in my bed, I experience paralysis all of a sudden. It is what chinese people call the "ghost lying on your body" or something. Although I think that there is definitely a more scientific explanation waiting to be found for this strange occurrence, I am not lying when I say I experience it frequently.

The sensation of unable to move my body is just like being paralyzed. While I am conscious and desperately forcing my muscles to move through sheer will power, they still refuse to move. Normally, I manage to snap out of this by constantly forcing my muscles to move, with great amount of "strength". Gradually, they will start to move under my control, bit by bit.

The first few time I experience this, a few years ago, I tried to shout for help. The strange thing is, no matter how hard I tried, my shout only rang in my mind. No word escape. And I have no idea that my shout was not conveyed at all. My brain "hears" it all the same, but it was only when my shout fail to alert anyone when I notice that I didn't actually shout through my vocal cord.

The whole thing is like my mind being cut off from the rest of my body totally.

The reason why I am mentioning this is because it happened again yesterday night. And something else happened too.

I remember I was lying in my bed, trying to sleep, when suddenly a tiny speck of sparkle drifted down somewhere from the darkness of my window onto me. In the exact same instant that the sparkle touches me, I became paralyzed again. This is the first time I see these sparkles (or did I dream it?) before I become paralyzed. I couldn't remember exactly things that followed, but I remember seeing more of these sparkles, and 2 other sensation of something trying to take over my body, from bottom up, while my will power fought back, from top down.

I have no idea what is happening. But I still expect that there is a logical and scientific explanation for this. Since it only occurs when I am trying to sleep, I am thinking that this has something to do with the brain shouting off the section that govern my motor skills while I was still conscious.

Also, as an interesting note, my neighbor, an old man who is sadly dying of liver cancer, has just came back to take a look at his home and family before he will be wheeled again to the hospital.

Are all these related?

What are those sparkles that I saw (or dreamt?)

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